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Atraveo - The Largest Holiday Home Market on the Web
Atraveo is the large European holiday home market with more than 120 000 fincas, chalets, cottages, ski huts and apartments in all European holiday destinations. Part of the neutral broker´s ever-growing supply are vacation rentals of reknown tour operators, regional specialists and chosen private landlords. Special features: largest choice on the web, many pictures, maps and satellite pictures, best price guarantee and customer ratings for many objects. An especially trained customer service takes care of customer questions and the reliable processing of all bookings. Find the holiday home market on www. atraveo. de, www. atraveo. at, www. atraveo. nl, www. atraveo. it, www. atraveo. fr and www. atraveo. com. atraveo is a TUI associated company.

Holiday & Travel -> Cottages29.05.2008
Digitalisation of Slides, Fotos and Negatives
We are experst in digitalisation of your pictures. We bring your slides, transparencies, fotos and negatives on cd or dvd.

Computers & Networks -> Digitalisation27.05.2008
Medialoge - your partner for filmproduction and more
There are versatile possibilities to make use of a film. Whether to get hold of the nicest and most touching moments in your life, to prepare a topic for discussion, to push your sales results, as an eye catcher at an exhibition stand or as additional information in the background: motion pictures fulfil many functions. The media film reaches its audience directly on the emotional level. This is an important advantage compared to other media. Only motion pictures can combine emotions, contents and dynamics fast and permanently. On a rational level the film provides a context efficiently and fast. A film is fascinating and convincing ¿ combined with an unprecedented information density. A film gets the highest attention and helps to understand even complex interrelations. Motion pictures are the result. Provide the film is made by professionals. We realize your projects with competent colleagues and up-to-date technology in a fair cost-performance ratio. It is our challenge.

Media & Press -> Film Production29.05.2008
Berlin Hotels Reservation
Find great selected hotels in Berlin, from budget to luxury, with our detailed listings: colorful pictures, maps, rates, and special offers. Our Berlin Hotels, from 2 up to 4 stars have been supervisored by our staff to guarantee the best accommodation in Berlin. Our reservation system gives you the opportunity to make bookings on line, without payment in advance.

Holiday & Travel -> Hotels30.05.2008
Pictures of the Greek island Karpathos
Pictures and a information about the Greek island Karpathos in Agean Sea. Karpathos is a beautiful vacation spot and the island with natural beauties.

Holiday & Travel -> Travel reports & Photos03.06.2008
BMW Gallery
BMW page with over 9000 pictures with comments, many Wallpaper (1600 and 1200), all cars, BMW-Babes, Tuning, Racing, Prototyps, Oldtimer, Memberalbum ... everything which one than fan needs. Picture upload for all ...

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Car brands27.05.2008
Online Music Portal
Find background information, biographies (bios), discographies, albums, songs, lyrics, videos, pics (pictures / photos), concert tickets, charts, hits, awards, mailing addresses (celebrity postal address for fan mail), fan shops, CDs, DVDs, celebrity sites and more regarding all the popular music stars of the 70´s, 80´s, 90´s and 2000´s.

Film, Music & Arts -> Music forums & Portals03.06.2008
Photography Programme
The programme, which gives you the vocational qualification of Bachelor of Culture and Arts / Media Production, includes 240 credit points over a period of four years. The photography studies are free of charge but students pay their own material costs.

After completing the programme, you will be able to work as a photography artist with your own visual expression, studio photographer, photojournalist or with commercial photography.

Novia University of Applied Sciences is the only school in Finland offering this programme in Swedish. To apply, submit an application letter in your own words and a completed application form, as well as a work portfolio (ten pictures of your own choice) to the school before the application deadline. Participating in the Photography Programme are students not only from Finland but also from Sweden, Germany and other countries. The language of instruction is for the most part Swedish, but guest lectures in Finnish and English take place regularly.

Education & Profession -> Universities03.06.2008
Building-expert engineers, black mold a old-building renovation
This independent adviser for building consists of over 1000 sides and 2000 pictures They find here valuable Tipps for building and for the renovation of your house, check lists for the search of a real estate or important information about the characteristics of certain building materials. From the building design aspect, are explained build-biological and constructional connections so that if possible no building damage arises and pollutants in the dwelling are avoided. Assistance of numerous Berechnungstools can be computed roughly the costs of an old-building renovation, the financing of your house or the damming characteristics of the external walls. However expert contributions, like for example mold fungi in residential building, are the center of attention base of life of the genuine striking sponge (Serpula lacrimans), to pollutants in the dwelling, damage when attic developing, the role of the humidity or the dampness protection and many different.

