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Consumer Forums
The Consumer Forums are concerned with all aspects of Consumer Rights. We already have a great deal of experience and expertise in reclaiming bank charges. However, The Consumer Forums are much more than a bank charges pressure group. Over the last three years we have developed forums to help people deal with debt problems, payment protection insurance, parking and traffic offences, mobile and fixed line telephone companies, utility companies, retail stores, landlord and tenant issues, along with many other consumer related issues. And what´s more - all our advice and assistance is free of charge.

www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk - Details
Forums & Communities -> Consumer forumsKlicks: 11  20.10.2010
Welcome to the Self. com Community. Want to meet other women who share your goals and interests? You´ve come to the right place. Here, you can make new friends, brag about your live-healthy, live-happy successes and seek support from others who have faced similar challenges.

You´ll get a free personal profile page where you can blog about your tips, tricks and ideas, upload photos of your most memorable moments and send private messages of encouragement to other members. Whatever your goals, the Self. com community can help you reach them. New to Self. com? Register now to be a part of the SELF community. If you´ve registered for any Self. com program before, you can simply log in to get started.

www.self.com - Details
Forums & Communities -> Health & BeautyKlicks: 24  04.11.2010
Creat your own forum
Creating your own discussion forum is a simple and practical way of sharing information and ideas. Whether you are looking for an effective way to improve customer service, or simply exchange ideas and opinions with other users, Forumotion can be tailored to your needs, whatever the size of your community.

Backed up by highly dedicated development and customer support teams, we strive to provide our communities with the very best of new Internet technologies, without sacrificing ease-of-use and performance.

www.forumieren.de - Details
Forums & Communities -> Web communitiesKlicks: 51  07.11.2008
Glarn - The Global Artist Network
Glarn is primarily an international platform for artists with its own forum, a database of artists, biographies, the "Festivizer", RADIO Glarn, fine arts news from around the world in different languages, a Ticket Corner, etc. . GLARN also sees itself as an interface between the artist and industry (label, gallery, etc ... ). The entry is free. The only conditions are: Be an artist and have an own homepage to show.

www.glarn.net - Details
Forums & Communities -> Art forumsKlicks: 34  28.10.2010
Artaculous - connect the world of art
Artaculous is about art and art related enterprises on the web. artaculous. com is a worldwide international social network, collaboration platform and home for professional artists, agencies, labels and companies.

Through a pragmatic design and the highest measure in functionality our focus lies on the artist and not the platform itself to give you all the space you need.

www.artaculous.com - Details
Forums & Communities -> Art forumsKlicks: 88  09.03.2009
ArtSavvy. com is a website for artists and art "appreciators” where users can buy art, sell art, and appreciate art. It is a creative platform that allows people to share and discuss art. By using the forums, displaying geo-based events, and uncovering art venues throughout different locales, ArtSavvy. com is dedicated to giving artists and art buyers the most comprehensive art network possible.

I founded ArtSavvy. com as a place where artists can come together, said Kyle Huffstetler, founder of ArtSavvy. com. It’s not just a website about art, but a community for artists to discuss art, collaborate on projects, sell and buy used equipment, and most importantly, display their work to the world.

ArtSavvy. com, the sister site to TuneSavvy. com, is the only community on the web that gives artists the ability to sell their work, collaborate on projects, and find used equipment. It also provides them with a forum to discuss all things art: anywhere from interests, to styles, to favorite artists, etc ... ArSavvy. com is not just a community for artists to mingle with each other, but it is also a marketplace.

www.artsavvy.com - Details
Forums & Communities -> Art forumsKlicks: 15  04.11.2010
German Laser TV - The forum for the new technologie
Laser, OLED & SED TV - the revolution for your homecinema. Sharp pictures, longlasting, 3D and much more ... Here you can ask or help other members.

www.lasertv-forum.de - Details
Forums & Communities -> Audio, video, photoKlicks: 129  27.05.2008
OLED - Laser TV Forum
Discuss about the next Flat-TV generations OLED and Laser-TV. Plasma, and LCD televisions will soon be a thing of the past, imagine a television screen as thin as a piece of paper that weighs no more than a few ounces. Or, so flexible it could be worn around your wrist and is virtually indestructible.

