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Autism Culture
Autism Culture is an online magazine for autistic culture. Here you can find articles about autistic pride and up-to-date information from empowerishing research and studies. New ways of thinking neurological differences are discussed (neurodiversity). You can find pictures, poems and autism books reviews as well.

autism-culture.com - Details
Society & Politics -> AutismKlicks: 38  02.06.2008
1-2-Help - Back into Life! Children Development Centre in Nyagatare
International campaign for a youth employment and children sharing centre in Nyagatare for the uprooted victims of the 1994 genocide. We help to construct a Children Development Centre in Nyagatare.

www.csc.st-concordia.de - Details
Society & Politics -> Development aid, 3rd WorldKlicks: 7  18.03.2010
Emigration to Australia
Information for prospective emigrants to Australia, USA and new Zealand, partial South America as well. For skilled workers, business people, prospective partners, students, au-pairs, and some more. Comprehensive visa information, country information, career and educational opportunities and jobs-on-demand.

www.australienbuch.de - Details
Society & Politics -> Emigration, ImmigrationKlicks: 30  29.05.2008
Reliable Greencard Service - Welcome to USA. This page offers a great choice of Informations about US-Visa, US-Greencard, AuPiar, living, immigration and traveling and exchange-programs with respectively in the United States of America.

www.welcome2usa.de - Details
Society & Politics -> Emigration, ImmigrationKlicks: 12  24.06.2008
Getting Down Under - Australia Immigration Advice
A British expat writes about his experiences discovering his new home land after emigrating to Australia. Includes Australian Immigration information and Australian Visa advice for those people looking to emigrate to Australia now or in the near future.

www.gettingdownunder.com - Details
Society & Politics -> Emigration, ImmigrationKlicks: 36  26.07.2009
Website of the Fire Department Mariaweiler
Website of the Fire Department Mariaweiler - Voluntary Fire Department of Düren. Here you can find Information about the Comrades, the Firehouse, the Vehicles, Pictures, Desktops and Videos of the Fire Department Mariaweiler. The internal Area ist only accesible for Members of the Fire Department Mariaweiler.

www.feuerwehr-mariaweiler.de - Details
Society & Politics -> Fire brigade & TechnologicalKlicks: 18  09.03.2009
A Innocent on Death Row
Almost 400 Men sit on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit in Texas. One of these men is Tony Medina. Tony Medina, is the 33 years old father of three children. He has been incarcerated on Death Row for the past 12 years. Tony was sentenced to die by lethal injection for a brutal drive-by shooting which left two children dead at a family party.

www.tony-medina.info//index.php?lang=en - Details
Society & Politics -> Human rightsKlicks: 60  04.06.2008
Application for trademark registration Kiel
Trademark law protects the advertising performance of the person active in business, or a businessman. A product and/or a service which is new in the market often requires several years until it is "established" with the customers. Once a given offer is found to be good quality and reasonably priced, the impressed circle of individuals or companies that demand this product will, in their next purchase, look for a feature that will lead them back to the product once found to be good.

That is exactly what advertising aims for - to be conspicuous and different from other competitors. This distinguishing feature, be it a word or word element, a picture, a sound, a certain form of packaging, or the like, is what trademark law protects. As owner of a trademark registered with the Deutsche Patent - und Markenamt in Munich, i. e. of a trademark component which characterises and distinguishes the product, you can prohibit competitors from using identical or similar trademarks, thus preventing them from jumping on the bandwagon of your good standing to exploit the same. On the other hand, you must take care not to infringe someone else´s trademark rights.

www.kiel-recht.de/e-index.php - Details
Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & LawyersKlicks: 19  04.06.2008
Film & Music Art Entertainment Law Hamburg
Full service law office offering entertainment law, copyright law, business law, advertising & marketing law Hamburg. Based in the city of Hamburg we offer legal advice and representation to domestic and foreign companies of any size or legal form as well as to private clients.

