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1A Brassband - THE MARCHING SAINTS - mobile live music
THE MARCHING SAINTS-the mobile jazz band / Brass band from Rostock (Mecklenburg Western Pomerania), Dixieland, swing, Oldtimejazz and a lot of beauty plays more to the entertainment and enchantment of your guests. Without net and double ground. Simply in such a way, simply well. In the occupation trumpet, trombone, Helikon and banjo title from the traditional jazz literature, anew worked on makes music these small Marchingband. In the morning, at noon, in the evening. Where you need us. We are movable. Hotline Tel. : 0172 310 3360

Film, Music & Arts -> Groups & Bands03.06.2008
Become more successful with orendatraining
We offer seminars, coaching and consulting for small businesses and owners. We teach many different strategies for creating of your own successful live the way you want it to be.

Education & Profession -> Training & Coaching03.06.2008
Everything live: Jazz From Rostock
Jazz from Rostock - Three jazz bands fancy: Swing for Fun - the professional jazz band (from trio to sextet) for almost all occasions, maintains you with the best known titles from the big time of the swing music, beswingten melodies of the last decades, popular jazz standards and many things more.

The Marching Saints - the mobile jazz band (from duet to quintet) plays for you Dixieland, swing, Oldtimejazz and nice songs to the entertainment and enchantment of your guests. Without net and double ground. Fritzings Dixie Crew - the good mood of the Baltic coast, always proves in arrangements of the most different kind to inspire her property the audience with jazz music from the last time (from quartet to septet).

Film, Music & Arts -> Groups & Bands03.06.2008
Live Chat Software, Live Help with Voice, Video Mail
Skymol Communicator is a new web-based customer service and live help system using Voice, Video, Text Chat. On-demand customer service software, help desk software for online sales and customer service. It is completely web-based, no software download. Our solution establishes a powerful communications interface, creating a live real-time voice, video connection between an agent and a web site visitor.

Key features of Skymol Communicator are the following: Real time Voice, Voice/Video, and Chat Communications; Voicemail and Videomail (If your agents are offline, your customers can leave them a voice or voice and video mail or text message instead. ); Push Page; File Transfer; Call and Chat Transfer; Audio and Video Messages while on hold (Target your customers with field specific audio and video messages. Show them your new products, services, business related information, etc. Don`t let their attention get lost while they are on hold. ); Voice, Video Record; Email Transcripts; View and Search past Chats and Voice, Video Conversations; Usage Statistics; Customizable Skin, etc ... You can try a fully-featured Business Edition account with your own website.

Computers & Networks -> Software & Freeware27.05.2008
Sugar Daddy Verena Pötzl
The rock and blues band in Tyrol, which has recently Their New Single CD Like an Ealge published. Star Mania winner Verena Pötzl with your Sugar Daddys. Press reports and presentation were top. The group "Sugar Daddy" with Rock tube Verena Pötzl starts. About 300 invited guests from the music - and organizers scene took place yesterday on 13 December in the scene-bar "Bawa Lounge" in the Zillertal to the premiere of the new rock band SUGAR Daddy with the former Star Mania winner Verena Pötzl energetic as a front woman.

The front woman / singer:
Verena Pötzl was the Star Mania-winner in 2003. With their first single "Addiction" landed it in February 2004, immediately a number-one hit in Austria. The accompanying album "Taken Unaware" landed fifth place on the Austrian charts. After their last single, "Live Olympic" Verena Pötzl took a break to play now at full strength again career. Excerpt from "Austriancharts. at" Verena Pötzl interprets the Coca-Cola anthem at the Olympic Winter Games 2006. Produced and composed was "Live Olympic" by none other than Nasco, Atanas Nasco Kovatchev. Nasco worked in his career with calibers as Tina Turner, Joe Cocker or

Film, Music & Arts -> Groups & Bands03.06.2008
dokimoo graphic
Welcome to dokimoo graphic. On my website you can browse through about me and my world. Currently I live in Hamburg. With retraining to media designers I enter the graphical career. Here you´ll find some galleries works.

I´m playing lute, flute and harmonica. Currently I am member of a flute circle at the VHS and have a home music circle. Art is also one of my hobbies. I regularly visit the artgroup. Works of art you´ll find in my artgallery. Just as the Japanese way I cook on my gallery photos of delicious food but also recipes. I love bonsai plants and prefer carnivoren and geraniums.