Economy & Finance -> Real estate02.06.2008
The Huguenot Museum Room
At the Hugenottenkabinett you can look at data and documents on religious refugies. Books, pictures and films about the Huguenots and other reformers life and origins as well as their implication for the city´s development can be accessed here as a basis for further research.

With both church and public funding, with donations and a lot of volunteer effort the community was able to renovate the more than 300-year-old vicarage and refurbish the minister´s residence and community facilities in 2005 and 2006. The centerpiece of the building is the Huguenot museum room.

Faith & Religion -> Christianity04.06.2008
Photos from Hamburg and Surroundings
You will find atmospheric pictures of many districts in Hamburg. Particularly photos of the "Alster", the "Port of Hamburg" with the "New Hafencity", "Fischmarkt", "Rödingsmarkt", "Köhlbrand" and many other parts of the harbour are placed on Fotoalbum-Hamburg. de

Holiday & Travel -> Travel reports & Photos05.06.2008
lexiCan 2.0 - Knowledge Organizer
lexiCan, the simple yet powerful Knowledge Management Software. For knowledge workers, scientists, students and managers. To organize research material and material collections. To built knowledge bases and project documentations. Set bookmarks, file links, pictures, tables and cross references in the context you want. Imports and edits Wikipedia articles. Features A to Z-index, multiple outline, full text search and source management.

Computers & Networks -> Software & Freeware27.05.2008
Yachtbroker - boats, used yachts, power boats, sailing yachts
Welcome on the Yachtportal My-Boat24. International sales platform for boats and yachts. All adverts will be translated automaticlly. Offer your motor / sailing yacht easily. All adverts with an own domain. You can upload up to 7 pictures per advert. Free of charge for private customers. Offer for dealers: add your advert free of charge 2 month, without any commitment. Good Luck.
Sports, fitness, wellness -> Sailing and Sailboats04.06.2008
Derek Jarman - Moving Pictures of a Painter
British filmmaker Derek Jarman (1942 - 1994) and his rather unknown home movies and Super-8 films are subject of this book as well as his Cinema of Small Gestures, he developed out of this.

Jarman studied painting and theatre design but was primarily known as a filmmaker. Nonetheless he always saw himself primarily as a painter. His numerous texts and publications are the most important sources of this book.

Martin Frey investigates the techniques of filming and the way of work of Derek Jarman. There is research into numerous of his Super-8-Films and on the films The Last of England, In the Shadow of the Sun and The Angelic Conversation. Influences of painting and literature, e. g. of Allen Ginsberg, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney und Yves Klein will be analysed.

For Derek Jarman life and work was an inseperable unity. Therefore the immediate presence of autobiographic elements were taken into consideration by analysing his work: the oppressed childhood in postwar Britain, his coming out and the relieved life during the seventies as well as his fight against oppression and discrimination of homosexuals during the Thatcher era, ...

Culture & Events -> Books & Literature27.05.2008
VorAugen: pictures from Trier. Get your image now
Voraugen. de: stockphotos from trier and region: events, architecture, culture, design. pictures for instant download, good price. photos for agencies, clubs, journalism and for private use. with real licence. individual air to ground photographie by plane.

Media & Press -> Picture Agency03.06.2008
VW-Scene International - news, tuning, car pictures
Online magazine for all VW-fans with news, car-stories, MMS-download, videos, wallpaper, galleries, club-register and calendar of events.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Car brands03.06.2008
Musical The Lionking
One of the most famous musicals in Hamburg. Come and see pictures, read abeout the Lionking (in german: Koenig Der Loewen) and buy your tickets for Lionking including hotel and fly.

Culture & Events -> Tickets & Billets29.05.2008
Cartoons and funny pictures about wedding
If you are looking for funny pictures about wedding and marriage, this german page will be a nice scource for pictures and cartoons about wedding.

Culture & Events -> Wedding Ceremony29.05.2008
Terrarium/Vivarium portal - all around the terrarium and the terrarium lighting. There is free all the information on the construction and lighting a Terariums or Paludariums needed. Many pictures, a download area with helpful tools, a terrarium webcam, and much more ...

