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Antique Clocks and old Technology
Antique clocks are artistic masterpieces and mechanical works of wonder. Every ticking antique clock has its own soul and history, which has been passed on from generation to generation.

If one considers the fact that clockmakers, artists, craftsmen, casemakers and bronze- and goldsmiths took months in order to create a single clock, it becomes clear how valuable such an heirloom is, especially in our fast-paced, plastic, throwaway society.

This is exactly what has attracted collectors and aficionados to such valuable gems since time immemorial. While in earlier times, the art of collecting clocks was more of a leisure pursuit for the nobility, today even less endowed collectors can take pleasure in these magnificent collectable pieces. Obtaining such a clock is an excellent purchase, bringing pleasure daily and a great return on your investment.

The chapter on "Empire Clocks” begins with the history of a man who has lovingly been acquiring rarities for over 30 years. Today, these specimens are so rare and desirable that it is difficult to find comparable quality pieces. Authenticity has always been the first commandment.

www.empire-uhren.de - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> AntiqueKlicks: 85  06.03.2009
Greg French Early Photography
Mr. Greg French has been offering fine antique photographs for sale since 1993. He has lent images to many exhibitions including the Smithsonian, the National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery of Australia.

He has been a consultant to many publications and documentaries, including: "Africans In America" (WGBH PBS), "Jazz" Ken Burns/Florentine Films (PBS), and "The Gold Rush" (PBS/The American Experience).

He is on the Board of "The Daguerreian Society", and "Mirror of Race" at Suffolk University. Current projects include: "Dialogue among Giants: Carleton Watkins Rise of Photography in California" at the Getty Museum. The Abraham Lincoln bicentennial exhibit at Federal Hall in New York City hosted by Rail Splitter under the auspices of the National Park Service.
Mr. French also oversees the weekly ebay auction for The Daguerreian Society.

www.gregfrenchearlyphotography.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> AntiqueKlicks: 109  18.03.2009
Antiquing tour to Europe
Hi, We are going to Europe to shop for antiques and collectibles this year again. Why don´t you join us? We go in the off season when the airfares, hotels and other costs are the cheapest. The trip includes shopping at the street fair in Arezzo in Italy, then the massive antiques fairs at Swinderby & Newark in England and then onto the famous Paris, France flea markets. This is not a tourist trip run by travel tour operators. We are antiques dealers who want to do some serious picking.

We also hit the shops, malls, private sales and the good auction houses. We already have good people who ship the stuff back for us at low rates. By the way, the dollar is worth more in Europe than it has been in many years. We went in December and February and got some great buys. Let us know if you are interested.

www.europeantiquetrip.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> AntiqueKlicks: 43  19.03.2009
The shop for German banknotes of all regions and per
The shop for paper money. Here you find German emergency money of all regions and periods, notes from the first and second world war, emissions of the Allied Military Authority and from countries under German occupation, the German Democratic Republic and, of course, emissions of the Federal Rebublic of Germany. And many more ...

www.notaphilie.info - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> Bank notes, securitiesKlicks: 177  03.06.2008
Old Stock and Bond Certificates
Old stocks and bonds without an actual value and impossible to negotiate in a stock market are considered historical shares. They document mostly the circulating history of a company, from foundation to insolvency or acquisition. The first stock issued in financial history took place in Amsterdam in 1606 by Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) - The Dutch East India Company.

www.old-stocks.net - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> Bank notes, securitiesKlicks: 43  04.06.2008
Trade Cards Online
If you are looking for that card you are missing to finish your collection, or for that perfect deck, Trade Cards Online is the right place. In Trade Cards Online we specialize in collectible card games, or CCGs (a. k. a. trading card games, or TCGs), and we provide the most comprehensive database of cards available on the Internet. Here we will search for the person who has the cards you are looking for, and who is ready to trade them for what you have, and we will put you in contact with him or her.

You won´t have to visit different forums ever so often in search for messages related to the trade you want to make. You just register, enter the cards that you have and those that you want, and our system will let you know automatically whenever another user offers for trading the collectible or trading cards you are looking for. And with the new system of Tracked Trades you have a useful tool to register and keep track of your trades, and to know who has already traded successfully multiple times and is therefore more trustworthy.

www.tradecardsonline.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> Collectible CardsKlicks: 3  17.05.2012
The House Of Cards
The House Of Cards began as a BBS in 1994, and earned a loyal following among local Kansas City patrons, as well as a few hardy long-distance folk. In 1995 I moved the House Of Cards to the Internet as a personal homepage, dropping the BBS soon thereafter. In the early days the site was concerned primarily with solitaire, but in 1997, when I launched a new site called Solitaire Central, the focus of the House Of Cards broadened to include all sorts of card games and card game information. I hope that you enjoy your visit to the House Of Cards, and return often. If there´s a particular type of game you´d like to learn more about, drop me a line and I´ll see if I can put together a page for it. Likewise, if you know a link that would be appropriate for this site, please let me know.