We aim to deliver the highest quality of service possible for our clients. We therefore focus on the following specialist areas: Intellectual Property Law, Trade Mark Searching, Filing a Design Application, Filing a Trade or Service Mark Application, Copyright Protection, Advertising Law, Litigation and Conflict Resolution, Technology Transfer / Ownership, Licensing (Trademark, Software, Copyright), Information Technology & Media, Assistance to Foreign Companies.

www.anwaltskanzlei-johannes.de/ENG/the_office.php - Details
Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & LawyersKlicks: 60  02.06.2008
Dr. Simon Baier Attorney at law - Asia-EU transactions
Dr. Simon Baier, Attorney at Law (admitted to the Bar of New York), legal PhD from University of Vienna (Austria), LLM from University of Pennsylvania (USA), has several years of experience in counseling clients in the areas of European Community law, competition and antitrust law, international transactions, IP and IT law. Located in Seoul, Korea, he focuses on business transactions between Asia (especially Korea) and the European market.

www.baier-law.com - Details
Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & LawyersKlicks: 34  04.02.2009
Aps Lawyers Belgium
A Belgian solicitor’s office located in Antwerp and Brussels, specialising in International Trade Law, incasso of invoices in Belgium, transport disputes and Distribution Law, construction arbitration and construction contract problems. Aps Advocaten acts more or less exclusively on behalf of foreign companies with commercial activities in Belgium.

www.apsadvocaten.be - Details
Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & LawyersKlicks: 2  24.10.2010
Lawyer in Plovdiv, Bulgarien
Lawyer’s Office Kristina Kenarova has been active since 2002, providing a wide spectrum of lawyer’s services - from legal advice and service on subscription basis for corporative clients to a procedural representation in civil and criminal cases.

The office is specialized in servicing Bulgarian and foreign legal and natural persons, mainly from Germany. All services are in Bulgarian, German and English. The Office offers the Following Services:

Legal consultations: in oral or written form, Legal consultations, connected with real estate, Prepare and obtain documents, permits, licenses, Agency in seeking and offering real estate, Draft and amend all kinds of contracts - civil, corporate, trade, title deeds and contracts in notary form, Preparation and legal aid for conducting negotiations, Procedure representation in all courts and instances in Bulgaria, Full subscription legal servicing for companies, Assistance for receiving credit lines, Assistance for finding office premises, Assistance in finding and selecting company staff, Assistance for connecting with Bulgarian companies in the trades by client’s criteria, Selection of trade

www.kenarova.com - Details
Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & LawyersKlicks: 3  22.10.2010
Chamber of attorneys at law Janke & Kloth Berlin
The chamber of attorneys at law, Janke & Kloth, was founded in 2004 by associates Folkert Janke and Yvonne Kloth. We are offering our knowledge and engagement to entrepreneurs (recuperation of debts, verification and constitution of contracts, competition law, employment law) and also to private persons (familiar law, employment law, regulation of car accidents, civil law).

We are committed to providing our clients intelligible legal advice and a sincere representation. We look forward to welcoming you as our clients.

www.rae-juk.de/Englisch.html - Details
Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & LawyersKlicks: 13  09.03.2009
International Lawyer Heidelberg
The law firm was founded in the year 1973 in Heidelberg. The law firm focuses on civil law cases, with a strong international orientation.

Whether you need to have clarified questions of general contract law or whether your concern lies in the field of commercial and business law, we are in any case your contact if questions of international private law or other international aspects must be taken into account. We also represent your case reliably and competently if your family or inheritance issues must consider foreign law systems or languages. Furthermore we can assist in rental and building law issues.

www.rechtsanwaltskanzlei-heidelberg.de - Details
Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & LawyersKlicks: 20  09.03.2009
Chicago Bankruptcy and Family Lawyers
Thomas Law Group, P. C. is a Chicago Bankruptcy and Family Law Firm that offers comprehensive legal services in the following practice areas: Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Orders of Protections, Parentage / Paternity Cases, Marital Settlement Agreements, Post Divorce Disputes

Real Estate Law: Property Acquisition and Sales, Residential Real Estate Evictions (service for individual property owners and property management firms), Foreclosures, Lease review-(service for individual property owners and property management firms).

Atty. Yolanda Thomas, a former litigator with the City of Chicago and principal of Thomas Law Group P. C., has over fourteen years of litigation experience. Currently, she represents clients in bankruptcy, family law and real estate matters. She also counsels both non-profit and for profit businesses.

Thomas Law Group P. C. provides legal services in Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County, Will County, Matteson, Flossmoor, Olympia Fields, Homewood, Country Club

www.thomaslawgrouppc.com - Details
Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & LawyersKlicks: 10  15.03.2010
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