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Switzerland´s largest bike sale - new and used bicyc
sale offers of up to 50% on over 20 top quality bicycle brands - used bikes of any type and age - buy and sell easily with 80-90% chances: register your bike, leave it on the market grounds, and get your money (or bicycle) in the end of the market - bikes in all price categories and for all types of usage offered - free test riding, competent advising

www.velomaerkte.ch - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> CyclingKlicks: 836  BL-Hits: 2  03.06.2008
Shifting Tin - UK Bodybuilding, Fitness and Strength Forum
An ever expanding UK Bodybuilding, Fitness and Strength Forum, providing articles and information on bodybuilding, fitness and strength techniques, traning and nutrition aspects. Join our community today and take your training to the next level by creating a journal to track your progress towards achieving your goals.

www.shiftingtin.com - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> BodybuildingKlicks: 12  12.09.2012
At Maillotexpress you can buy from low cost cycle shirt beyond sport glasses and gloves till to an absolute waterproof rain jacket all you need as cycling clothes, to keep your cycling tour as an unforgettable experience on your mind, and that to unbeatable friendly prices. By selling AGU branded goods we give 40 years experience on development, fabrication and distribution by cycling function clothes to our customers.

www.maillotexpress.com - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> CyclingKlicks: 86  02.06.2008
Angling for Salmon on Ireland´s Cork Blackwater
Ireland´s premier salmon fishing lodge with 15 miles private and exclusive salmon fishing on the Cork Blackwater. High record fishery with approx. 1, 000 salmon caught per season. All methods allowed, but daily beat rota caters especially for fly fishers. The Lodge’s website is unique in that it has a daily updated river report page.

Please note that a password is required - free registration. The Lodge controls 16 beats (approximately 15 miles of fishing) on the best reaches of the river between Lismore to Mallow. This covers some 40 river miles, starting only 3 miles above the tidal limit. The Lodge offers both guesthouse and self-catering cottage accommodation. It has a lovely lounge with a panoramic view over the Blackwater river. It has its own tackle shop, smokery & provides guides & tuition in all forms of salmon fishing. Fly casting tuition is our speciality, from beginner right up to the most advanced spey casting with Glenda Powell Emerald World Masters Ladies Salmon Distance Champion & APGAI-IRL (Salmon & Trout).

www.ireland-salmon-fishing.net - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> Fishing & HuntingKlicks: 36  26.02.2009
United States Handball Association (USHA)
Welcome to the United States Handball Association (USHA), the National Governing Body for the sport of handball. The USHA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, dedicated to the growth and development of the sport for all age levels. As the governing body, the USHA is responsible for administering and sanctioning over 100 tournaments per year, including the Simple Green Pro Tour. The USHA publishes Handball Magazine, the game´s only national publication and the "Bible" for the sport. Handball´s first true national championship was staged in 1919 by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and was won by "Murder Ball" Bill Ranft.

The AAU continued its reign on handball until 1951 when Chicago developer and handball afficionado Bob Kendler founded the USHA. It was a big move to break away but the players banded together to form a strong association, which has become known as the "players´ fraternity. " Kendler served as the association´s only president until 1982 when he met with personal financial difficulty and poor health.

www.ushandball.org - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> HandballKlicks: 5  15.03.2010
Shuvit crew, we are organizing skateboarding contests
We, the shuvit crew, are organizing skateboarding contests in vienna and the near around. On our site you will find informations concernig skateboarding.

www.shuvit.at - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> American sportsKlicks: 16  13.03.2010
American Sports
Founded in 1999, American Sports is a manufacturer and importer of quality sporting goods, apparel, and equipment. Offering a one stop shop for all of your athletic needs in a highly demanding industry requires a company with the backbone and the infrastructure to handle all your demands. American Sports was one of the first companies to introduce the hand stitched soccer ball into the United States. American Sports takes pride in offering the consumer a means to personalize and customize their products to fulfill their needs.

Taking a concept from thought and spinning it into reality is what makes us a leader in the industry. Looking to make a special impression on a client, organization, club, trade or team can be a very tedious chore. Our team is ready to listen to your ideas and provide you with an economical solution through our promotional and specialty division.

www.americansports.com - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> American sportsKlicks: 34  15.03.2010
American Sports Institute
The American Sports Institute is creating a tuition-free, privately-funded, sport and wellness-based school that will generate high academic and high health and fitness scores, and a love of learning for all its students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Arete School will eventually become a teacher training center for educators in the United States and internationally, and will be a model for California’s and America’s troubled public school system.

A two-semester, interdisciplinary middle and high school academic course that enables students to apply the positive aspects of sport culture and the fundamentals of athletic mastery to their academic, physical, and personal pursuits.

A program for elementary-age students that incorporates the positive aspects of sport culture into the classroom setting to improve attitudes and skills in concentration, self-discipline, personal presence and leadership, responsibility, respect for surroundings, empathy and respect for others, and acting individually and as an integral member of a group.

www.amersports.org - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> American sportsKlicks: 11  15.03.2010
American Sports Centers
State-of-the-art Haro hardwood sports flooring is used along with 3 volleyball courts of Taraflex. In addition, ASC has the finest in sports equipment including Schelde SAM 8 professional basketball standards, the premier Schelde volleyball systems, and official KwikGoal indoor soccer goals. ASC, the largest indoor court facility in the U. S., serves as the weekday home to numerous club volleyball, basketball, soccer, and gymanastic prograrms. On the weekends ASC hosts basketball andvolleyball tournaments, adult leagues, and special events throughout the year.

