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Brazilian bikini waxing in bremen
Brazilian waxing is a type of waxing involving the bikini area or "Sphynx". Sometimes the terms Full Brazilian Wax, Full Bikini Wax or Entire Body Wax are used. This procedure involves the complete removal of hair from the buttocks and adjacent to the anus, perineum and vulva (labia majora and mons pubis).

It can be thought of as a more extreme form of bikini waxing. The majority of types of Brazilian waxing leave a small line of pubic hair above the vulva, commonly known as the "G-Wax. " or "Brazilian Landing Strip" / "Ticket de Metro" Another shape is the Brazilian Triangle. Waxes that completely remove the pubic hair are either termed "Hollywood" or "Sphynx".

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Hair Removal03.06.2008
Brazilian Waxing and wax training Sales
tara cosmetics is an english speaking company established in hannover germany. we sell the largest range of depilatory products and have also a new brazilian wax and waxing products. we welcome merchants as well as end customers. please contact us for details or go to our online shop to place your order.

Health & Medicine -> Skin & Hair03.06.2008
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Brazilian - Female - Style - Different - Bikini - Photo - Picture - Images
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