www.thehouseofcards.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> Collectible CardsKlicks: 3  17.05.2012
Toytowers - Collector Toys and more
Onlineshop for Action Figures and more from movies like Star Wars, Aliens, Predator, AvP, Matrix, Lord of the rings, Hellboy, Muppets, Star Trek, collector Supplies like Star Cases, Actionstands and Custom Blister for Action Figures

www.toytowers.de/?language=en - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> CollectiblesKlicks: 73  08.11.2008
Trolls and gnomes gift shop
Shop with the Authentic and Original nyform trolls and gnomes. Gift packaging and worldwide shipping. These latex Trolls are handmade, and the materials used are fully natural. The main components are taken from some types of trees and substances contained in the earth. They are shaped and decorated by hand.

www.123trolls.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> CollectiblesKlicks: 44  18.03.2009
Veterans Flag Depot
For all your flag and flapole needs shop at our online flag store. VeteransFlagDepot. com features the web´s largest selection of American flags, flagpoles, banners, bunting and patriotic memorabilia. We carry car flags, deluxe American flag kits, oversize flags, flag posters, flag art and more. VeteransFlagDepot. com is also proud to feature merchandise to honor those who continue to protect and serve the United States of America.

www.veteransflagdepot.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> Collectors pagesKlicks: 27  26.02.2009
The CaribbeanFlags. com website provides the quality Caribbean flag products to customers all around the world. We provide a wide variety of flag products which will in some way inspire your patriotism. All of our products are of good quality and can be used for numerous occasions. Browse our online store for a more detailed view of what´s available to you.

www.caribbeanflags.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> Collectors pagesKlicks: 1  24.11.2011
Phantom Fireworks
Phantom Fireworks is celebrating all summer long across the USA. Put a charge into your wedding, family reunion, or Saturday night with Phantom’s assortments, 500 gram cakes, reloadable mortars, fountains, rockets, and more. Let your pyrotechnic side shine the entire summer with Phantom Fireworks.

Did you take pictures or videos of your fireworks this 4th of July? Be sure to visit our contest page to enter the competition in original fireworks photography and video fireworks production, and view past winning entries.

Our new-look online catalog is a must-see for all of our newest products with excellent descriptions. Want to see what you’re getting to celebrate this summer? Preview our video player to see your favorite Phantom Fireworks in action.

www.fireworks.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> FireworksKlicks: 3  17.05.2012
TNT® Fireworks
According to Wikipedia, Spring break, also known as March break, Study Week or Reading Week in some parts of Canada, is a week long recess from studying in early spring at colleges, universities and schools in the United States. Spring break may range from the middle of March to the later part of April. Common practice for families and students during spring break is visiting popular spring break destinations to relax and have fun.

For families, popular spring break destinations include Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and ski resorts in Vail, Colorado or Lake Tahoe in Nevada & California. For college students, popular spring break destinations include beach resorts in Panama City Beach, Florida; South Padre Island, Texas; Fort Myers Beach, Florida; and lake resorts in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

www.tntfireworks.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> FireworksKlicks: 1  17.05.2012
Black Cat
Over the past 60 years, Black Cat evolved from the basic firecrackers to a Product Line that contains over 500 items today. Continued focus on Quality and Innovation has made Black Cat an International Brand, with presence in markets all around the world. The manufacture and distribution of the Product Line is being managed by Shiu Fung Fireworks, a division on Li & Fung, who is now a $6 billion publicly traded company in Hong Kong. Over the past couple of years, Shiu Fung has invested heavily in its infrastructure and now oversees the operations of its certified factories from its state-of-the art facilities in Liuyang, China.

www.blackcatfireworks.com - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> FireworksKlicks: 1  17.05.2012
Handcraft & more
Look no further for unusual and creative crafts, true to the motto: "Rediscover the art of knitting". You will find incredibly witty and creative ideas in wool - and end up with your personal custom hand-knitted egg cosy. Each egg cosy is a one-of-a-kind work of art produced using my own designs. You’ll be surprised at the wacky and wonderful things that can be produced from wool. "Turn your breakfast into an egg-stravaganza".

www.apoplexy.de - Details
Hobby & Collecting -> HandicraftsKlicks: 124  03.06.2008
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