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Österreich: Stimmung

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Del Mondo Bar
Relax yourself in our exclusive nightclub in friendly atmosphere and stylish ambience. Enjoy a stimulating conversation whith our ladies or just be captured by the mood around you.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Clubs & Communities29.05.2008
Mod Jewelry Inc. - Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry
Silver has the unique position among precious metals. Silver is more durable than gold, it ages adding personality and character over time. Its relative scarcity makes it precious, but it is still more abundant than other precious metals, giving it the freedom to change with fashion and be made into any shape. At Mod Jewelry, we specialise in working with this wondrous, versatile precious metal. We can design traditional and demure to stylish and modern, we can tailor our designs to any mood, style or budget you desire.

We employ the latest technology along with the natural beauty of handcrafted design to produce beautiful products that will last. What makes Mod Jewelry different is we manage our entire design and manufacturing process, ensuring everything we make meets the highest standards of quality. Mod Jewelry partners with our clients in the marketing and merchandising of our product in the retail locations and on the Internet. Mod Jewelry has a dedicated design team in the Research and Development Department. Our designers are trained in both traditional jewellery production and the latest computer assisted technology.
Fashion & Lifestyle -> Jewelry & precious stones03.06.2008
Everything live: Jazz From Rostock
Jazz from Rostock - Three jazz bands fancy: Swing for Fun - the professional jazz band (from trio to sextet) for almost all occasions, maintains you with the best known titles from the big time of the swing music, beswingten melodies of the last decades, popular jazz standards and many things more.

The Marching Saints - the mobile jazz band (from duet to quintet) plays for you Dixieland, swing, Oldtimejazz and nice songs to the entertainment and enchantment of your guests. Without net and double ground. Fritzings Dixie Crew - the good mood of the Baltic coast, always proves in arrangements of the most different kind to inspire her property the audience with jazz music from the last time (from quartet to septet).

Film, Music & Arts -> Groups & Bands03.06.2008
With entertainer - musicians Cologne - Juergen Klameth
The sole entertainer and singer Juergen Klameth from Cologne is recommended for events of all types and sizes. The Entertainer Presents oldies from the 60s, top songs of Rock & Pop, pop, and the chart hits of today. But even mood and party hits and the best of the Cologne Carnival. Whether weddings, birthdays and corporate events - Juergen Klameth always provides for the right mood for your party.

Humor & Entertainment -> Entertainment artists05.06.2008
The Art of Deception. Marillian - Magician from Berlin
Close up Magic. Astonishment - Laughing - Good Mood. Garanteed. Be astonished about small and big wonders happening right between the guests. Coins go through the table or move unvisible from one hand to the other. Fingerrings begin to float right before your eyes. The astonishment will not stop.

You and your guests will laugh heartly when I combine magic with comedy. Little storys and gags are part of my presentation of the magic tricks. Your guests will remember to be entertained by me.

Another sign of good mood is a high level of communication between the guests. As a close up magician I will give your guests something to talk about. Some tricks are especially designed to get people together and to eliminate some kind of shyness which everybody experiences in the beginning of banquetts or formal gatherings.

So even people which at first have nothing to do with each other will come together and communicate. Your guests will come at ease right at the start of your event.

Humor & Entertainment -> Magic26.10.2008
Chronic Pain
According to the American Pain Foundation, more than 50 million Americans experience chronic pain. Back pain, headache, and joint pain caused by osteoarthritis are the most common chronic pain syndromes (Berman, 1997). The experience of chronic pain exacts a huge toll on the individual and the family. Pain may prevent a person from working, socializing, or enjoying a family life. It is associated with depressed mood and a poor quality of life. The consequences for society include lower productivity for businesses and a cost of billions of dollars each year.

The high prevalence of chronic pain, combined with its enormous cost, make unrelieved pain a huge public health problem. It is remarkable that so little attention has been focused on this problem in years past.

Fortunately, this is now changing. The U. S. government has designated the next ten years as the "Decade of Pain Control and Research". In the U. S., hospitals and nursing homes must meet new standards of pain management, and efforts are being made to educate professionals and the public at large about the nature of the problem and the potential for solutions.

Health & Medicine -> Pain therapies27.03.2010
Hosting Webdesign Luxembourg - Domains, E-Shops, Joomla
Hosting and Webdesign Service Luxembourg. Joomla Hosting, Moodle, Online Shops, Domains, Freemail Luxembourg. The data of all your websites are kept on higly modern server systems. The stability of the network is garantied even at extremely high peek levels by several time redundant servers and the connection to fiberglass and high-performance networks, as well as high security standards. Our systems are equiped with the latest hardware & software. Server location is Luxembourg.

Internet & e-mail -> Provider28.05.2008
Galea Arts Gallery - Galea Arts Studio
This is the website for the arts studio and arts gallery of the Galea family. Founded by Chev Galea and carried on by Edwin Galea it is now being run by Pierre and Eddy Galea.
Edwin Galea, son of artist Chev. Joseph Galea who was tutored by Chev. Caruana Dingli and who served as an official War Artist during World War II, received his artistic formation from his father. He inherited from his father a natural love of the sea and an uncanny gift to reproduce its moods and the ships that sail on it. His paintings are full of energy in varying moods whether on the high seas or a windswept Maltese landscape.

Film, Music & Arts -> Art galleries04.09.2010
dopo_domani esales
Modern Interior design and concepts for the internationally interested client. Dopo_domani, located in Kantstraße, near Savingyplatz, is on of the leading international designer furniture stores in Berlin. The presentation on three floors does not only include furniture, kitchens and bathroom - it presents moods and impressions. Among the outstanding international brands are Zanotta, Knoll International, Vitra, Cappellini, B & B, Minotti, Boffi (bathrooms) and - exclusively in Berlin - Varenna (kitchen furniture). In addition we present fabrics (Sahco Hesslein), carpets (Danskina), wallpaper and wall paint (Farrow & Ball).

Our team at dopo_domani will plan complete furnishing concepts for business and private rooms. Our special emphasis lies on creating a symbiosis of international trends and modernity - the "international spirit” and on including the clients individuality. This is one of the reasons for the high numbers of creative people who chose our services - musicians, actors and artists - as well as politicians and business people.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Furniture & Accessories02.06.2008
Synchronisation licenses, music for the masses, music for use in films televison and advertisng campaigns. recording artist and writers and composers, indy music, rock pop and r´n´b music. usic catalogue of many different genres for all types of musical moods. music can be written to suit specific music brief for a film or televison advert or background music.

Film, Music & Arts -> Free music26.02.2009

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