Laser TV requires lasers in three distinct wavelengths: Red, Green and Blue. While red laser diodes are commercially available, there are no commercially available green and blue laser diodes which can provide the required power at room temperature with an adequate life time. Instead frequency doubling can be used to provide the blue and green wavelengths.

forum.oled.at - Details
Forums & Communities -> Audio, video, photoKlicks: 162  26.10.2008
Photo sharing community
Locr is a revolutionary photo sharing community. At locr, our users can not only upload their photos, they can also geotag them. We offer users from around the world to link their photos to location information. locr auto-tags images with GPS data, displays their position on digital maps and creates information concerning motif and location.

www.locr.com - Details
Forums & Communities -> Audio, video, photoKlicks: 120  20.10.2010
Beate Matthaei - Freelance consultant for jewelry and watches
Beate Matthaei, Anatas tradeconsulting. Freelance consulting with large professional experience in multi channel distribution of jewelry and watches. Specialty Know how in Mailorder and TV Shopping. Business Development, Merchandise Management, Change Processes, Benchmarking. Overall market Know how for jewelries. Interim Management and Category Management for Mailorder and TV Shopping.

www.anatas.de - Details
Forums & Communities -> Business CommunitiesKlicks: 121  29.05.2008
realise your ideas and start up
Show your ideas, plans and activities and find others to realise your ideas. Sometimes you have a brilliant idea and all you need to do is to think about it, break it down into actionable tasks and then do or delegate them. Other times you have a fantastic idea, you think about it and then you drop it because you see no way to get it done with the resources available to you.

Munich based realisr is a social network which wants to help its members realising projects or ideas by providing a platform to attract people who might be interested in contributing. Besides the standard social networking features the site is a playground for emerging subnetworks forming around projects. realisr is no replacement for basic project management, the tasks and roles still need to be clarified etc., but it provides an informal way to find and coordintate participants. Just have a look, meet interesting people and new friends.

realisr.com - Details
Forums & Communities -> Business CommunitiesKlicks: 71  29.05.2008
Direct Matches
Sign up for free and check out this fantastic new online business community that I am excited about. You can network and socialize with thousands of like-minded people, and advertise any product or business for free. You will be matched with other people seeking the same benefits.

You willl also receive a powerful training course - all free. New. Join for Free - win $1000’s of dollars in cash or prizes for best profile? and more. Visit our homepage and sign up for Free.

www.directmatches.com - Details
Forums & Communities -> Business CommunitiesKlicks: 144  04.02.2009
Consumer Redressal Forum
Rights Based Approach Society is a registered society under Societies Registration Act, 1860 and is a voluntary organization working for the rights of the people not only in National Capital Territory of Delhi but at the National and International level as well. We believe in establishing an implicit, explicit and forward looking vision of the ‘Rights Based Approach’ programmes, with inbuilt centralised advocacy and research component that would advocate about specific issues related to general public.

We commit to create awareness, sensitisation and advocate about people´s rights with striving towards initiating public discourse on issues related to violation of rights and to act as a consultancy with respect to other organisations working in the field of rights based issues. Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum is a branch of Rights Based Approach Society (RBA) dealing with all consumer related grievances and their redressal through all mediaums including consumer courts and mediation.

www.consumerredressal.com - Details
Forums & Communities -> Consumer forumsKlicks: 9  31.03.2010
Esoteric Teaching University of Higher Knowledge
This is an informal forum where you can introduce yourself, hang out and get to know your fellow students of the Esoteric Teaching. You can study independently, in your own time and on your own schedule. Once you complete the Introduction and Learning sections you can even take the courses in any order you like. You will be in regular contact with a qualified Teacher by email, IM, voice or videoconference. You can download all necessary materials and tools from the Internet. All of our degree programs combine academic or distance learning via the Internet with hands-on practical vocational training.

university.esotericteaching.org - Details
Forums & Communities -> Esoteric ForumsKlicks: 12  04.11.2010
Esoteric Magick
This forum deals with the ancient studies of Ceremonial Magick, Hermetics, Astrology, Spirituality, Paganism and Divination.

esotericmagick.forumotion.net - Details
Forums & Communities -> Esoteric ForumsKlicks: 12  10.11.2010
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