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Sms recovery
cellpdasim. com offers sim card backup application for restoring complete details about different services. Company suggests sim card memory program for retrieving whole lost details from cell phone memory card. Website offers sim card reader program for rescuing corrupted details from Windows based pocket pc.

www.cellpdasim.com - Details
Communication & Phones -> SMS & MMS servicesKlicks: 33  12.09.2010
Wimax, WI-Fi, IP-PBX, Unified Communication, VoIP, Mobile VoIP
Telemaxim provides wireless engineering products, voip technology consultancy, as well as outsourcing to network designer, infrastructure operators, and engineering consultancies. We help our customers gain more revenue with the least base stations in less time. Hoping mesh network wire less equipment is the best engineering solution for all public-access metropolitan area, some private-access municipalities, hotzones, or large companies.

www.telemaxim.com - Details
Communication & Phones -> Communication TechnologyKlicks: 165  26.02.2009
DSL Internet
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology is the new standard for speed which provids a faster, always-on connection to the Internet over your existing telephone line. In our ongoing efforts to improve your online experience, we are happy to announce that your lightning fast DSL Service will now get speeds 6. 0 Mbps down and 768 Kbps up.

www.rtmc.net - Details
Communication & Phones -> DSL, service, accessoriesKlicks: 9  12.12.2011
Midcoast Internet Solutions
MIS offers DSL in the communities where Tidewater Telecom and Lincolnville Telephone Company are the local phone service providers. If your local phone service provider is Fairpoint, please go to our Fairpoint Area DSL Page.

Some installations may require additional items including line filters, ethernet switches, or special routers. These can be supplied at an additional cost. MIS does not install network cards in computers, nor does the company run wiring, do any work on electrical or phone cables, or install wall jacks. Please make sure that you have these items in place and functioning properly before requesting service.

www.midcoast.com - Details
Communication & Phones -> DSL, service, accessoriesKlicks: 5  12.12.2011
TrIT Ltd. - consulting and selling
Would you like your portable radio costs to reduce or know, where their vehicles straight to be? We advise business customers with solutions in the range communication, telematics and fleet management.

www.trit.de - Details
Communication & Phones -> GPS, navigatorsKlicks: 36  27.05.2008
GPS Geoplaner online
Geoplaner is a web-based application for planning GPS waypoints and routes and for converting latitude/longitude and UTM coordinates. The coordinates are displayed at GoogleMaps or OpenStreetMap and can easily be edited, moved or replaced. Furthermore Geoplaner provides address searching, elevation service and coordinate upload or download as route or list of waypoints.

www.geoplaner.com - Details
Communication & Phones -> GPS, navigatorsKlicks: 6  18.05.2012
Welcome on the new portal in the internet for Navigation. On this site you can use and download several navigation related applications and tools. Here also navigation data files are available for download and update.

1. iNav mobile - Mobile Navigation Application (Midlet) watch map data and your current position in several languages. Also route calculation is possible.

2. iNav online - Webbased Navigation Appilication (Applet) to watch map data and your current position. Also route calculation is possible.

3. Where I am - Mobile Social Network Application (Midlet) to watch your current position on a map transmited to a webserver. You can see your friends online on the map and send them a message.

www.freenav.de - Details
Communication & Phones -> GPS, navigatorsKlicks: 49  12.10.2010
Screen Protector
Anti scratch - We offers high-quality products, such as screen protectors for cell phones, camcorders, digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, navigation instruments and game consoles. Protect the screen of your phone or device with this high quality transparent film. You can use the anti-scratch screen protector for your mobil cell phone or your PDA.

www.disagu.co.uk - Details
Communication & Phones -> Handys, service, accessoriesKlicks: 92  27.05.2008
Free of charge to favorable - find my handy. de
Find it only here which it really need. In this onlineshop you can order simply and surely mobile phones with and without contract. Participate for each suitable tariffs, depending upon consumption can you decide whether you a flatrate to prefer or a Prepaidkarte rather use.

