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Dormeo has been bringing highest quality Italian-made memory foam mattresses at amazingly affordable prices to the masses. These mattresses offer comfort, better sleep and improved health to Europe for 10 years. Dormeo Italian memory foam comfort is now available in UK too. Get yours today.

www.dormeo.co.uk - Details
Life & Living -> Sleeping & RecreationKlicks: 6  BL-Hits: 1  18.09.2012
Villa Schmidt GmbH - Luxury Garden Furniture
Exclusive garden furniture for your home.

www.villa-schmidt.de - Details
Life & Living -> Garden & HorticultureKlicks: 32  03.06.2008
Kitchens newport
I am so happy with a kitchen company called www. the-kitchenfactory. co. uk that I found on Google. I do think that when buying a kitchen that you should try and buy from a local dealer so that if you do have a problem with missing items than you can just go and collect them rather than having to wait for the company to deliver them when it’s convenient for them to do so. If you live in Newport. Then you should try buy your kitchen from Newport. As well as safe guarding yourself against problems you’re also supporting the local economy.

I was selfish and went to a national company and I ended up with a kitchen that was 80% complete and I had to wait over a month for it to be finally completed. I had drawers missing and the wrong design of tap to the one I ordered. They delivered the items in three separate deliveries spanning a four week period. I saved nearly £1500 by using the company. My full Kitchen cost £1100 and they recommended a kitchen filter for me who fitted it for £700. Tatal was £1800 fitted. The local company wanted £3295 for the same kitchen fitted. So you have to weigh up if you are prepared to wait a month and save £1500.

www.the-kitchenfactory.co.uk - Details
Life & Living -> Kitchen & BathKlicks: 7  12.09.2012
Renewable energy
Renewable energy effectively uses natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat, which may be naturally replenished. Renewable energy technologies range from solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity / micro hydro, biomass and biofuels for transportation.

www.fotovoltaikanlage.net - Details
Life & Living -> Alternative EnergiesKlicks: 54  28.05.2008
Detail Architecture
Detail is an international magazine dedicated to architecture and construction details. Each issue focuses on a particular aspect of design, such as constructing with concrete, roof structures and renovations. Detail not only publishes the magazine and technical books, it also offers a host of online services.

www.detail.de/rw_3_News_En_Index.htm - Details
Life & Living -> Architectural details, InfosKlicks: 299  28.05.2008
Christian Zerbst architect, Costa Blanca
We offer you the complete range of architect´s work, beginning with the planning of restauration and modification of buildings up to completely new projects. Of course we also realize the coverage and legalisation of existing properties. Furthermore we offer graphical and layout jobs, e. g. presentations for your sales or touching up your photos for removing disturbing elements.

With us your building ambitions are in good hands. A sound education in Germany and many years of experience in Spain, as well as domination of the Spanish language and cooperation with local experts guarantee a smooth planning and building process, meeting the highest quality standards.

www.zerbst.es/indexUK.html - Details
Life & Living -> ArchitectureKlicks: 89  26.06.2008
Nationwide german architect network
Architekt4you. eu is a special Germany far network for specialized architects, architect office and engineers from the range of architecture and interested owners / investors. The basic idea consists of it that by this network the possibility is made available for the owners / investors of finding a specialized architects in its proximity with free capacities and the necessary "Know How". For a architect / architect office exits the possibility to find clients, who needs exactly its specialized authority. This offer is naturally free of charge and noncommittal for clients.

www.architekt4you.eu - Details
Life & Living -> ArchitectureKlicks: 79  18.03.2009
Full service architectural firm in Costa del Sol (Spain)
Projects of private residences in Costa del Sol (Spain). Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction documents, General review and Project close out. If you intend to construct a new house in Costa del Sol, it makes sense to consult us.

www.arquitectotrujillano.com - Details
Life & Living -> ArchitectureKlicks: 20  16.03.2010
A Masi World Construction Company in Manhattan, NYC, R.J. Masi
Masi World Construction and Design, Inc., is New York City´s Premier General Contracting and Design Firm. We specialize in all phases of construction and design. R. J. Masi has created the ultimate construction crews who build perfection every time.

www.myarchn.com - Details
Life & Living -> ArchitectureKlicks: 8  16.03.2010
Designstudio Reiter - Architectural Models
Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and passion in our work - these are, in a few words, the basics of our work. A well done architectural model is a mighty 3-D visual communication tool and the fastest way to show your customers the advantages and the beauty of your new project. Genuine german workmanship in our best traditions: precision, reliability and inventiveness.

www.designstudio-reiter.de - Details
Life & Living -> Architecture ModelingKlicks: 23  06.03.2009
Hereke Silk Carpets
These finest carpets of the world once were knotted only for the palace of the Sultan, for the princes of the Ottoman Empire and for selected kings and princes as gifts. Today these masterpieces of the art of carpet knotting, which are handknotted totally of finest silk, could embellish your home and give it a touch of luxury.

www.hereke-silk-carpets.com/hereke_en.html - Details
Life & Living -> Bottom & CarpetsKlicks: 20  28.05.2008
Logoclic laminate flooring, wood paneling and parquet. Logoclic informs about laminated floorings and panels for walls and ceilings. The quality brand of Bauhaus DIY home improvement is Germany´s leading manufacturer in the field of finished parquets, laminate floors, wood panels and accessories.

International designers have developed these trendy decors for a healthier lifestyle. This unique natural wood and stone look will bring the joy of life to your home.

www.logoclic.de/en-index.htm - Details
Life & Living -> Bottom & CarpetsKlicks: 64  29.01.2009
Dinesen Floors
Long, longer, Dinesen. Dinesens plank lengths are very unusual, offering a unique 15 metre visual experience. When you stand at the end of a plank of such length, it creates a striking impression. To walk along a floor plank is like wandering through time. Follow the grain and notice how the knots change in size and character. A Dinesen floor can also be used along side with floorheating, floor heating, Hardwood floors.

www.dinesen.de/en/ - Details
Life & Living -> Bottom & CarpetsKlicks: 8  13.03.2010
South Coast Floor Coverings
A floor covering retailer with a difference. We specialise in carpet, vinyl, timber, ceramic tiles and pavers. We deal with local decorators and hi quality trades people. Assisting in giving homes that desired look. Colours and design are only two parts of getting a great finnish. Quality of product is just as important.

We have been servicing the flooring demands of the Illawarra district in NSW since 1965. Family run and owned. Training trades people the corrrect procedures to complete all jobs correctly. With being a member of two buying groups we have access to lots of prducts and deal with major brands. Suppliers like Godfrey Hirst, Redbook, Prestige, Feltex, Quest, Signature, Victorian Carpets and Cavalier Bremworth.

We offer carpets to meet any budget. The Rental market and semi comercial market is also well covered. Visit our huge showroom or our ever growing web site.

www.scfc.com.au - Details
Life & Living -> Bottom & CarpetsKlicks: 22  14.01.2010
Deadly mold home built in Adairsville, Ga. Raw sewage in hall closet. Sump pump partially finished with sewage flowing into home, inside and out. Toxic Mold Sickness of mom and 2 children left without a home, lost life savings and all furniture due to purchasing brand new home in Adairsville, GA. Home passed inspection at Bartow County Courthouse with all these serious issues.

www.mynewbartowcountymoldhome.com - Details
Life & Living -> Building BiologyKlicks: 23  18.03.2009
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