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B2B marketplace
EC21 is the world’s largest B2B marketplace to facilitate online trades between exporters and importers from all around the world.

EC21 currently holds hundreds of thousands of suppliers and buyers from 240 countries as its members, and the number of members is rapidly growing. More than 1million business people are visiting EC21 Web site every month to find their business partners.

EC21 assures the world´s biggest product database as a B2B eMarketplace with 2, 000, 000 different products available. We also support suppliers by providing information of more than 900, 000 buyers.

www.ec21.com - Details
Retail & Services -> B2B ServiceKlicks: 17  14.01.2010
Business services Ireland - Pluspoint
Pluspoint. ie is Irelands free to use online product sourcing website and Supplier Directory for all businesses. It provides services as below: Business Services Ireland, Catering Ireland, IT Ireland, Freight Ireland, Warehousing and Distribution Ireland, Hygiene and Cleaning Ireland, Office Supplies Ireland, Printing Ireland.

www.pluspoint.ie - Details
Retail & Services -> B2B ServiceKlicks: 23  03.02.2009
World of trade
Our vision is to be world´s most secure and customer oriented marketplace; to build a trading platform where millions of people are brought together from all around the globe to find and discover their business requirements online.

Our mission is to offer equal trading opportunities to all small and medium enterprises (SME´s) belonging to any part of the world so that they can equally enjoy business-to-business trading and conduct business in a very cost effective way.

As per our philosophy, conducting both offline and online business should not be dependent upon availability of ample monetary resources; it´s all about having abundant opportunities which are equally shared by business communities all over the world.

www.worldoftrade.com - Details
Retail & Services -> B2B ServiceKlicks: 4  24.11.2011
Expand Media Fabric
Exposo is the official partner of the most famous producer of mobile presentation systems like by Expand, Nomadic Display, Promoter Industries and WWM.
Our product line following product lines, Expand, Nomadic Display, Promoter Industries, OHG, WWM systems.

www.exposo.de - Details
Retail & Services -> Promotion & AdvertisingKlicks: 52  03.06.2008
office administration and archiving in berlin
The service covers consultation, coaching and seminars to office organization, archiving and self management. Additionally an office sort service as well as a scan service are offered

www.absolut-sortiert.de - Details
Retail & Services -> Accounting, office servicesKlicks: 5  04.06.2008
Ursula Asp Trade Communication
Ursula Asp Trade Communication offers a variety of services to small and medium sized companies who wish to expand their business in Spanish or German speaking countries. We communicate in three languages, German, English and Spanish, take care of your international clients or providers, implement your marketing campaigns, organise your participation in a trade show and much more. Profit from our inter-cultural skills and gain new clients.

www.wirtschaftskommunikation-asp.de - Details
Retail & Services -> Accounting, office servicesKlicks: 11  10.03.2009
Neptune Administration Services
Neptune Administration Services, providing administration and office support services worldwide off-site. Typing, Reception, mail forwarding, data entry and checking. Dictaphone typing, audio typing. available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. fully serviced office with times to suit our clients. Vat registered.

www.neptunepromotions.biz - Details
Retail & Services -> Accounting, office servicesKlicks: 14  12.03.2009
Reality Services Corporation
In a first of its kind initiative, Reality Services Corporation mandates itself to perform as a 100% customer focused, sustainable utility service provider. It would be the most comprehensive urban’s service provider. An enterprise consisting of some brilliant technocrats with recognized managerial skills, fully backed up by the abundant experience and expertise of its parent company gained through activities exceeding fifty years in varieties of consumer services, Reality Services is designed to focus on utility services to bring in the badly needed free time and convenience into the increasingly hectic lives of people and communities in today’s world.

www.realityservicescorporation.com - Details
Retail & Services -> Accounting, office servicesKlicks: 5  09.12.2010
Our main focus lies on lifestyle, design and the beautiful things in life. Our clients are creative trend setters, committed entrepreneurs and passionately outspoken against superficial zeitgeist trends. They all enrich the world with something special. We are on hand to ensure their successful public presentation.

Range of expertise: Public Relations, Strategic PR-Consulting, PR Concepts, Idea sketches, Classic Media Relations, PR-Texts, Online PR, Website Concepts, Event Management, Contact to Opinion Leaders and Multipliers, Inhouse Communication, Guerilla-PR. Our Philosophy: Take offence at users of watering cans.

www.kreative-pr.de/eng/main_2.html - Details
Retail & Services -> Advertising & Graphic designKlicks: 65  04.06.2008
Generate easy and simply Hattrick Logos for your Team
If you need a great logo for your own hattrickteam, for an avatar, or for your own homepage, then you should take a look at ht-logo. You will find different ways to generate nice images, witch also can be animated.

www.ht-logo.de - Details
Retail & Services -> Advertising & Graphic designKlicks: 108  30.05.2008
Email-laden Enamel sign & plates of all kid
We produce high quality enamel signs and plates - made in Germany. They could be a perfect present or serve as a very decorative element for every house, garden or company. Perfect handmade signs and plates made for you in a small town in Bavaria. We can make almost every sign and plate that you desire. All signs and plates are scratch-resistant, weatherproof, chemical-resistant, durable, not inflammable an have a lasting value.

www.email-laden.de - Details
Retail & Services -> Advertising & Graphic designKlicks: 55  04.02.2009
SW-Schilder - Exclusive business plaques, advertising signs
Exclusive business plaques, advertising signs and engravings. According to your request, we custom make the following: business plaques, advertising and information signs, street numbers, exterior lighting, small gift engravings, with or without assembly, and much more.

While producing the signs, we will try to accommodate your wishes in the best possible way. We are also happy to advise you in detail regarding size, assembly and color combination. Optionally, our signs are suitable for the outside area, depending on the construction.

www.sw-schilder.de/shop/index.php/language/en/ - Details
Retail & Services -> Advertising & Graphic designKlicks: 14  24.03.2009
Tamina Duscha - Graphic Design - Illustration - Visual Communication
I work as an independent graphic designer and illustrator. I create corporate identities and designs, logos, flyer, brochures and posters. I publish illustrations in magazines and websites.

www.taminaduscha.com - Details
Retail & Services -> Advertising & Graphic designKlicks: 10  24.03.2009
UNEQ signs, airbrush and grahics
UNEQ provides quality signs, metal, magnetic, coroplast and realty signs. auto airbrushing, airbrushed apparel, airbrushed motorcycles and helmets. We airbrush hoods, tailgates. We print business cards, bookmarkers, postcards, flyers, brochures, cd covers ...

www.uneqdesigns.com - Details
Retail & Services -> Advertising & Graphic designKlicks: 20  03.02.2009
Retail Business Solutions - .Net Retail Business Solutions
Retail POS Services, Retailers Data Warehouse Interface Solutions, . Net Retail Business Solutions, Supply chain management, Inventory management, warehousing retail business software, retail store software, retail software solution, merchandising solutions, provided by QualSoft Services, India.

www.qualsoftservices.com - Details
Retail & Services -> Banks & POS SystemsKlicks: 9  26.10.2008
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