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Alexandertechnique Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg
People are frequently troubled these days by health problems such as back and neck pain, headaches, nervousness, joint problems, and depression. Outer and inner tensions often reveal themselves in an unfavourable body posture.

Alexander Technique is a complete system for recognising and effectively improving dysfunctional posture and movement patterns which are interfering with the free and natural use of your body. In one-to-one lessons you learn to take unnecessary pressure off your body and to move with more ease. Improved sensory perception, a more upright spinal column, and the calmness this results in follow lessons in Alexander Technique. Lasting effects are found in increased levels of integration in your everyday life - in your work, in your sporting, recreation and artistic activities. Intellectual and physical integrity are experienced with ever greater clarity and sensitivity. You will notice yourself better able to tackle daily challenges in more peaceful and conscious ways.

Health & Medicine -> Relaxation & Meditation10.03.2009
The NRE is an after-controlled clinical neuro-psychological rehabilitation facility. The medical, professional and medical (neuro-) psychosocial activities take place in the context of your real conditions and individual targets instead. The Neuro Integrated Community serves the inclusion of brain injured people in the general society and promotes the ability of injured to maximize self-organization.

Health & Medicine -> Hospitals & Clinics21.03.2009
Adventureservice Sausdorf - Climbing Saxon Switzerland
We offer outdoor events in Saxon Switzerland - Elbsandsteingebirge. Rockclimbing courses, via ferrata, caves, hiking, educational camps, ropeway, accomodation. Individual guidance, family friendly. Rock climbing courses include: all protective equipment, rock climbing basics, abseil, specifics of Saxon.

Freeclimbing. In our advanced courses you learn more about belay chain, knots, slings, leading. The rooms on our small quiet farm are modest, you are invited for camp fire and slackline. We have space for projects with up to 12 people - additional camp site available. You reach the bizarre world of Saxon Sandstone within minutes. No smoking, no TV in the rooms.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Mountain Sports07.11.2008
Vacation Bourse
You are young and you would like to go abroad? Well then, you should contact at first the ferienboerse for reliable information about offers with a high quality for pupils, students and everybody else under 26, as well as families. All pieces of information are based on e. g. one of the biggest database for travels for under-26-year-old people and families in the world. There are hundred thousands offers stored in every year. We are in contact with more than 1000 organizations (e. g. tour operators, registered associations, youth aid providers).

The ferienboerse is able to guarantee highly qualified offers because all are made by quality controlled organizations. The tour operators are youth aid providers, fulfil international or national norms like the European Norm for language travels or they are members of organizations who had developed special quality criteria for their members and partners. You can find a list of these norms and organizations at the quality page.

Holiday & Travel -> Youth Travel10.03.2009
Priceconcept.eu - the first European price comparator
The first European and independent price comparison: priceconcept. eu - Compare prices and buy cheaper with the first European and independent price comparison. Priceconcept is an Internet price comparator und help the Internet friendly people to find the best and cheapest prices.

Priceconcept is completely independent. People are always trying to find on the Internet a better and safer way to do shopping. Our aim today, is to help them to find the best and cheapest price in Europe. We are offering a free ranking on our website until the end of October 2008.

Internet & e-mail -> Comparison & Test sides08.11.2008
XXL-People.com - the Dating and Community Portal for overweight people
The new XXL dating and community. This Community is specifically designed for overweight people. All tools how: messages, Galerie, 3D Chat, … are available. If you search for your big love or only a flirt, then you are right here at XXL-People. com. Sign up now for free.

We have decided, to design a dating and community site excessive for women and men with overweight, rubens. BBW. Join our dating community for big people now. It´s totally free. www. xxl-people. com

Partner Search & Contacts -> Special single Exchanges07.11.2008
Safari in Uganda - www.safari-in-uganda.com
Safari in africa - insider´s tip Uganda: on this website you will find information about all what is needed for a safari in Uganda. search in databases for hotels, tour operators and car rental services. Find photos, rss news, link lists, picture galleries an a lot more about wonderful Uganda.

Uganda is perfect for an adventure in Africa. The land is safe, the people are friendly and to experience the nature is awesome. There are numerous good places to stay and last but not least there are cheap flights available. So what you are waiting for?