Nature & Animals -> Reptiles & Amphibians01.06.2008
Wedding photograph
Wedding photograph in germany. (Marl, Recklinghausen, Haltern) we make complete wedding reports and also the wedding photography. You can book us also for fashion, portrait and erotic pictures.

Retail & Services -> Photo Service29.05.2008
wood-crosses from Oberammergau and Gröden
We lead wood crosses from 20 cm to a size of 1, 00 meter. Whether with or without corpus, in plastic or wood. Broncekreuze in over 50 different models up to child crosses as coming union cross or to the baptism with pictures and sayings. Carvings in different variations or as blank for their hobby to carve, as well as carving measurers and grinding wheels. And much more besides you find people art from the ore mountains such as smoking men, light sheets, pyramids, play doses, angel, angel mountains in our shop. We lead articles of companies such as Wendt and Kühn, Flade, Blank, Christian Ulbricht, Hubrig, Seiffener Nutcracker house, Ulmik and many other companies from the ore mountains.

Film, Music & Arts -> Crafts & Industry02.06.2008
MadeiraCasa - Country house with superb Ocean view
MadeiraCasa. com is your key to paradise ... Rent a beautiful countryhouse perched 300m above sea level, with a breathtaking 180° view over Madeira´s virgin northern coastline. Our site includes useful information such as flights, rental cars, what to do and see and many pictures. Ate a proxima pn Madeira ... Looking for the vacation rental of your dreams? Click on ... ?

Holiday & Travel -> Cottages30.05.2008
Shaolin Kung Fu Training in shaolin - china
Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Sanda Training in China, Learning Chinese language in China, detailed informations of shaolin kung fu training, many pictures and videos, traveller reports, tips and more, Shaolin Kung Fu Online Shop.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Martial Arts27.05.2008
Studio Art by Andreas Seremak
Andreas Seremak was born 1953 in its hometown Poznan (Poland). Already as a small child it was interested fur the painting. 1980 deepened and refined Andreas Seremak this range then, when he is ubergesiedelt to Cologne, where he still lives today. Then also Andreas´s continued his passion to painting and carried out new ideas. Marks means fur Andreas to print out and convert not understandable emotions in special way. Its pictures sindstimmungsabhangig - times tension - times gently ... even like Andreas´s is. Handling the material oil connects itself well with its life attitude. The work to the Staffelei, the direct argument with the canvas, the material and the expressiven proceeding are a valve of its. Andreas Seremak issues its pictures in Germany with large success, as many of its past exhibitions prove. Also by the press its pictures were taken up very positively. Andreas Seremak continues to plan already, the next large exhibition will be in Barcelona. Its tarpaulin continue however still much, planned among other things exhibitions in Paris and in Switzerland.

Film, Music & Arts -> Painters & Drawers01.06.2008
German Flower Power
German web site about the origin and history of plants and flowers. Includes chosen poems and many pictures. A place for investigations as well as illustrative material. Often updated and not only for German speaking people.

Nature & Animals -> Exotic Plants04.06.2008
Emo-Videos.de - Pictures and Videos of Emo Boys and Girls
On my website Emo-Videos. de you will find a collection of videos and pics of cute emo boys and sweet emo girls, of emo hair cuts and emo clothing, emo styling but also of thoughts, emotional stuff and poems. So everything that is interessting.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Young Fashion30.05.2008
Autism Culture
Autism Culture is an online magazine for autistic culture. Here you can find articles about autistic pride and up-to-date information from empowerishing research and studies. New ways of thinking neurological differences are discussed (neurodiversity). You can find pictures, poems and autism books reviews as well.

Society & Politics -> Autism02.06.2008
Artefiz - Arthall for contemporary artists
Gallery, huge room in Zurich, Switzerland, artroom, exhibitions of pictures and sculptures, russian european and international contemporary artists, cultural events, concerts with russian and european singers, pianists, and classical musicians, opera movies, theater, art and culture educational events, cultural journeys to st. Peterburg, Russia, Balkan, art and spirituality visits in russia, St. Peterburg.

Culture & Events -> Galleries29.05.2008
Matte Painting-once upon a time there was the glass
Matte Paintings are painted also with help of the photomontage produced pictures, which works as sceneries in a movie. They are produced by Mattepainters at the computer. However this trick is as old, as Film itself. (ca. 1911)They were painted on glass plates, earlier also named glasshot. This was how it worked. Two plates of glass are set up parallel to each other at a certain distance. The camera is set up in front of them. On the rear plate, there is a background landscape which is relatively rough, for example a painted Jungle. On the foreground plate, detail-rich elements are painted such as small plants, stones etc. Between the glass plates, one could then encourage a puppet in stop-motion. So, at least, we see a landscape, wich does not exist. Until in the fiftees, you would not find Matte painters in the credits of a Film, because it was too shameful for a Production, to show, how they saved money.

