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Breeding community-Ulrich
We breed Thuringian Moonpigeons plate and in the colors red, black, yellow and brown. There are also our old austrian cute porpoises (kibitzers in blue), they are on the red list. In addition, they may apply to us white carrier pigeons and book for a special occasion ...

www.zgm-ulrich.de - Details
Nature & Animals -> Birds and bird breedingKlicks: 95  05.06.2008
Parrot Society Ireland
Hello. My name is Declan Gibbons. I am the president and founder of the parrot society Ireland. We decided to set up the parrot society in Ireland after many people requested a site as there were none in Ireland. We added the web site and then went one better and published a magazine. We do this full coloured magazine every three months now and are the only parrot and foreign bird society in Ireland to do so. We offer worldwide membership. You can join online or request an application form to be sent to you.

www.parrotsocietyireland.ie - Details
Nature & Animals -> Birds and bird breedingKlicks: 67  28.02.2009
Parrots in Ireland
An Irish website for parrot owners and breeders in Ireland. Includes the only dedicated Forum for Irish Parrot owners. Come join us and share information, learn from other owners and breeders, and have some fun. Articles about keeping parrots as pets, and information on biting, training, teaching the step up command and health issues.

www.parrots.ie - Details
Nature & Animals -> Birds and bird breedingKlicks: 24  10.03.2010
Did you buy a bird from one of our breeders? Let us know how they did. We have developed a new rating system to help you take the guesswork out of deciding on a breeder. When you see a breeder´s aviary listing through our Breeder Search, click on their star rating to see what others had to say about the breeders performance, or, if you bought a bird from them, submit your own. Note: Entries will be reviewed for validity before being added to the breeder´s records. All valid ratings will remain for 12 Months.

www.birdbreeders.com - Details
Nature & Animals -> Birds and bird breedingKlicks: 2  26.11.2011
Bubo Listing
Bubo Listing - World Bird Listing Database - enables the storage, sharing and comparison of a wide range of personal bird lists, including life lists, year lists, country lists, county/state lists, individual site lists, world lists, self-found lists, and so on. Birders can use the website to enter their own lists (not just a total, but the full species composition of the list). They can then use the site to compare their list with those of other birders, see which are the ´easiest´ target species they are missing and can view the lists of other Bubo listers.

www.bubo.org - Details
Nature & Animals -> Birds and bird breedingKlicks: 3  26.11.2011
Parrots and macaws with other bird and fertile eggs for sale
Contact us with your email and phone number if you will be needing any of the following so we get to you with more information. We will send the birds to you as we sell to any country. We ship our eggs world wide with renounce worldwide shipping agencies like EMS, TNT, FEDEX, POST OFFICE, DHL, . Shipping and delivery to Home and Work Places address services. Do attache your full home address as well as your contact information in your contact massage.

African Grey Parrot, Amazons, Black palm cockatoo, Blue and gold macaw, Citron cockatoo, Gang gang cockatoo, Goffin cockatoo, Green wing macaw, Harlequin macaw, Hyacinth macaw, Major Mitchell cockatoo, Rose breasted cockatoo, Scarlet macaw, Eclectus, Umbrella Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoos, Timneh Greys, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

parrotheavenonline.webnode.com - Details
Nature & Animals -> Birds and bird breedingKlicks: 8  12.09.2012

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