Holiday & Travel -> Country portal, travel guide07.11.2008
Alternative Therapy and Health Care
We are specialists in: Radiesthesia (dowsing): Inspection of places for sleeping, premises, office cubicles. Cooperation with the Hart Haus Company based on a service contract. Mental healing (and interpretation of the aura): Averting illness is closely tied to healing the mind. This can also be done over a distance. We currently provide services to customers from all over Europe.

Clairvoyance: Cooperation with companies and other international enterprises based on clairvoyance. Analysis of new markets, products, strategies, business partners and in-house structures. This practice is also is also available for individuals. Coaching and personal mentoring of top athletes.

Cosmo-energetic colour and image consulting: A cosmo-energetic colour and image consulting helps you get to know yourself better, combine your inner self and your looks and consequently show off your charisma and personality in an optimal way. Our key to success: The secret of success is to be in the right place at the right time with the right people.

Metaphysics -> Radiesthesia20.10.2010
Welcome to Indonesia
Lestariweb offers information about the archipelago of Indonesia. You find information about travel destinations and places of interest, about people and cultures, as well as numberous photos. Thereby, the different islands, namely Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua are described separately.

Holiday & Travel -> Country portal, travel guide06.03.2009
Yenzoo - Social Network
Yenzoo is an online community where people from all over the world can make new friends and keep in touch with them. It is a perfect tool to combine entertainment with your social network from the real world. Yenzoo is available in 3 languages (english, german and polish) and offers many possibilities (galleries, videos, blogs, groups, maps, ... ) to extend the personal network.

Forums & Communities -> Web communities25.11.2011
NeuroNation the free brain training community
On NeuroNation, you can improve your brain performance effectively with simple and enjoyable exercises. NeuroNation is completely free of charge and exclusively ad sponsored. Chat with other people or challenge them to a little "brain-off". So why not join right away?

Health & Medicine -> Memory, concentration29.01.2009
Christian Shirt Archive
On our side of "textile printing studio" find Christian textiles such as T-shirts, sweaters and other garments for young and old. For people that Jesus always carry with them and also want to show there are here in this shop matching textiles. For every occasion. When we get something other T-shirts - with Christian themes and messages. T-shirts, the other to stimulate thought and raise questions - and in any case always been a real eye-catcher. But even your own wishes and ideas, we want to here, and are open for your suggestions. So if you are your own motives or awards of stock, you send to us. Together with you we whispering sea breeze your shirt after your presentation.

But companies and organizations will find textiles and textile finishing. From simple T-shirt to the special working clothes. In addition, we refine all textiles with silk screen, transfer printing, digital printing and dye sublimation. A further refinement by flocking and embroidery is also possible. As a small company, we are highly motivated to offer you an individual and creative services on time without having to prove you to a friendly, reasonable, professional and first class service.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Fashion & Clothing29.01.2009
Designfurniture for pets
Why must items of furniture for pets reveal their purpose at first glance? Do you love animals and great design? If so, at pet-interiors you have come to the right place. We create furnishings for your pet with an emphasis on design. Those people who like to surround themselves with unusual designs will find a small yet fine collection of "furniture showpieces” at pet-interiors which can be combined perfectly with a modern living environment.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Furniture & Accessories28.01.2009
The Bag Lady
High fashion handbags for high fashion people, long handle bags, wallets, wristlets, spy handbags, multi-color handbags, multi-color wallets, we have a large selection of high fashion handbags, handbag parties available upon request, visa & mastercard, paypal accepted.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Handbags & Bags29.01.2009
Weight Management
We will change the way people look at weight loss. Why not get your share in the market place, with this revolutionary weight loss system. This is the only industry that I know of where people have a chance from going broke to having a great residual income almost overnight. How would you like to get the pounds off and get paid at the same time.

Health & Medicine -> Health Products31.01.2009
Help is Hear Glutathione Accelerator
Max gxl is a formula that naturally boost production of glutathione in the human body This not only helps reverse the aging process but works with todays medication to help speed up recovery and to tame the affects of some drugs allowing the patient to carry on in life without prolonged effects Especially good for people suffering from Parkinson´s disease Fibromyalgia and even cancer works with the liver to clean out toxins you just feel better.