Film, Music & Arts -> Film & Video production27.05.2008
German Laser TV - The forum for the new technologie
Laser, OLED & SED TV - the revolution for your homecinema. Sharp pictures, longlasting, 3D and much more ... Here you can ask or help other members.

Forums & Communities -> Audio, video, photo27.05.2008
Chris Bleicher´s peepart
peepart: With her art project the Munic neon artist Chris Bleicher enables insight in her artistic life: Neon Art (pictures & sculptures), happenings & performances, events covered in the media, bodypainting, art shop, (pet-)urns & (pet-)coffins, fine art print and much more - international delivery.

Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleries26.06.2008
picolodia.com - upload your pictures for free
Picolodia. com offers web space for your pictures free of charge. In a few simple steps you can upload your pictures and share them with your friends. Everybody who wants to make their pictures accessible on the internet in a fast and uncomplicated way just found the right place at picolodia. com. Our service is suitable for many different fields of application. Just a few examples: auctions, forums, web pages, blogs, online photo galleries (family events, party photos, baby photos, wedding photos) and so much more.

Internet & e-mail -> Images & Upload Service24.06.2008
Musical Cats
Enjoy Cats, one of the most famous musicals around the world. on our site you get lots of information, pictures and news of cats, and of course, you can buy your tickets, even combined with a hotel.

Culture & Events -> Theatre07.03.2009
www.kuebelwagen.net - the marketplace for vintage ww2 ve
The online marketplace for "history on wheels" as we call it. it´s all about Willy´s Jeep, german VW kübelwagen Schwimmwagen BMW R75 R12 R35 EMW Zündapp KS750 KS600 IF8, complete vehicles, spare parts, equipment and much more. No listing fees, pictures free ... have a look.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Old vehicles07.11.2008
Elvis Tribute Artist
Marvin Martin is an accomplished Elvis tribute artist with 20+ years of experience offering one of the best shows performed by a tribute artist available. Please visit the site and select from many videos, songs, pictures, and a list of past and present performances.

Available for your events and or functions. Marvin offers a wide variety of your favorite hits from the king with an array of songs consisting of over 100 of the kings songs. Each show is catered to the particular preference of desired songs you like and remember. Marvin offers shows ranging from 30 minutes to one hour, as well as 20 minute segments for all day events. Booking information and fees are available through the link provided on the website. So if your looking for entertainment, excitement, and truly a well rounded show that´ll take you back to those wonderful days when Elvis was king then look no further.

Film, Music & Arts -> Star doubles31.01.2009
Art JPG Pictures for Digital Photo Frame
Free download of my art pictures collections all optimised for digital photo frames. Nature art pictures, water art pictures, winter art pictures, electric art pictures and my very special "electricolor" collections. You can download all these collections of royalty-free photos for free (in compressed version) and only for a very little contribution have the originals in high resolution. I hope you will enjoy my photos ... Fred, amateur photographer

Film, Music & Arts -> Photography13.02.2009
Madeira Island travel guide
This site provides tourist information for a great Madeira Island holiday and gives an overview of must see places and things to do. In addition there are hotel reviews, travel pictures and a suggestion for a tour around the island. In addition to Madeira, the site also talks about Porto Santo, an upcoming new holiday destination.

Holiday & Travel -> Country portal, travel guide18.03.2009
The Phone Wiz
The fastest and easiest way to download movies, TV shows, music, games, and more for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Unlimited access. Download management software included. Video conversion software included. Over 10 Million Gigabytes of music, movies, software, pictures and wallpapers, games and more are accessible to you whenever you want - no per download fees.

Communication & Phones -> Mobile Software & Games21.02.2009
Recover deleted files
Free data recovery software supports all types of storage media likes memory sticks, SD or XD memory card, flash drive etc for recovery. File recovery software enables you to restore accidentally deleted images, pictures from any crashed USB storage device.

