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Galea Arts Gallery - Galea Arts Studio
This is the website for the arts studio and arts gallery of the Galea family. Founded by Chev Galea and carried on by Edwin Galea it is now being run by Pierre and Eddy Galea.
Edwin Galea, son of artist Chev. Joseph Galea who was tutored by Chev. Caruana Dingli and who served as an official War Artist during World War II, received his artistic formation from his father. He inherited from his father a natural love of the sea and an uncanny gift to reproduce its moods and the ships that sail on it. His paintings are full of energy in varying moods whether on the high seas or a windswept Maltese landscape.

galeasartgallery.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleriesKlicks: 216  04.09.2010
Take Two Wedding Band with violin
The unique wedding band offers classical music (violin and piano) to the wedding or reception. Discreet Dinner Music with a mix of popular classical hits, jazz pieces as well as soul and pop songs and dance and party music of all genres to rock music. This varied program will find them in any band. Convince yourself, where you can listen to our music samples. All information on pricing, song list, and the process can be found on our homepage.

www.taketwolive.de - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Entertainment bandsKlicks: 40  09.03.2009
Rockstar Inc - Rockstar Design - Rockstar Video Production
Rock Star Inc is the website for rockstars in the Internet. It seams that Flashdesigner are the new rockstars. Here you will find Flash sites in Tarantino style. E. G. a driving Ford mustang - everything is animated and programmed in Flash. Besides Flashdesign this Site offers still more: Graphic Design, rock Design, a sountrack with old and unpublished Elvis Songs, new and naturally a quantity of skulls and Rock´n Roll. Besides the Oldschool Tattoo style, which I like much, there is also a lot to see for Skater Boys & Girls, Hot Rod fans, Biker, Easy Rider and Road King. You need music videos, hot music, videos or films, Web Sites, new or special Web Design ideas, Pics, Logos, Cover or you like films such as From Dusk till Dawn, pulp Fiction, David Lynch Movies then you are invited to take a free tour to the most sexy, rocky Page of Rockstar Inc. It´s all free - come in.

www.rockstar-inc.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 903  29.05.2008
Wedding video and corporate video
The company produces wedding videos and videos of other private celebrations. In addition also corporate videos for other companies were generated.

www.wedding-video.de - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video productionKlicks: 536  03.06.2008
Lyrics Collection
Chart Lyrics carries a comprehensive free music lyrics collection of hit lyrics and we update the site regularly with free music lyrics from different artists, albums and bands. You can add or edit lyrics for your favourite songs in the web.

www.chartlyrics.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Music & SongKlicks: 63  14.01.2010
Elvira Cardenas String Quartet
The Elvira Cardenas String Quartet is in its prime. It is an ensemble in which intuition and intellect are ideally balanced, and in which youthful energy and idealism have been tempered and reinforced by experience

www.elvira-cardenas.de - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Musicians & ComposersKlicks: 16  27.05.2008
CorCordis - Photography by Dominik Herz
Photodesigner Dominik Herz presenting an overview of his photographic portfolio under different topics like nature (flora & fauna), architecture, landscape and documentary. License rights for publication of the photos can be acquiered through the contact information.

www.corcordis.de - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> PhotographyKlicks: 123  18.03.2009
Art JPG Pictures for Digital Photo Frame
Free download of my art pictures collections all optimised for digital photo frames. Nature art pictures, water art pictures, winter art pictures, electric art pictures and my very special "electricolor" collections. You can download all these collections of royalty-free photos for free (in compressed version) and only for a very little contribution have the originals in high resolution. I hope you will enjoy my photos ... Fred, amateur photographer

www.artjpg.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> PhotographyKlicks: 533  13.02.2009
Chris Bleicher´s peepart
peepart: With her art project the Munic neon artist Chris Bleicher enables insight in her artistic life: Neon Art (pictures & sculptures), happenings & performances, events covered in the media, bodypainting, art shop, (pet-)urns & (pet-)coffins, fine art print and much more - international delivery.

www.peepart.com/english/index.html - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleriesKlicks: 124  26.06.2008
Art and Gallery - Young German Art
Art gallery artgalerie. de is exclusively an online art gallery. We sell works of art exclusively through the internet. Buying online means convenient and cheaper acquisition of paintings. In our online art gallery you will find fresh and high quality works of art presented by young German artists. Our philosophy is that art is created through brilliant ideas and artistic workmanship. In our artxgalerie. de, presented works of art will not be defined through the artist’s bibliography or list of expositions. In our artxgalerie. de the fine art speaks for itself. Young German art: striking quality of every painting: highest technical quality and esthetic works of art, high pigment paint on canvas; only original and signed works of art.  Order a painting in our online artxgalerie. de to create a super cool look on your wall.

www.artxgalerie.de - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleriesKlicks: 542  09.03.2009
Paradise Art Gallery
Paradise Art Gallery is a distributor of hand made oil paintings signed by the artist with over 20, 000 oil paintings available. We have a variety of sizes as well as quality. All of our prices are below all retail websites and below most wholesale websites.

www.paradiseartgallary.net - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleriesKlicks: 257  13.03.2009
Sinus Art abstract paintings and glicees
Whether classically abstract or contemporarily in a modern manner - Sinus Art offers worldwide works of the modern art. By request Paul Sinus prepares also works in reference to your individual wishes.

When looking at Abstract Art, you are seeing the most freely formed type of artwork an artist can create. You would think that when looking at art that is non-representational, it would be less interesting to view as you do not know what the artist is truly trying to depict in his or her artwork. This is where the beauty of Abstract Art comes about.

www.sinus-art.de/en - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleriesKlicks: 44  14.01.2010
Marketplace for photographers - visual artists - art galleries
FineArtAmerica. com is a social network and e-commerce marketplace for photographers, visual artists, art galleries, and fine art collectors. Visitors to FineArtAmerica. com can choose from over 500, 000 pieces of original artwork including paintings, sculptures, drawings, mixed media, jewelry, and more. Many of these originals are also available as fine art prints-on-demand. FineArtAmerica. com is a powerful promotional tool for artists and art galleries due to it´s extensive integration of geo-location technology.

fineartamerica.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleriesKlicks: 55  20.04.2010
Music Art and Painting Company
Elegant art from Toperfect includes music, wooden artworks, oil painting, frames, stretchers, watercolor, drawings, and more. we´re reliable supplier of Art Oil Painting - Landscape Oil Paintings for Sale and Portrait Oil Painting Reproduction.

www.oilpaintingfactory.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleriesKlicks: 7  12.09.2012
Chinese Reproduction Oil Paintings Wholesale
Phoebesart. com offer 100% handmade canvas oil art reproductions and custom portrait paintings from photos. You can buy oil art here directly online from the artists. Chinese reproduction oil paintings of famous old masters, impressionism, vincent van gogh, Monet, Picasso ... Lowest prices for highest quality paintings.

www.phoebesart.com - Details
Film, Music & Arts -> Art reproductionKlicks: 49  14.01.2010
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