Health & Medicine -> Anti-Aging02.02.2009
Direct Matches
Sign up for free and check out this fantastic new online business community that I am excited about. You can network and socialize with thousands of like-minded people, and advertise any product or business for free. You will be matched with other people seeking the same benefits.

You willl also receive a powerful training course - all free. New. Join for Free - win $1000’s of dollars in cash or prizes for best profile? and more. Visit our homepage and sign up for Free.

Forums & Communities -> Business Communities04.02.2009
Gelert Camping & Oudoor
At Gelert we know a thing or two about camping. Well you don´t live in Snowdonia, the UK´s adventure capital, for 30 years without picking up a few pointers. Which makes us just about the perfect people to talk to about tents and all the camping gear you will need for the perfect family holiday.

With our tents you don´t have to be a whiz at industrial engineering to get them to stay up - because our clever team have done all the hard work for you. All you need to think about is how to pack it all into the car making sure you leave enough space for the kids.

Holiday & Travel -> Camping & Outdoor12.02.2009
Christian dating site. Upload your personal video and photo and chat with christian singles anxious to meet you, send mail messages, see who´s online, view member photos, personal blog, forums. Make a date tonight with online christian dating. This site is made just for people of Christian faith to meet that attend church.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Special single Exchanges13.02.2009
Dental services in Budapest. Whether you are searching for the perfect snow-white smile, require implants or would love some porcelain veneers, dental care abroad often represents a better option than staying at home for treatment. High private costs and long waiting lists are two of the most common reasons why patients travel for dental treatment. However there are a host of other reasons why people travel. This guide will give you the information that will help you decide if dental treatment abroad is the right option for you. Save up to 70% on your dental treatment. Book your smile today.

Health & Medicine -> Dentistry05.03.2009
Parrot Society Ireland
Hello. My name is Declan Gibbons. I am the president and founder of the parrot society Ireland. We decided to set up the parrot society in Ireland after many people requested a site as there were none in Ireland. We added the web site and then went one better and published a magazine. We do this full coloured magazine every three months now and are the only parrot and foreign bird society in Ireland to do so. We offer worldwide membership. You can join online or request an application form to be sent to you.

Nature & Animals -> Birds and bird breeding28.02.2009
Accurate psychic readings from Sam and her team
Hi my name is Samantha Jordan and I am a busy full time Psychic & Clairvoyant working throughout the UK giving in-depth readings to my clients. Our hand picked team deliver caring and accurate readings. Many people are looking for insight in the areas of Love and Romance but also now more and more people are wanting to know what their future holds in the areas of money, work and career. Whatever your need and however small your question try our team today, you will be amazed.

Metaphysics -> Tarot03.03.2009
Solamagic Infrared warmth - everywhere & any time
We are a specialist trading company for Solamagic equipment and we can offer you a wide product range of Solamagic electric infrared heating systems, terrace heaters, examined by MOT/GS, made in Germany, including all accessories, which goes with them, for all internal and outside applications.

Advantages: After switch on immediately warm, Solamagic warms up the people and not the air, Compatible with the movement indicator, Adjustable heat by special electric controller, No loss of heat through draught, Free of emission, this means, no direct CO2- and NOX-emission, Infrared-heaters Solamagic means, produce warmth and wellness without polluting the environment.

This extreme efficient heating method is up to 60% lost-saving in comparison with compatible gas-heating-systems or quartz-heaters, because 92% energy change to heat. Over that we offer you a professional advising to maxi mate the functionalism of the equipment, for example integrated heating systems for outside applications, light-heating advertising, light infrared heating combinations, awning lighting and sun-shade lighting.

Craft & Services -> Heating systems19.03.2009
MDFInstruments Onlineshop for medical care
Stethoscopes, reflexhammer, cuffs and spygmomanomter from MDFInstruments for doctors and medical students. We transform the life of those who are touched by what we do. Our intruments connect with people so that the world is left a better place. We do this through a zeal for improving wellness and challenging convention.

We invest passion, enthusiasm and excitement coupled with our dedication, fearlessness and pursuit of excellence to care and improve the quality of life. We are a company created by people who care, to serve people who care. We are crafters of Wellness.

