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Rockstar Inc - Rockstar Design - Rockstar Video Production
Rock Star Inc is the website for rockstars in the Internet. It seams that Flashdesigner are the new rockstars. Here you will find Flash sites in Tarantino style. E. G. a driving Ford mustang - everything is animated and programmed in Flash. Besides Flashdesign this Site offers still more: Graphic Design, rock Design, a sountrack with old and unpublished Elvis Songs, new and naturally a quantity of skulls and Rock´n Roll. Besides the Oldschool Tattoo style, which I like much, there is also a lot to see for Skater Boys & Girls, Hot Rod fans, Biker, Easy Rider and Road King. You need music videos, hot music, videos or films, Web Sites, new or special Web Design ideas, Pics, Logos, Cover or you like films such as From Dusk till Dawn, pulp Fiction, David Lynch Movies then you are invited to take a free tour to the most sexy, rocky Page of Rockstar Inc. It´s all free - come in.

www.rockstar-inc.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 903  29.05.2008
Wedding video and corporate video
The company produces wedding videos and videos of other private celebrations. In addition also corporate videos for other companies were generated.

www.wedding-video.de - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 536  03.06.2008
Videoproduktion - Mulle-Movie.com
We are a young, but a good video production company. We produce wedding videos, birthday videos, TV reports, promotional videos, music videos, event records and much more. Ask us. After all goes well, it is even inexpensive. Look at www. Mulle-Movie. com and convince yourself of our productions. You will be amazed.

www.mulle-movie.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 807  30.05.2008
Immofilm.eu - Sell your house with a video
Welcome to Immofilm. eu. The new, creative and innovative way to market and sell your real estate property, and make it possible for anyone around the world to visit your home in just a few mouse-clicks.

www.immofilm.eu - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 86  03.06.2008
IVID - Professional Video
Show your clients and sales leads what your product / your company can do. A professional Business Video is a useful eye catcher making your company interesting. Select the right videoproduction business partner and you will get convincing communication media.

www.imagevideo.at - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 140  29.05.2008
Matte Painting-once upon a time there was the glass
Matte Paintings are painted also with help of the photomontage produced pictures, which works as sceneries in a movie. They are produced by Mattepainters at the computer. However this trick is as old, as Film itself. (ca. 1911)They were painted on glass plates, earlier also named glasshot. This was how it worked. Two plates of glass are set up parallel to each other at a certain distance. The camera is set up in front of them. On the rear plate, there is a background landscape which is relatively rough, for example a painted Jungle. On the foreground plate, detail-rich elements are painted such as small plants, stones etc. Between the glass plates, one could then encourage a puppet in stop-motion. So, at least, we see a landscape, wich does not exist. Until in the fiftees, you would not find Matte painters in the credits of a Film, because it was too shameful for a Production, to show, how they saved money.

www.jockelsplace.de - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 169  27.05.2008
Screenshot - Berlins first address for Super8 Telecine
Since 2005 we operate the first professional service for small gauge film digitizing in Berlin. we work with flashscan8 / flashtransfer16 filmscanners and serve private customers as well as professional productions. To find out more please visit our website / references.
You are welcome to test our service. We speak english, so please feel free to contact us personally at our store in Berlin.

www.screenshot-berlin.de/index.php?id=60&L=2 - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 20  14.01.2010
Video And Photo Production in China
Skyzone Creative Studio, located in Shanghai & Hong Kong, China - Skyzone Creative Studio is a well-established foreign own multimedia production company in China. Our team members are from multinational that inhabit sparkling creativities.

Our production goes through different steps of the video production, from concept development, scriptwriting, animation, editing, shooting, duplication and so on We provide commercial photography services in China and beyond. With experience working with our worldwide clients. We are probably the best service multimedia company located in China. We cooperate with overseas clients by communicating through email, phone, fax and visit. We are recognized in delivering quality and efficiency to all over the world.

www.skyzoneprod.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 583  19.03.2009
Film & Video Production
Award wining Berlin based (previously working in New York) production company, recognized for high standards and originality. We work all over Europe for companies, labels, organisations, and individuals.

We produce: creative movies - music videos - promotional films - multi-camera concert DVDs. We also offer: photography services: event, concert, promo, portraits - film and photo editing (multi-camera editing).

www.macabre-pariah.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 225  14.01.2010
Towns Talent Productions
We are a talent productions, that do our own writing producting. We put people to work who have talent or not. We believe in help those who have been turn down from making there dreams come true. We are also geting ready for are first talent show, geting ready to film a movie.

www.townstalentproductions.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 19  25.04.2010

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