Film, Music & Arts -> Painters & Drawers03.06.2008
Webdesign from the best for the best
Dear visitor, it simply is a home page no more wearable meanwhile to drive, that were "made" by the neighbor once years ago. Colorful - blinking and unclear web sites, defective left and no more customer accepts overlong drawer - times nowadays, and simply clicks away.

A professional appearance however, puts you and your business in a quite different light and mediates from the first second at a positive impression. Alone however, user-friendly design is not enough. The correct interplay of content, design, technology and marketing is your success-guarantor.

A particular highlight of our agency is that we work with a test - webspace. That is, you can with-experience each step of the development - phase virtually live in the internet through a login and can install amendments so without any problems.

Internet & e-mail -> Web Design & Graphics03.06.2008
Fashionradio the Electronical Community - Radio, Chat, News, Pics
Fashionradio is a radio for young people who loves electronical music. Fashionradio Plays the newest music from many live djs. We had more than 60 Live dj shows. Be a part of Fashionradio, joint it and become a member.

Internet & e-mail -> Internet Radio & MP328.05.2008
auraPC the Everywhere PC
Access your auraPC from everywhere - Create mobile workplaces, home employments and workgroups. Central and simple administration makes the work of the IT much easier.

You have any 24/7 access to your applications, documents and personal settings no matter whether you use a computer, to a laptop, a mobile phone or other Internet capable devices. Offer your customers software live at the possession or present your ideas directly from your auraPC without nasty copieing of data and fonts. At the moment only avalable with WIN products.

Computers & Networks -> Network & technology27.05.2008
German News
The editorship of GERMAN NEWS reports daily on interesting pieces of news in the surrounding field journey & mobility. The message scope concerns foreign vacation regions, live reports (live streaming) of events (e. g. Octoberfest Munich) beside up to date messages in Germany and foreign country, reports over electronic components for mobile communication (government inspection department, WLAN, Handy), journey Accessoires, route planning, navigation, portable audio PC and video technology on the way.

Media & Press -> Online Newspapers01.06.2008
Live and Death
Contains several short stories of horror up to dramas and strokes of fate. It put the note aside and saw inside, but which saw Karin shifted it in frightening. In the package was a dead rat. Karin held itself the hand before the mouth, in order to suppress cry, afterwards took it the package like also the note and threw everything into the garbage. As Karin, again in the house, rang the telephone went. After it removed the listener, did a voice announce itself said: "Why throws you my gift into the garbage? at the other end"

Culture & Events -> Books & Literature27.05.2008
TownKings - Feel the real life
TownKings invites you to the TownFlirt: Free Dating right in the same city where you live. It is getting more difficult, to get to know people in everyday life - for the quick flirt, for the love of your life or simply just to share your hobbies. Dating in the internet usually offers the solution - it’s in most cases very expensive and nationally oriented. TownKings, the new local Social Community, invites you to the TownFlirt: On the virtual city map, people who are ready to flirt within the immediate neighbourhood are rapidly found. Of course free of costs.

The internet connects people in a global scale. The Social Community TownKings gives the main point to the local sector and allows all users to advertise themselves free of charge.

With TownKings people from the immediate neighbourhood find oneself rapidly. Each member of the community is represented with an appropriate small icon in order to be seen in the city map. Via a mouse-click, it would be possible to read particular information concerning a particular person - with photo, contact information and personal description.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Flirt chats & Communities01.07.2008
Webdesign, ASP.NET - PHP Programming & SEO - Cologne
Our company from cologne designs and programs your website with php and asp. net. Our webshop, news/rss module and our framework php-controls help us building your website cheap und fast. We´re also engaged in search engine optimization (SEO) and consult you to build a site performing well in google, yahoo or live search. Moreover, we register your website on important web directory.

Internet & e-mail -> Web Design & Graphics24.06.2008
Devisenhandel mit eToro
The eToro forex platform is designed to make the online forex market understandable to traders on their first trade. You only need a $50 deposit to get started. The eToro forex software displays your trades using dynamic visualizations, so you can literally watch your trades go. Hone your forex trading craft by using our eToro´s online forex tutorials, trading guides and unlimited practice mode with live forex rates.

If you´re a forex trading expert, we think you´ll love eToro because: The eToro platform has a remarkably intuitive interface that enables you to forget about fumbling with bulky forex software and focus exclusively on your trades. The eToro forex software provides you with all the forex trading tools you need: online forex charts, graphs, financial updates, trading orders and leverages ranging from 1:10 to 1:400.

Economy & Finance -> Capital & Investment27.01.2009
England-jobs offers information about great britain. This site shows you how to live and to work in great britain. In addition there also a lot of nice information about lifestyle and culture.