Health & Medicine -> Medical technology09.03.2009
Marketing web
Who we are: ProfectSoft - "Profect" means Progress - We develop customized solutions for you - in detail exactly tailored to your needs in the field of public Internet terminals. Progress does not stand still. Web Design, TV Advertising, Internet terminals, Distribution of online - and offline games, Sales of game licenses, Sales of hardware and software. Progress does not stand still.

Performance: Many people dream of excellence, while we are awake, and perform them. Our advantage is YOUR ADVANTAGE-We are in partnership with leading companies in contract. This allows us to serve our customers throughout the bandwidth best advice and service. This community makes us strong.

Our radius: Only when all know the target, also agrees with the direction. We have our product - and service radius of the FRG also already well established internationally.

Internet & e-mail -> Web Design & Graphics09.03.2009
Mikolajki - Masurian Lakes - Rooms - Guest House
Cyklada guest house is situated on the tourist trail of "Great Mazury Lakes" in Miko³ajki – the town that is the summer capital of all the people who love sailing. The region of Great Mazury Lakes is the dream place for walking, cycling and horse riding trips during which the tourists can discover plenty of pictoresque places.

One can find various ways of relaxing there. The extensive lakes create great condtions for going sailing, canoing, windsurfing and even iceboating in winter. Mazury Region is like Eldorado for fishermen. Those who love water sports are keen on taking part in regatta to win the cup of Miko³ajki Mayor, the cup of thechairman of Polish Sailing Association, the Championship of Journalists, Regatta of Actors and many others.

Holiday & Travel -> Pensions & Accommodations09.03.2009
Slawa is an international known Live Artist who manages to turn his impressions of people, encounters and emotions into unique works of art in the most fascinating ways. His expressive drawings become artistic snap-shots of your events and create an unfading memo value.

Film, Music & Arts -> Painters & Drawers09.03.2009
Full moon - diary software
Whoever makes writing a long letter a cramp in his hand, we offer a perfect solution called Vollmond. Typing on a computer keyboard isn´t really hard work, so it is very attractive for young people. A simple-using menu is our highest value.

Computers & Networks -> Software & Freeware09.03.2009
Hello everyone. We are just getting ready to launch one of the most user friendly online car, boat, caravan, camper, motor home, van sales to date. We know that the people of today know excactly what they are looking for and that is our aim ... To give you excactly what you need.

Easy to use web site that doesn`t bombard you with insurance, finance, mortgages and the likes and doesn`t tell you what car you want. Our private ads start from as little as £1. The ad you place will also run untill your items are sold. We also aim to give traders some amazing deals as well, so if your a trader of any of the above please email us for our amazing packages.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Car Buying & Selling13.03.2009
Apartment Marina D´Or, Oropesa del Mar, Spain
Apartment Marina D´Or is located in Spain´s beautiful Costa Azahar near Oropesa Del Mar. It is the perfect location for exploring and enjoying Spain´s Mediterranean coast. Our family-owned 2-bedroomed apartment can accommodate 6 people. It has everything you need for a relaxing family or group holiday and sits just 200 metres from the beach, with sea views from the balcony. Learn more about our location, the apartment and what´s available to see and do locally.

Holiday & Travel -> Apartments17.03.2009
Unlimited Software Downloads
Unlimited Software Downloads - Download Your Software Now. Latest software downloads. Unlimited Software Downloads - anything you want, at any time you want. Over 4 million people are constantly connected, sharing over 30 million files. We will provide you with music access, DVD copy & backup software, MP3 players, CD burning software, online music search, lyrics, Internet radio, Popup & Spyware removers, technical support and much more. Software downloads. Unlimited software downloads provide you unlimited software downloads to easily burn your music, TV shows and movies to CD, with no expensive DVD burner required. Join unlimited software downloads and find everything you need. The members area will provide you with all the software download tools you need to get started.

Computers & Networks -> Software & Freeware19.03.2009
Aupair Agency - Services world-wide
Welcome to our au pair agency. We specialize in finding host families in Germany for young people from all over the world. Inclusive Aupair-Gallery. Be aupair or get an au-pair. Services world-wide by Dr. Lietz. Aupairs for families in Central Europe / New Zealand / USA / Australia / etc. Free service for aupairs. Visit our au-pair galery.

