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GlideRelog - The ultimative Reloger for Glider
GlideRelog is a very flexible and professional relog tool for MMOGlider. It is able to restart Glider if Glider stops due to an error. It also relogs your character back in the game if you got disconnected from the game or from Glider (due to a crash for example).

GlideRelog is able to detect if your internet connection is broken (for example due to 24-hours reconnect). It will wait until your internet connection is working again and the relog your character back to the game. GlideRelog supports monitoring for up to 50 Gliders/Games on up to 50 different computers.

GlideRelogs future client/server solution is also able to execute programs such as Glider or World of Warcraft on remote computers. Every Glider will be displayed as session that can be controled remotly where ever you start your GlideRelog client.

www.gliderelog.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> World of WarcraftKlicks: 164  31.05.2008
iPlayerID.com - Share your Player ID
We are your source for Player ID´s and Friendcodes for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad games. As you may have found out already while discovering the world of all these fantastic Games on your Apple mobile device, by and by it gets even more importent to add friends. In nearly every game, this is essential to unlock more features and functions, increase your power or expand your boarders.

In popular Browsergames, hosted here on Facebook© for example, this is quiet simple. On your iDevice its not enough to send invitations to all your friends - you need Player ID´s, Friend-Codes ... whatever it is called on the accordant network.

This is what we do. We provide Player ID´s for all popular games on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Simply navigate to the game you want on our website, submit your ID, share it all over the globe this way, and get added by other players.

www.iplayerid.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Cheats, Tips & TricksKlicks: 25  26.11.2011
Logos Quiz Level Answers
Kommen Sie bei dem App Spiel "Logo Quiz" nicht weiter? Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Hier finden Sie die richtigen Logos-Antworten für alle Level. This is quiz game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. To achieve this you have a lot of clues which you can use to help you complete the game. You can also ask your friends if you don’t know the answer. Challenge them to see who know more logos.

www.logosquizlevelanswers.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Cheats, Tips & TricksKlicks: 10  12.09.2012
Soccer Project
Free Online Soccer Manager with around 40. 000 active managers. Create your own club, train, sell and buy players, and show the rest you are the best manager. Invite your friends and create private cups to see who is the best, and play anywhere from 4 up to 28 games a week, as many as you wish.

www.soccerproject.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 230  04.06.2008
Free Online Games at Zylom.com
Free Online Games at Zylom - Zylom´s free online games are great fun. Play the most popular free online games at Zylom: More than 100 high-quality online games, all free. Online games like Sudoku, Mahjong, Zuma and many more. If you register below, you will receive a deluxe game for free.

www.us.zylom.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 733  04.06.2008
Free Online Games
Top Online Games. Nobody can resist this browser game. A 3D-Battlecruiser fleet, all-out space battles and action packed missions lead you to the head of your company. The hunt through space has begun. Raise the Jolly Roger, me hearties. Set your sails and let your pirate adventure begin. Earn yourself some respect, Mafioso. The Family rules the streets, lawlessness prevails in your district.

www.online-games24.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 566  04.06.2008
OctoGames : Free Online Games
More than 3500 online games to play now starting with action games, sports, girls and strategies ... It is for all ages and there are more than 45000 visitors per day on the site octogames. c. Feel free to come take a tour and have fun with the games offered by the site and it´s completely free and fun. Relax your tentacles.

octogames.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 592  26.10.2008
Goalstar Football Manager Browser Game
Goalstar Football Manager ist a exzellent Browser game. You will fight against other football fans and you have to manage your own football team. Live-games, league matches, cup ties, promotion und relegation. Play against Teams from the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and Engand. Join Goalstar, play Football and have fun.

A special highlight in Goalstar is the live game. We won´t tell you too much, but: You can change your team strategy during live games, substitute players and change your formation. Be aware: Your player´s fatigue rises during the match.

www.goalstar.de/?lang=en - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 286  29.01.2009
Free Online Games
Play free online games at Fettspielen. de and find over 600 editorially selected free browser games. You will find new action games, shooter games, dress up games, racing games, sports games and many more. Our community is active, rates games, comments games. Users even share gamers profile pages allowing them to compete with each others highscore. Play the best online games live.

www.fettspielen.de - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 409  24.03.2009
GEM Island
In this Year revolutionize GemLifestyle the Network Marketing Business extremly. Join Now Gemlifestyle for free and Keep Your Name, You can upgrade later, when you start your GemLifestyle Business. In Few weeks comes news to GemLifestyle. It will be like an erthbreak. Prepaire it.

Founder and Serial entrepreneur Mark Campbell informed that the company sharing schema is in the stages of final legal approval (details soon) about how you can become a share holder in GEM Lifestyle. This will give Associates the great opportunity to revolutionize our business and make Associates owners in the business.

This is fantastic news, not just will you be able to earn a very good income with the extremely fair compensation plan offered by GEM Lifestyle, no you can become a shareholder of the company and own part of it.

As an Gemmer you can upgrade to an "Supergemmer” or Associate. The "Supergemmer” can qualify to an Associate. Join as Gemmer is for free, but you keep your Name = GemLifestyleDomain. Think About It. You have nothing to loose now.

www.gem-island24.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 223  05.03.2009
Browsergame - Egolancer
Choose your Character. Become part of an evergrowing, living and dynamic world. Support others with your special Abilities. Make money and spend it in the casino or church. Hunt monsters, improve your Spells, Abilities and Character. Become a minister and control the economy. Become a craftsman and sell your goods to make money. Become a thief and steal from buildings (non player). Become a warrior and kill monsters to receive money. Dive in.

www.egolancer.de - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 209  09.03.2009
Flash4k Games Corporation - Online Games - Play Games For Free
Big flash games archive. Get free games. Play free games online. All game types for your pleasure - chess, card games, tetris, arcade, logical, racing. And a lot of quests games, hidden object, scooter, math games and action games. We suggest also top 100 list games download. Play funny games for free.

www.flash4k.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 757  23.03.2009
Gangland Mafia Crime Game
Ganglandmafia is a browser based text game styled on the Mafia, become a Don and rise to the top gaining respect on the way. Think you have what it takes? Then anti up and join today. Many exclusive features added with lots lots more planned.

www.ganglandmafia.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 262  26.07.2009
Crime RPG
Torn City is a text based browser game with a crime theme. The text based RPG is set in the murky underworld of Torn City, where everyone’s out for themselves. In Torn City you can be who ever you want to be and do what ever you want to do. The game is endless in possibilities and with regular feature updates you’ll soon discover something new to do within the city.

www.torn.com - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 14  13.10.2010
Ferrari games
Ferrari games - check out all variants of this super sport car. You find here the ancient Ferrari Dino, the actual Ferrari models like Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, 458 Spyder or the most expensive Ferrari Enzo. These cars with 8 or 12 cylindres engines are the dreams of people. You can play here online with these fantastic sport cars.

ferrarigames.info - Details
Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser gamesKlicks: 7  10.10.2011
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