Computers & Networks -> Data backup & recovery06.03.2009
4-Star - Self catering apartment near Salzburg - Germany
4-Star - Self catering apartment in the tiny village of Moosham near Lake Abtsee, which is 2 kms from Laufen/Oberndorf. Situated inbeautiful Upper Bavaria we are surrounded by the alps and lakes made famous in "The Sound of Music". Salzburg is only 15 km away and the Austrian border 5 minutes. - for pictures please look at ausstattung

This is a superbly appointed top floor apartment with all modern facilities. The ´landhausvilla´ has a large garden with pond fed by a natural spring. Visitors have access to their own patio and garden area. Maximum occupancy is 4 persons.

Located in a quiet and sunny position this vacation apartment was completed in 1999 and has been awarded 4 stars by the German tourist association. It was built using environmentally friendly techniques and materials. Local pubs, restaurants and shopping are within a 1 to 4 km radius. For breakfast enjoy fresh rolls and pastries delivered daily by the town baker.

Holiday & Travel -> Apartments03.01.2012
Caricaturist & Lightning Sketcher Uwe Kolkmeyer
Caricatures and quick-portraits are an originell Idea for all kinds of events. As Caricaturist and lightning sketcher I just need few minutes for a similary and an expressiv Portraitcaricatur. Moreover I draw with humor hobbies and special likings of my models in the pictures. With this kind of caricatures/ cartoons I guarantee a lot fun for the public and my "victims".

Film, Music & Arts -> Painters & Drawers10.03.2009
myTerra.TV - Reptiles live
Share your videos, clips and pictures with the reptiles-scene. Highquality videos, funny clips, caresheets, enclosure design ... anything you will find at myTerra. TV.

Nature & Animals -> Terrarium animals09.03.2009
Magic Photo - wedding reports
your wedding photographer with heart from east Westphalians / germany ... all over the world. So that your nicest day becomes also your nicest recollection.
On account of photograph of the state-official and/or ecclesiastical wedding, portrait admissions, single admissions, pair admissions and group pictures, festivities or just the photographic holding on of special moments - packs nicely with a lot of humor I provide guaranteed for the fact that you will remember over and over again with pleasure every detail of this day in the form of particularly nice pictures. With pleasure we also organise your photographically accompanied marriage trip or honeymoon at the nicest places of the world ...

Retail & Services -> Photo Service09.03.2009
Website of the Fire Department Mariaweiler
Website of the Fire Department Mariaweiler - Voluntary Fire Department of Düren. Here you can find Information about the Comrades, the Firehouse, the Vehicles, Pictures, Desktops and Videos of the Fire Department Mariaweiler. The internal Area ist only accesible for Members of the Fire Department Mariaweiler.

Society & Politics -> Fire brigade & Technological09.03.2009
Travelling through the USA
Offers travelling information, hotels, pictures and a lot of useful tips for your holidays in the USA. You can also find information recording to accommodation, preparation and insurances. There is also a part about things that are typically american.

Holiday & Travel -> Country portal, travel guide12.03.2009
ReachingMyDreams Media - the Blog
Pictures and media about cockatoos, glamor photography, culture, internet, and art by an internet addicted photographer. Sometimes philosophical discourse. Crystal Kelly is an internet artist, website designer, and glam / fashion photographer based out of St. Louis Missouri.

Blogs - Weblogs -> Lifestyle Blogs17.03.2009
Delivers digital photo print services, online photo prints, holiday photo cards, greeting cards, customized T shirts with personal digital photographs and prints from your film and digital pictures. Digital photo prints, digital photo print service, online photo prints, digital photo print online, holiday photo cards, greeting cards.

Retail & Services -> Photo Service18.03.2009
Brickhouse Bullies Olde English Bulldogges
Brickhouse Bullies Olde English Bulldogges. Information about the breed, pictures and puppies for sale. We strive to raise the most beautiful, bully, healthy and playful Olde English Bulldogges with wonderful temperments. Our dogges are second to none. Please visit our website to see for yourself.

Nature & Animals -> Dogs & Dog Breeding18.03.2009
Black&White Photography
This new photography website shows you the growing portfolio about black and white and colorkey photography. Photography is a passion, it‘s art to arrange something with lights. I hope you will find something of this in my pictures and you will enjoy regarding it.

Film, Music & Arts -> Photography14.01.2010
Minerals and fossils, MineralTown.com
Rocks and minerals collecting. Information for worldwide mineral and fossil collectors with articles, pictures, videos, photo report or gem and mineral shows and exhibtitions, mineral websites directory, search engine, free classified ads, games, wallpaper and much more

Nature & Animals -> Gems & Minerals06.04.2009
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