Education & Profession -> Working abroad18.03.2009
Designconsul - new ideas for a better tomorrow - Designconsul was created to support designers and all other people who are interested in new ideas and inspirations, who want to share creativity and love art + design, achitecture + interiors, products + interactive design, viral communication + printed matter. It derives its power from exciting and passionate design members who are actively contributing to the core of design.

Blogs - Weblogs -> Culture Blogs18.03.2009
Italian Language School
L´Acanto Language School isn´t just a Language School, it is an experience among people, the colours, the sounds and the flavours of the South. Your holiday starts when we pick you up from the airport for free.

Enjoy Italy with us. Experience your Italian study holiday warmely welcomed as a special guest and feel immediately at ease. L´Acanto is in Puglia, South of Italy. Our methodology adopts a communicative approach with highly qualified teachers. We prefer small student groups and the interesting and themed lessons take place in modern air-conditioned classrooms. The School is full of character located in the town´s centre, a typical mediterranean towm. If you do not believe what we say, read the opinions about us of recent students and visit our web site. Keywords: Education, Language, Education and Reference, Schools.

Education & Profession -> Languages & Courses18.03.2009
Dating service
We scour the web for the best dating services and personal ad sites, bringing them to you for free. Day and night, we are working hard to make sure you have access to not only mainstream dating service websites, but also the latest niche and alternative ones as well. Our aim is to provide a high-quality resource for like-minded people seeking friendship, dating and fun. Growth in online dating has been phenomenal in recent years. And with so many new sites popping-up each day, we understand it´s easy to get lost in this vast array of choices. You´ll get up-to-date information with dating tips and advice plus we´ll point you in the right direction when we find the best sites. So don´t leave love to chance or fate.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Dating portals18.03.2009
Living in Mistelbach - Zaya
We would like to create opportunities for all English Speaking people, living in and around Mistelbach / Zaya (Lower Austria), to widen their horizons as they make friends with one another; To support cultural activities and provide opportunities for improving appreciation of the life and culture of all countries - Austria in particular. In cooperation with the American Women´s Association of Vienna, an international women´s organisation.

Blogs - Weblogs -> Lifestyle Blogs18.03.2009
Sailboat Chartering & Information For Your Holidays
Sailboat charters are a great way to enjoy holidays with family and friends. There are many other reasons for hiring yachts as well. Many people take charters each year and there is opportunity to explore new destinations each time.

Other reasons to charter include trying out a new design before you buy, cost effective holidays as you have both accommodation and pastime under one roof.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Sailing and Sailboats19.03.2009
Antiquing tour to Europe
Hi, We are going to Europe to shop for antiques and collectibles this year again. Why don´t you join us? We go in the off season when the airfares, hotels and other costs are the cheapest. The trip includes shopping at the street fair in Arezzo in Italy, then the massive antiques fairs at Swinderby & Newark in England and then onto the famous Paris, France flea markets. This is not a tourist trip run by travel tour operators. We are antiques dealers who want to do some serious picking.

We also hit the shops, malls, private sales and the good auction houses. We already have good people who ship the stuff back for us at low rates. By the way, the dollar is worth more in Europe than it has been in many years. We went in December and February and got some great buys. Let us know if you are interested.

Hobby & Collecting -> Antique19.03.2009
Krabi News and Living guide
Formed in February 2001, Krabi Post has become an exciting platform for free classified advertising and online communities in Krabi, Thailand. Krabi Post - online English newspaper for people who live or visit Krabi Province in south Thailand. Krabi flights informations, daily news, classifieds ads, maps of Krabi, business listings, community news and practical living guides.

Holiday & Travel -> Country portal, travel guide23.03.2009
B2B marketplace
EC21 is the world’s largest B2B marketplace to facilitate online trades between exporters and importers from all around the world.

EC21 currently holds hundreds of thousands of suppliers and buyers from 240 countries as its members, and the number of members is rapidly growing. More than 1million business people are visiting EC21 Web site every month to find their business partners.