In addition several prominent national and international sports organizations including the USA Men´s National Volleyball team are headquartered in the complex, as well. Guests at ASC can take advantage of the Courtside Cafe food court, a Starbuck´s coffee house and smoothie bar, and the My Sport retail store.

www.americansportscenters.com - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> American sportsKlicks: 7  15.03.2010
UK Athletics
As the national governing body for athletics, UK Athletics oversees the development and management of the nation’s favourite Olympic and Paralympic sport, from grassroots right through to podium. Since its inception in 1999, UK Athletics has developed to become the most successful and robust athletics governing body in the world. Over the years it has matured to generate a clear vision for the sport - to drive up performance and raise standards in every event, every region and every age group.

This vision is fuelled by a dedicated team of full time staff and part time volunteers who all share the same passion and ambition for athletics, and are therefore instrumental in ensuring that athletics remains the most popular Olympic and Paralympic sport.

And with London set to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, there has never been a more exciting time for UK Athletics, as all eyes will be on athletics and especially the British athletes competing on home soil. Yet the purpose of UK Athletics does not end at preparing athletes for the world stage.

www.uka.org.uk - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> AthleticsKlicks: 12  15.03.2010
Athletics Australia
From its foundation as a union co-ordinating the athletic activities across New Zealand and the states and territories of Australia to the professional incorporation of today, the governing body for athletics in Australia has had an interesting journey.

Running, walking, jumping, throwing - sport at its most pure. Athletics dates back as long as people have been doing these activities. What is the structure of the sport now?
Athletics is sport stripped to its barest essentials; to run, walk, jump and throw is also the basis of human activity. The earliest evidence of athletics goes back to 3800 BC in Memphis, Egypt and has continued in various forms including the ancient Olympics to today’s highly organised competitions with its up to date technology and business.

It also includes the relaxed form of fun athletics where people compete purely for the love of it or its exercise value. Athletics is now totally inclusive providing for juniors, seniors, masters and disabled. Athletics has spanned time and generations.

www.athletics.com.au - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> AthleticsKlicks: 12  15.03.2010
Olympic Athletic Club
Olympic Athletic Club proudly serves residents of Ballard and surrounding areas in a casual, yet highly professional atmosphere. Our new neon sign highlights our main entrance. Created by world famous neon artist Roger Legerano, the diver and clock make us an easy place to find. The old-world charm of Ballard is evident in the exterior of Olympic Athletic Club.

The former hotel, built in the 1890´s, now provides a state of the art facility, which is both friendly and affordable. Olympic Athletic Club offers the latest in cardiovascular and weight training equipment, along with a variety of swimming and court sports all available to club members 24 hours a day.

www.olympicathleticclub.com - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> AthleticsKlicks: 9  15.03.2010
Hot Air Ballooning
If you are one of those who find hot air balloons fascinating, you´ve probably dreamt of going for a balloon ride, or maybe even piloting one. Did you know it´s relatively easy to get involved in ballooning? Getting involved can be as simple as following a balloon and meeting it at its landing spot. There are lots of other ways to get involved, a few of which we explain here: Buy a balloon ride - Buying a balloon ride for yourself is often the most direct way of learning about the sport.

Ask if you can help with the inflation and deflation of the balloon - most passengers enjoy helping which maximizes your experience. There are lots of companies who offer balloon rides. The flight lasts generally an hour, and you should plan to spend about 3-4 hours for the entire adventure. Flights will take place near dawn and dusk since that´s when the wind is the calmest.

www.hotairballooning.com - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> BallooningKlicks: 9  15.03.2010
Virgin Balloon Flights
Experience the magic of hot air balloon rides and hot air ballooning flights in the UK with Virgin Balloon Flights. Hot Air Ballooning is our passion - one we would love to share with you. Let us launch you into the majestic world of hot air balloon rides to experience the sheer joy of the oldest and most romantic form of aviation in the world.

The incredible feeling of time suspended as the world drifts quietly below is one you will never forget. From the minute you book, to the time we say goodbye after the flight, we´ll give you "The Experience Of A Lifetime". So join us for a balloon ride at one of over 100 launch sites throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

www.virginballoonflights.co.uk - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> BallooningKlicks: 43  15.03.2010
Aerosaurus Balloons
Aerosaurus Balloons provide champagne Hot Air Balloon Flights across the South West, with Balloon Rides over some of the most spectacular areas of the UK. We have over 20 years experience providing Balloon Flights for individuals or groups with numerous flight bases across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire. As the largest local Hot Air Balloon flight operator we have flown over 60, 000 passengers in hot air balloons, ranging from seven to one hundred years of age.

Our web site offers flight information, the latest news from Aerosaurus, a wide selection of in-flight photos and flight availability. Balloon Rides over Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Hot Air Balloon flights with Aerosaurus Balloons take place from meeting locations in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire, and nationwide via our membership of Balloons Over Britain. We are able to offer dawn & dusk balloon rides for individuals or groups. Bookings can be made via our online Shop or through our Booking Office. Our web site offers flight information, the latest news from Aerosaurus, a wide selection of in-flight photos and flight availability.

www.ballooning.co.uk - Details
Sports, fitness, wellness -> BallooningKlicks: 12  15.03.2010
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