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Wooden Toys
Wooden toys and toys made from natural materials are increasingly from an environmental and educational perspective recommended and bought it. Who remembers not like its old wooden railway or to his wooden dollhouse? Wood is alive and provides raw materials sensitivity and warmth. On our portal to find creative and intelligently designed wooden toys partly from reforestation, therefore do not have trees from old forests die. Our paint and coatings are water-based manufactured and extremely resistant to abrasion. With us there is no minimum order value. From 50 euro order value, we nationwide shipping and packing costs.

Family & Children -> Toys01.06.2008
Ronnefeldt Tea Online Shop
We supply tea bags and a wide range of exquisite loose tea from Ronnefeldt. Such as black tea, green tea, Oolong, flavoured tea, and fruit and herbal infusions including the highly popular Rooibos; the well-known green tea Morgentau.

Food & Enjoyment -> Coffee, Tea, Herbs02.06.2008
Sévo - Secure Fashion
We are the competent partner for safety measures in psychiatric institutions. Being a provider for protective clothing for people with a disability or a obsessive-compulsive disorder that is both fashionable and suited for the everyday, we offer our clients a range of tried-and-tested articles like overalls, elbow stretch bars, gloves, hard hats etc.

Our products are made of high quality materials and have been manufactured by specialized companies according to European standards. All articles the result of experience, especially in acute psychiatry. The base of development has been and still is the requirements of the principle of normalization. Therefore our products effectively serve in the prevention of aggression towards others and oneself.

Health & Medicine -> Medical needs02.06.2008
Gothic Shop
Gothic castle is the onlineshop for everyone. You will find a lot of articles concerning gothic and fantasy. But also nice gifts about elves and unicorns, egypt, esoterism and jewellery. We extend our range of products, regularly. Please visit our site.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Gothic & Ethno02.06.2008
Bodywear Shop
Underwear shop for favorable brands underwear for ladies and men of known laundry labels like Princesse Tam. Tam, Skiny, Zimmerli, Calvin Klein, Bruno Banani, Diesel, Ginch Gonch and L´Homme Invisible this is bodyandwear. com. We also lead flip flops of the original manufacturer flip flop as well as high-quality socks and socks of falcon.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Lingerie & Underwear02.06.2008
watch.de byJeweler Ralf Häffner
A few explanations to let you know who you are dealing with: The Ralf Haeffner Group. Our shop for brand watches and fine jewellery is meanwhile Europes leading shop for vintage watches. Ever since 1976 we are a competent partner for our customers. As a pioneer for online shopping we started as early as 1994 to set up shop at www. uhrenhaeffner. de. With our shops Rent a Juwelier and Häffner´s Private Pfandkredit we created a world wide unique product and customer portfolio which caters to every wish of our clientele. You find our main shop in the centre of Stuttgart in Eberhardstr. 4 near Breuninger Department Store.

Our e-commerce experienced team is known for their competent consulting, fast processing and smooth handling of customers´ wishes whether by mail, phone or email.

In the last years our main focus of our business shifted to new and used brand watches, jewellery and accessories which we offer at our occasions prices. We buy and sell world-wide over the internet and of course also in our shops in Stuttgart which has become already an institution for our clients. Here you always find over 1000 occasions.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Watches & Accessories02.06.2008
Ulmo Blades Table Tennis Shop
We can offer you world class blade that are hand-made according to your requirements and suited to your playing style. To do so, we need as accurate a description of your style and tactics as possible, including strengths, weaknesses, preferred techniques and the equipment you are using at the moment. If you are interested in one of our customised blades, get in touch by eMail Contact us) or via our contact form, and we will offer you a solution as soon as possible. Aside from blades, we also offer a wide range of other table tennis equipment such as balls, complete bats, rubbers and blades made by other manufacturers. All these can be found in our Online Shop.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Table Tennis02.06.2008
wood-crosses from Oberammergau and Gröden
We lead wood crosses from 20 cm to a size of 1, 00 meter. Whether with or without corpus, in plastic or wood. Broncekreuze in over 50 different models up to child crosses as coming union cross or to the baptism with pictures and sayings. Carvings in different variations or as blank for their hobby to carve, as well as carving measurers and grinding wheels. And much more besides you find people art from the ore mountains such as smoking men, light sheets, pyramids, play doses, angel, angel mountains in our shop. We lead articles of companies such as Wendt and Kühn, Flade, Blank, Christian Ulbricht, Hubrig, Seiffener Nutcracker house, Ulmik and many other companies from the ore mountains.

Film, Music & Arts -> Crafts & Industry02.06.2008
Cordially welcomes in probably most favorable handyshop
Mobildiscounter24 is not only that probably most favorable handyshop in German internet, but has also still the most unbelievable portable radio offers with one to low price warranty see themselves to leave can. As if that would be not yet enough, Surprises us mobilediscounter24 with one giant selection of top mobile phone, mega handybundles as well as also free of charge actions and the free choice which network carriers and tariffs concerns. They can decide which best too them fits. Naturally you have also the possibility mobile phone without to buy contract. They do not pay basic charges and also forwarding expenses, for
those if supply snaps, takes over mobilediscounter24 for it. It comes however still much better ... Nearly all offers in this Shop are free and nevertheless get money given if it one of the offers buy. Thus, why still longer wait?

Communication & Phones -> Handys, service, accessories03.06.2008
N. Verneuer natural wooden toys made in germany
My philosophie of a good wooden toy. Many toys of our age generate a stimulus satiation with intensiv colours, noise intensity or preassigned play sequence. At first the child shows a positiv reaction to those stimulations, but often you can´t notice a phase of intensiv and fanciful play. The play with those toys is cursorily and the toy soon becomes stale for the child.

A good arranged toy from natural material should give an impluse for a creative and fanciful play. Three phases of playing should be gettable: Uptaking the toy with its shape, colour, surface, function etc. Reenactment of situations from the surroundings of the child.
Self arranged playing scenes (role-playing). Under this premise a good created and maufactured wooden toy can be a companion for a long time and the contact between the child and the nature is realised.

Our guidelines with the foundation of my handicraft buisiness in 1988 I layed down some guidelines for the manufacturing of our wooden toys. We always use wood from our region like pine, beech, alder etc. The shape forming of our wooden toys will be deduced from the nature.

Family & Children -> Toys03.06.2008
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