EC21 assures the world´s biggest product database as a B2B eMarketplace with 2, 000, 000 different products available. We also support suppliers by providing information of more than 900, 000 buyers.

Retail & Services -> B2B Service14.01.2010
The people´s UK Restaurant Guide
LeaveATip is the people´s restaurant review guide for the UK, a comprehensive restaurant guide listing about 5000 UK restaurants and based on real customers interaction, with restaurant search and inclusion, reviews, ratings, features and much more.

Food & Enjoyment -> Inns & Restaurants27.03.2009
Touch as a way of Communication
Head-Massage. net wants to promote touch as a way of improving life. The team behind the site recognizes the importance of touch and wants to extend its presence in our lives. We think that people in our society misses touch, partly because of culture, partly because of the modern alienation. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of touch and give people the tools to promote it.

First steps were to publish an online Massage manual and publish articles about massage. Please visit http://head-massage. net and consult the online manual.

Health & Medicine -> Massages27.03.2009
Yacht Charter Turkey
The Gulet Ruth-Alessandro cruises on the Mediterranean Seas near the Turkish and Greek Aegea. Take your holiday far away from the stress of mass tourism and experience untouched nature.

Feel the flair of the Lycian coast on board a turkish yacht, built in the traditional pirate ship style. Swim in crystal water, grill in romantic bays. Visit idyllic countrysides and ancient remains of past civilizations. On a Blue Voyage you´ll meet people, who have kept their sense for romantic. Enjoy the fascination of nature and strange cultures.

Holiday & Travel -> Yachtcharter12.03.2010
Nia - www.anniann.de
Nia is a well-being fitness and lifestyle practice. Through expressive movement - the Body´s Way - Nia empowers people to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Nia changes people´s lives.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Relaxation & Meditation27.03.2009
Adventure travel to bolivia
simple & fun Ltd. is a UK based German travel operator aiming to bring people from around the world to Bolivia. The main focus lays on group experiences for individuals. Together with others you explore the almost unknown areas between La Paz and Coroico, were closeby is the simple & fun Andescamp. There you can spend some relaxing days or take a hike into the jungle. Come see the world from a different view.

Holiday & Travel -> Sports & adventure holidays27.03.2009
African Dating - Black Dating - Afro Dating
Dating have several names today. If you call it African dating, Black dating, Afro dating or Ebony Dating-our goal is to reach people from all over the world with this interracial dating site. Come in alone and walk out together

Partner Search & Contacts -> Dating portals27.03.2009
Dating worldwide
Meet men and women worldwide, all ages good looking people come to the site, have fun, date people from all over the world find love on the net, this site is the best dating site on the internet, us based all my friends have joined, and they are all dating people 4 have married, and 2 are engaged, so if you cant find love, you will meet man potential partners, and have so much fun looking.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Dating portals28.03.2009
Weekends in Ukraine
Weekends in Ukraine - Spend your weekends in the heart of Ukraine - picturesque city Kyiv. Unforgettable excursion programme, review of the ancient temples, numerous churches (Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra, Mykhailivsky Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Cathedral etc), picturesque cobbled streets of Andriyvsky Uzviz, interesting meetings with creative people, masters of embroidery, poets, potters, smiths. You will come back home with lots of interesting impressions by all means.

Holiday & Travel -> Shortly Travel08.04.2009
Welcome to Love-Contacts.co.uk - a free to join dating service
Still single and looking for love? Register today on lovecontacts. co. uk and find your perfect match. Online dating service for singles in the UK. Instant messenger, online chat rooms, email, personal profiles. Find singles in your area now.

In recent times, the use of Internet has permeated in all levels of life. People use the web for a variety of purposes. For some people it is the best and fastest way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. The number of online buyers has also increased significantly. Various universities and technical institutes have also started their online courses. The hectic lifestyle and professional demands of people have resulted in making them dependent on the web for various needs. Nowadays, a lot of people use the Internet for making Friendship and finding a date.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Dating portals08.03.2010
Do you want to sell or buy cars?
Do you want to sell or buy cars? New and used cars for sale, European, American and Japanese spec cars. Sell your cars in less than a week. Millions of people will view your cars online 24 / 7 around the world. Log on Ghana Auto Trader.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Car Buying & Selling12.10.2010
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