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With entertainer - musicians Cologne - Juergen Klameth
The sole entertainer and singer Juergen Klameth from Cologne is recommended for events of all types and sizes. The Entertainer Presents oldies from the 60s, top songs of Rock & Pop, pop, and the chart hits of today. But even mood and party hits and the best of the Cologne Carnival. Whether weddings, birthdays and corporate events - Juergen Klameth always provides for the right mood for your party.

www.musiker-koeln.de - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Entertainment artistsKlicks: 36  05.06.2008
Stretch your face
Play with your face. Upload your image and stretch it. Is very simple. You use the mouse for move your eyes, lips, nose; you can get your digital lifting. You can send your creation to your friends or you can use in your profile of social network.

www.stretchyourface.com - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Funpics & FunvideosKlicks: 541  07.04.2009
Share videos
From the beginning, Vimeo was created by filmmakers and video creators who wanted to share their creative work, along with intimate personal moments of their everyday life. As time went on, like-minded people came to the site and built a community of positive, encouraging individuals with a wide range of video interests. We hope that you feel inspired to show us both your creative side as well as your friendly side.

vimeo.com - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Funpics & FunvideosKlicks: 100  14.01.2010
comedy service - butler with slapstick and comedy
The comedy service serves for you. We garantee best comedy and best service for your birthday, party and event. We serve all the meals and we bring you comedy and slapstick to your tabe. The comedy service is the best service for your event. Birthday, wedding, party and many more.

www.falscher-kellner-comedy.de - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Clowns & comediansKlicks: 62  03.06.2008
Children Theatre Coq Au Vin
Since 1999 the Children theatre is visiting schools and kindergardens mainly in Germany. But the theatre is also available in english. You can invited the theatre into schools, kindergarden and at any other children event. The artist Thomas Endel and Sebastian Matt are cooks and they explain how to bake an apple cake. It´s a funny piece and it´s spectakular.

www.coqauvin.de - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Clowns & comediansKlicks: 59  07.11.2008
Clown Bobo Berlin
Celebrate your childīs birthday without stress- but lots of fun. Clown Bobo visits you at your home with his join-in program for kids. The children take part in Clown Boboīs magic tricks. A few tricks may fail, of course, which pleases the young audience. Everybody must help then to make the tricks work.

Clown Boboīs program also includes some exercises. The kids may try, if they wish, to juggle with clubs, cloths, plastic plates ...

www.clown-berlin.com - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Clowns & comediansKlicks: 138  18.03.2009
Dogillu- The Dogportrait
Tanja Schulz - freelance Comic-Art & Illustrator. www. dogillu. comiczeichnerin. de - The Dogportrait - you have the possibilities, easily, of letting provide fast and uncomplicatedly a Portrait of your dog in the singular style.

www.comiczeichnerin.de - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Comics, Cartoons, MangasKlicks: 39  03.06.2008
Diliana Nikolova`s Cartoons and Illustrations
Diliana Nikolova`s website - Cartoons and Illustrations. Dilliana Nikolova is a famous Bulgarian cartoonist. On this website you can see her rescent cartoons and illustrations. Diliana Nikolova has been working in the sphere of caricature since 1982.

www.dilianacartoons.com - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Comics, Cartoons, MangasKlicks: 27  15.03.2010
Artist and Juggler Thomas Endel
Thomas Endel is a circus perfomer. He studied artistic in the school for art in Berlin. Since 1996 he is touring all over the world performing his circusshows. His shows are nonverbal and because of that he is able to performe everywhere. With the show "Elliptic Design" he developed a new methode of juggling.

www.thomasendel.de/en/ - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Entertainment artistsKlicks: 60  06.11.2008
Tibor and Angela live music duo
Professional duo from Budapest is searching job in Austrian hotels, restaurants. We play international pop -jazz-evergreens, have a rushian, hungarian and scandinavian repertoaire as well. Tibor plays the keyboards and the rocky part of the show, Angela is moore jazzy. We played together 7 years, we guarantee high quality and a good show. You can check us on you tube: Tibor Gajdo Szoldan Angelika live in Budapest.

www.tibilivemusic.5mp.eu - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Entertainment artistsKlicks: 15  22.11.2010
Alien Invasion, Today?
Learn all about the aliens, their hidden spaceships, why we don`t identify them behind their masks and why we can`t realize that they slowly conquer earth. Great icons, great links, great inspiration. New extra-terrestrial alien like this stuff ... Michael from the hottest german alien generated website.

www.untertassen.com - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Fantasy & Sci FiKlicks: 35  05.06.2008
On the Bollywoodmagic Homepage you find all important information around the dream factory Bollywood. Topical interviews of the stars, Bollywood clap and gossip, biographies and filmographies of the Bollywood actresses and actors, topical appointments when Bollywoodmovies are emitted on the German television, film descriptions and criticism and the newest appearance on DVD in german trade. All reports are translated from English into the German one and are updated daily.

www.bollywoodmagic.de - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> FilmsKlicks: 181  03.06.2008
Play4film. com is a international portal for the download and the legal streaming of films that integrates an ample offer of content. A virtual moviestore in which you can find and discover a vast catalog of films, enriched by an entire section dedicated to the culture of cinema.

www.play4film.com/default.aspx?lang=en-US - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> FilmsKlicks: 177  14.01.2010
QoloQ.com offers the funniest fun videos for free
QoloQ. com offers the funniest fun videos for free - upload and share your funny fun videos with your friends, family or the wohle Internet or view a video to laugh and have fun.

www.qoloq.com - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> Funpics & FunvideosKlicks: 289  05.06.2008
A magician presents his programs. Close-up magic or stage-magic, both programs are realy fascinating for every possibility. On Businessevents or on a mariage, everywhere one could book or hire this magician.

www.zauberkuenstler-comedy-zauberer.de - Details
Humor & Entertainment -> MagicKlicks: 38  03.06.2008
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Movie - Humor - Girls - German - Germany - Girl - Famous - 2010
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