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Customized astrology site with all original material for readings. Free samples with on site astrology personality L. A. pauly - daily predictions - free basic couples comparisons - discounted natal personalized forecasts and couples compaibility - ask L. A. Pauly an astrology related question.

Metaphysics -> Astrology03.02.2009
Ejector systems
The disc held in suspended storage in the interior of the ejector case is coaxed halfway out of the packaging by applying a little finger pressure. This method allows the user to remove the CD easily without etouching the sensitive data surface. The suspended storage and ergonomic extraction method guarentee the best possible protection of the stored data. In particular, the bonding layer on DVDs is not subjected to any bending stress. Duo to the material used the ejector CD case is lightweight, highly transparent, extremely resistant and secure against damage. Even extreme temperatures are in no way detrimental to the functionality of the packaging system. If CDsare to be archived in ring binders an optional clip can be supplied.

Industry & Capital goods -> Plastics Processing18.03.2009
Innovation on the beach
Everyone knows the problem:you have hardly set up your beach umbrella before a breeze blows it away. solboy is the solution. The idea is simple and genius: once the bag is filled with sand it works just like a common sturdy umbrella stand.

Coming with a handy zipper bag, the solboy can be easily stored and fits into every beach bag. Small, foldable and handy - easy to carry - simple to assemble ... and you will help to make the beaches safer - no flying umbrellas anymore.

Assembling the solboy is childs play. Just fill it up with sand and your beach umbrella is fixed in a stable position. Thanks to its patented holder, even when its windy there is now an end to the troublesome drilling of your umbrella into the sand. The solboy has many additional uses. Due to its cushy and weather resistant material, it will be an essential companion for the beach.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Gifts18.03.2009
Brabender Technologie - Feeding, weighing, discharging
Brabender Technologie KG is a leading global supplier of gravimetric and volumetric metering feeders, weigh-batching equipment, discharge aids and flow metering equipment for bulk solids with a world-wide sales, consultancy, service and spare parts network. Headquartered in Germany, the company has affiliates in North America, China, Russia and India as well as representatives in all relevant industrial countries.

The product line comprises loss-in-weight feeders, weigh-belt feeders, screw feeders (single and twin screw), vibrating tray feeders, weigh-batching systems, multiple ingredient batching installations, vibratory bin activators for silos and bins, bulk bag unloaders, bag dump systems and flow meters for bulk solids based on the principle of Coriolis force measurement. Brabender Technologie serves all industries processing bulk materials, e. g. the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pet food, construction material, glass, ceramics and detergent industries, to name just a few.

Retail & Services -> Capital Goods27.03.2009
Ideas into glass
The material glass, which is often the embodiment of fragility, but also of clarity, transparency, is bonded with a thousand-year-old tradition as for its making and use. Experience this material glass in new shapes, colours and décors. Just get charmed and surprised by how versatile glass can be.

You are always welcome in our shop where you can enjoy the ideas turned into glass. You are guaranteed to find an artistically designed unique specimen there. You’re very welcome to come and visit us.

Film, Music & Arts -> Porcelain & Glass art10.04.2009
Feuerwear - bags, belts and wallets made from recycled firehose
Feuerwear® (Feuerwear. com) makes bags and accessoires from recycled firehose. Every Feuerwear® product is a unique piece with its own individual story. Before their reincarnation as a bag, belt or wallet, they helped firefighters to save lives for many years. They were dragged through soot, grease and mud, in extreme heat and fire, and had to transport thousands of cubic meters of water. Its previous service with fire fighting teams makes every Feuerwear® product a one-of-a-kind piece.

The Feuerwear® concept is rooted in a mission to recycle material and create green, eco friendly fashion products. But recycling is only a part of Feuerwear®s commitment to sustainable development. All products are shipped using the low-emission and energy efficient GoGreen logistics solutions of DHL. The carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the transportation is reduced to a minimum. All production is done in Europe in small family-run shops with fair working conditions and wages.

Behind the Feuerwear® label stand the brothers Martin and Robert Klüsener. In 2005 Martin founded Feuerwear® working in the basement of his parents’ house.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Handbags & Bags18.08.2009
ThreeDeePixel Pack-Shot Visulization and Animations
3D Pack Shot photography, Product-Photography Virtulisation and Animation, 3D NPD Virtulisation and Visulization, Suppling Brand Managers/Agencies with high quality 3D material (images, animations and Interactive 3D models) for use in print / presentations and trade shows.

Computers & Networks -> Animation & Visualization14.01.2010
Car Sharing Canada
Car Sharing Canada /CarSharing. ca is a non-profit, industry effort to expand the availability of, and environmental benefits from, car sharing in Canada. Car Sharing Canada does not own or operate car sharing services. For more information about car sharing in your city, please visit our City List. All creative material and/or trademarks remain the property of their respective creators, publishers and/or owners. "The smart alternative to owning a car" and "self-serve hourly car rental" are registered trademarks of AutoShare. No use without permission.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Car-sharing25.03.2010
Astronomy For Kids
The Solar System is made up of all the planets that orbit our Sun. In addition to planets, the Solar System also consists of moons, comets, asteroids, minor planets, and dust and gas. Everything in the Solar System orbits or revolves around the Sun. The Sun contains around 98% of all the material in the Solar System. The larger an object is, the more gravity it has. Because the Sun is so large, its powerful gravity attracts all the other objects in the Solar System towards it.

At the same time, these objects, which are moving very rapidly, try to fly away from the Sun, outward into the emptiness of outer space. The result of the planets trying to fly away, at the same time that the Sun is trying to pull them inward is that they become trapped half-way in between. Balanced between flying towards the Sun, and escaping into space, they spend eternity orbiting around their parent star.

Family & Children -> Websites for Children05.04.2010
DemandPrints. com is a leading OnDemand design, print, copy, and direct mail advertising company with services tailored for small and medium businesses. We provide affordably priced and professionally designed printing and direct mail marketing materials, including brochures, newsletters, postcards, stationery, menus and ads. Customers are able to produce their marketing materials and entire direct mail advertising campaign for a fraction of the cost and time previously required.

DemandPrints produces outstanding quality on a wide variety of print advertising products. Our exceptional customizable templates are created and produced by award-winning graphic designers and seasoned production artists. DemandPrints is continually growing library of creative designs and caters to a variety of businesses in industry categories such as: Technology, Financial, Medical, General Business & Retail, Education & Training, Travel & Tourism, Religious & Organizations, Sports & Fitness, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, and General Purpose.

Computers & Networks -> Printing Services24.11.2011
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