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lexiCan 2.0 - Knowledge Organizer
lexiCan, the simple yet powerful Knowledge Management Software. For knowledge workers, scientists, students and managers. To organize research material and material collections. To built knowledge bases and project documentations. Set bookmarks, file links, pictures, tables and cross references in the context you want. Imports and edits Wikipedia articles. Features A to Z-index, multiple outline, full text search and source management.

Computers & Networks -> Software & Freeware27.05.2008
Derek Jarman - Moving Pictures of a Painter
British filmmaker Derek Jarman (1942 - 1994) and his rather unknown home movies and Super-8 films are subject of this book as well as his Cinema of Small Gestures, he developed out of this.

Jarman studied painting and theatre design but was primarily known as a filmmaker. Nonetheless he always saw himself primarily as a painter. His numerous texts and publications are the most important sources of this book.

Martin Frey investigates the techniques of filming and the way of work of Derek Jarman. There is research into numerous of his Super-8-Films and on the films The Last of England, In the Shadow of the Sun and The Angelic Conversation. Influences of painting and literature, e. g. of Allen Ginsberg, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney und Yves Klein will be analysed.

For Derek Jarman life and work was an inseperable unity. Therefore the immediate presence of autobiographic elements were taken into consideration by analysing his work: the oppressed childhood in postwar Britain, his coming out and the relieved life during the seventies as well as his fight against oppression and discrimination of homosexuals during the Thatcher era, ...

Culture & Events -> Books & Literature27.05.2008
Shaolin Kung Fu Training in shaolin - china
Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Sanda Training in China, Learning Chinese language in China, detailed informations of shaolin kung fu training, many pictures and videos, traveller reports, tips and more, Shaolin Kung Fu Online Shop.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Martial Arts27.05.2008
Artefiz - Arthall for contemporary artists
Gallery, huge room in Zurich, Switzerland, artroom, exhibitions of pictures and sculptures, russian european and international contemporary artists, cultural events, concerts with russian and european singers, pianists, and classical musicians, opera movies, theater, art and culture educational events, cultural journeys to st. Peterburg, Russia, Balkan, art and spirituality visits in russia, St. Peterburg.

Culture & Events -> Galleries29.05.2008
Cartoons and funny pictures about wedding
If you are looking for funny pictures about wedding and marriage, this german page will be a nice scource for pictures and cartoons about wedding.

Culture & Events -> Wedding Ceremony29.05.2008
Musical The Lionking
One of the most famous musicals in Hamburg. Come and see pictures, read abeout the Lionking (in german: Koenig Der Loewen) and buy your tickets for Lionking including hotel and fly.

Culture & Events -> Tickets & Billets29.05.2008
Atraveo - The Largest Holiday Home Market on the Web
Atraveo is the large European holiday home market with more than 120 000 fincas, chalets, cottages, ski huts and apartments in all European holiday destinations. Part of the neutral broker´s ever-growing supply are vacation rentals of reknown tour operators, regional specialists and chosen private landlords. Special features: largest choice on the web, many pictures, maps and satellite pictures, best price guarantee and customer ratings for many objects. An especially trained customer service takes care of customer questions and the reliable processing of all bookings. Find the holiday home market on www. atraveo. de, www. atraveo. at, www. atraveo. nl, www. atraveo. it, www. atraveo. fr and www. atraveo. com. atraveo is a TUI associated company.

Holiday & Travel -> Cottages29.05.2008
Medialoge - your partner for filmproduction and more
There are versatile possibilities to make use of a film. Whether to get hold of the nicest and most touching moments in your life, to prepare a topic for discussion, to push your sales results, as an eye catcher at an exhibition stand or as additional information in the background: motion pictures fulfil many functions. The media film reaches its audience directly on the emotional level. This is an important advantage compared to other media. Only motion pictures can combine emotions, contents and dynamics fast and permanently. On a rational level the film provides a context efficiently and fast. A film is fascinating and convincing ¿ combined with an unprecedented information density. A film gets the highest attention and helps to understand even complex interrelations. Motion pictures are the result. Provide the film is made by professionals. We realize your projects with competent colleagues and up-to-date technology in a fair cost-performance ratio. It is our challenge.

Media & Press -> Film Production29.05.2008
Wedding photograph
Wedding photograph in germany. (Marl, Recklinghausen, Haltern) we make complete wedding reports and also the wedding photography. You can book us also for fashion, portrait and erotic pictures.

Retail & Services -> Photo Service29.05.2008
Autism Culture
Autism Culture is an online magazine for autistic culture. Here you can find articles about autistic pride and up-to-date information from empowerishing research and studies. New ways of thinking neurological differences are discussed (neurodiversity). You can find pictures, poems and autism books reviews as well.

Society & Politics -> Autism02.06.2008
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