Top of offers, Top Bundles it is guaranteed for each somewhat thereby. Cash dispensing here in the Onlineshop possible. They can lock mobile phone insurance or compare prices. With our advantage packages they save one mix, depending upon desire give it also free of charge and them gotten also still for money given some packages.

www.find-mein-handy.de - Details
Communication & Phones -> Handys, service, accessoriesKlicks: 193  03.06.2008
Cordially welcomes in probably most favorable handyshop
Mobildiscounter24 is not only that probably most favorable handyshop in German internet, but has also still the most unbelievable portable radio offers with one to low price warranty see themselves to leave can. As if that would be not yet enough, Surprises us mobilediscounter24 with one giant selection of top mobile phone, mega handybundles as well as also free of charge actions and the free choice which network carriers and tariffs concerns. They can decide which best too them fits. Naturally you have also the possibility mobile phone without to buy contract. They do not pay basic charges and also forwarding expenses, for
those if supply snaps, takes over mobilediscounter24 for it. It comes however still much better ... Nearly all offers in this Shop are free and nevertheless get money given if it one of the offers buy. Thus, why still longer wait?

www.mobildiscounter24.de - Details
Communication & Phones -> Handys, service, accessoriesKlicks: 87  03.06.2008
Best Dualsim Solutions on the Web
2-phones-in-1. com are leader in Dualsim technology and offer the largest selection of dualsim adapters worldwide and only the finest Dual sim Mobile phones and cellphones.

We offer you the hottest products for your mobile phone, no matter what brand your cellphone is. With our dual simcard holders, you can use 2 simcards at the same time in 1 mobile phone. Our top-selling Generation 3 universal dual simcard holder will work with any mobile phone. (Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Siemens, Sharp, Motorola, Sagem, Pantech, Alcatel, Trium, LG etc…. )

No more need to carry around 2 mobile phones, with our dual sim holder, you can separate private and professional calls, change networks when the signal is weak. You can even receive calls on both lines using call divert. Change simcards within seconds, you can save more adresses, too. This is the best 2-simcards-in-1 mobile phone solution, because it works with nearly any cellphone.

www.2-phones-in-1.com/en - Details
Communication & Phones -> Handys, service, accessoriesKlicks: 101  08.11.2008
Compares the best mobile phone deals from all major UK retailers
We compare over 50000 mobile phone deals daily across all reputable major UK retailers and publish the best 10-20 deals for every make model network. Find the best free line rental deals, free phone deals, cashback deals, deals with free gifts such as laptops, wii, ipods, tv´s, cheapest pay as you go & simfree phones, latest mobile news & reviews, best selling phones, coming soon phones. Communicate with other members in the mobile forum.

www.mobiledealscomparison.com - Details
Communication & Phones -> Handys, service, accessoriesKlicks: 112  14.02.2009
Best Unlocked Cell Phone - Cheap Unlocked Cellular Phone
Best Unlocked Cell Phone, Cheap Unlocked Cellular Phone. New unlocked cell phone: Gsm, Cdma, 3G, Hsdpa, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, GPS, iphone Camera and other unlocked mobile phone. Buy at discount price and get free shipping today.

www.unlocked-cell-phone.us - Details
Communication & Phones -> Handys, service, accessoriesKlicks: 50  14.01.2010
Apple iPhone 4 32GB unlocked
Welcome to one of the online mobile phone store, experienced Major Brands Mobile Phones retail and wholesale outlets. You will find a good selection of the best major brands Mobile Phones available in today’s marketplace. We don´t clutter our site with hundreds of handsets, we only sell those that are tried, tested, popular and up to date with the current demands of the everyday consumer. This means you can rest assured that you are buying the right phone for you.

mobiworld.shopmania.biz - Details
Communication & Phones -> Handys, service, accessoriesKlicks: 17  10.12.2011
Windows Mobile Freeware Download for your PocketPC
News about Windows Mobile New Smartphones Pocket PC´s and Downloads. Download Games, Themes, utilities, skin ... visit now Mobilebrowser. de

www.mobilebrowser.de - Details
Communication & Phones -> Mobile InternetKlicks: 154  27.05.2008
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