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Tibor and Angela live music duo
Professional duo from Budapest is searching job in Austrian hotels, restaurants. We play international pop -jazz-evergreens, have a rushian, hungarian and scandinavian repertoaire as well. Tibor plays the keyboards and the rocky part of the show, Angela is moore jazzy. We played together 7 years, we guarantee high quality and a good show. You can check us on you tube: Tibor Gajdo Szoldan Angelika live in Budapest.

Humor & Entertainment -> Entertainment artists22.11.2010
Visoka Engineering
Visoka Engineering Private Limited (Visoka ) founded in 1999 and managed by professional engineers. Visoka manufactures & export state of the art high quality finned tubes for various industrial heat exchanger applications. Our manufacturing facility is located in an Industrial Estate near Chennai, India. We have trained artisans, supervisory staff and engineers.

Apart from manufacture & export of finned tubes, VISOKA also design, engineer, manufacture and supply finned tube heat exchangers in compliance with international codes.

Retail & Services -> Capital Goods03.01.2012
Our garments are cut properly and have a shape. These are hot fashion items. Enzyme & reactive dye/washed and generally fussed over. No they do not shrink, and as they say, our colours do not run. We do not sell tube t-shirts; the human torso is not the same as an earth worm. Both sexes have their own cut & shape. There is no unisex bish bosh garments going on here. Ladies cuts for ladies, and gents cuts for gents, and kids for kids. All designed in house for the perfect look.

Please use the size tables below to get the perfect size for yourself. Unlike other brands, we do not lie about sizing. The sizes detailed for each style are exact. We are not going to think you are a S or XL. You is what you is. We simply give the accurate measurements so the product fits you correctly.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Fashion & Clothing03.01.2012
Beck Elektroakustik - Tube Tester
The RM 1 is a Vacuum Tube Tester easy to handle, in it´s construction almost unique, which enables a fast, simple and precise plate current measurement of the most common double triodes and power pentodes.

It captivates by a stressed classical outfit, primarily consisting of a solid beech wood cabinet and a surface of anodized aluminium. Because of its small dimensions it is easily transported and it doesn´t need a lot of space for accommodation. Using the RM 1 Tube Checker it is immediately possible to do an exact plate current measurement without doing the often very toilsome procedures mostly necessary with classical devices.

Engineering & Technology -> Electrical, Electronics29.05.2008
Backpack Drink Dispenser Drink Rucksack for Event-Marketin
Backpack Drink Dispenser Drink Rucksack for Event-Marketing for 19 Liter Beer Cola Coffee ... The best accessory for any tailgate party. Fill it up, strap it on, and you never have to go back to the cooler. The tube on the back of the pack has a tap that feeds out of the bottom and two net bags on the sides to hold your cups.

Food & Enjoyment -> Gastronomy02.06.2008
Industrial furnaces
Linn High Therm, Eschenfelden / Germany, since 1969 one of the leading manufacturers of electrically heated industrial and laboratory furnaces / kilns, rotary tube furnaces, sample preparation units for spectroscopy, precision fine casting machines, microwave and induction heating units, debinding and sintering furnaces for ceramics, microwave dryers for ceramics. Production of special units according to customerís specification. We have own offices in GUS / CIS (Moscow), China (Shanghai), and more than 50 agents all over the world.

Industry & Capital goods -> Machinery manufacturer03.06.2008
Sugar Daddy Verena PŲtzl
The rock and blues band in Tyrol, which has recently Their New Single CD Like an Ealge published. Star Mania winner Verena Pötzl with your Sugar Daddys. Press reports and presentation were top. The group "Sugar Daddy" with Rock tube Verena Pötzl starts. About 300 invited guests from the music - and organizers scene took place yesterday on 13 December in the scene-bar "Bawa Lounge" in the Zillertal to the premiere of the new rock band SUGAR Daddy with the former Star Mania winner Verena Pötzl energetic as a front woman.

The front woman / singer:
Verena Pötzl was the Star Mania-winner in 2003. With their first single "Addiction" landed it in February 2004, immediately a number-one hit in Austria. The accompanying album "Taken Unaware" landed fifth place on the Austrian charts. After their last single, "Live Olympic" Verena Pötzl took a break to play now at full strength again career. Excerpt from "Austriancharts. at" Verena Pötzl interprets the Coca-Cola anthem at the Olympic Winter Games 2006. Produced and composed was "Live Olympic" by none other than Nasco, Atanas Nasco Kovatchev. Nasco worked in his career with calibers as Tina Turner, Joe Cocker or

Film, Music & Arts -> Groups & Bands03.06.2008
Guesthouse M & K GmbH
Nice furnished flat in the City of Meerbusch. Meerbusch is nearby Duesseldorf, Krefeld and Neuss and can be reached very easily by car, (tube Duesseldorf / Krefeld) and train (DB). More details about the flat are available on to the Homepage.

Holiday & Travel -> Apartments03.06.2008
Cosmetic plastic packaging tubes
We can offer plastic tubes with: layers from mono-layer, double-layer to five-layer tube; shapes from round, oval to flat shape; diameters from 16mm to 60mm; capacities from 5ml to 600ml; custom length of tube body (adjusted within the range of tube capacity); decorations up to six-color offset printing, six-color silkscreen printing, foil hot-stamping, labeling and hot-stamping; colors from transparent, white, to colored; closures in matte and gloss; caps in screw cap, screw-on flip top, snap-on flip top and snap-on positioned flip top matched with custom colors and shapes.

Industry & Capital goods -> Plastics Processing21.02.2009
Awnings, Carpentry And house painting co.
Let the Aluminum Awning Co help keep Winters wet weather away from your door steps. We are aslo very helpful in the Summer and fall months, when the sun or rain are beating down your doors & windows.

An awning is usually described as a covering attached to the outside wall of a building that provides shade from the sun, protection from the rain and signage for a house. Awnings are well constructed, supported by light-gauge Aluminum-tube frames. Although awnings have a number of benefits today as a widely used consumer product, their use is actually deeply rooted in history. In Ancient Egypt and Syria, woven mats were used to shade market stalls and homes. And in the Roman Empire, large retractable fabric awnings sheltered seating areas of amphitheatres and stadiums - including the Colosseum.

Life & Living -> Home & building26.02.2009

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