Education & Profession -> Working abroad08.11.2008
Free Online Games
Play free online games at Fettspielen. de and find over 600 editorially selected free browser games. You will find new action games, shooter games, dress up games, racing games, sports games and many more. Our community is active, rates games, comments games. Users even share gamers profile pages allowing them to compete with each others highscore. Play the best online games live.

Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser games24.03.2009
Goalstar Football Manager Browser Game
Goalstar Football Manager ist a exzellent Browser game. You will fight against other football fans and you have to manage your own football team. Live-games, league matches, cup ties, promotion und relegation. Play against Teams from the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and Engand. Join Goalstar, play Football and have fun.

A special highlight in Goalstar is the live game. We won´t tell you too much, but: You can change your team strategy during live games, substitute players and change your formation. Be aware: Your player´s fatigue rises during the match.

Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser games29.01.2009
Cheap International Airline Tickets and Discounted Wholesale Airfares
Cheap International Airline Tickets and Discounted Wholesale Airfares is what makes Prime Travel Deals a leader in discounted international travel market. Recently, we have added new features and solutions to make ourselves even better. Prime Travel Deals is an ultimate place to buy a cheap airline ticket. Few reasons that would make us better then our competitors:

Specialization: unlike our competitors that sell all travel products, we specialize in cheap international airfares. Our strongest product is a discounted international airline ticket. We negotiate with international and domestic airlines for volume discounts, thus making it possible to surpass our competition in both quality and quantity discounts.

Instant Live Support: All calls are answered LIVE. We instantly check availability to surpass our competition by manually searching and combining the flights and connections that an automatic reservation system bypasses, thus giving you more options to get the best value for your money. 24 hours 7 days per week live personalized professional assistance.

Holiday & Travel -> Travel agencies & Portals29.01.2009
Frey Construction & Home Improvement - Quick and Painless News
Quick and painless home improvements - We believe in and live by Quick and Painless Home Improvements. We will concentrate on completing the project as quickly as possible, while at the same time being as unobtrusive as possible. In the past, over 50% of the work we did was for repeat clients or referrals. During the past few years, this number has risen to almost 70%. The only way we will complete a project is to educate the decision makers on all of the options necessary for a successful remodeling (re-roofing) project. Most companies concentrate on low price - we will only recommend roofing systems in the form of good, better and best. My first question when working with you would be how long you plan on owning the building?

Blogs - Weblogs -> Company blogs03.02.2009
LTD Painting
All kinds of painting service around Maine and New England. Houses, apartments. Exterior and interior work. Unbeatable prices for high-quality service in the shortest possible time. We are working since 1992 and have hundreds of happy customers. Colorize your life - paint your house with us and Live in The Dream. LTD Painting company.

Craft & Services -> Pictor Painters & farms04.02.2009
CES UK - Car Parts distributor - Exhaust Specialist
CES is one of the UK’s leading motor factors and car parts distributors, well known nationally as the exhaust and catalytic converter experts; we also have 16 local branches supplying a full range of car parts. "Never say no”. That’s the CES mission, whatever car part you need. We can and do live up to this promise because we have a genuine desire to meet every need and we hold the broadest range of any single site in the UK to help us fulfil it. CES operates a UK next day delivery service from its distribution centre in Chester. We also have an ever expanding branch network that reaches customers across the North West, Midlands, North Wales and the Isle of Man.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Car Care & Maintenance07.02.2009
Gelert Camping & Oudoor
At Gelert we know a thing or two about camping. Well you don´t live in Snowdonia, the UK´s adventure capital, for 30 years without picking up a few pointers. Which makes us just about the perfect people to talk to about tents and all the camping gear you will need for the perfect family holiday.

With our tents you don´t have to be a whiz at industrial engineering to get them to stay up - because our clever team have done all the hard work for you. All you need to think about is how to pack it all into the car making sure you leave enough space for the kids.

Holiday & Travel -> Camping & Outdoor12.02.2009
James Rawson - UK Session Drummer
Experienced Session drummer available for Sessions, Deps, Touring and Tuition. Specializing in Function bands James covers all styles from Pop to Rock and Soul to Jazz with everything inbetween. Performances range from local pub gigs to live radio broadcasts to audiences of 400, 000 aswell as 5 years onboard cruise ships and hotels abroad.

Regular gigs for: The Rhythm Junkies, On The One, Dirty Mojo, The Quantum Project, The Right Perspective and Carl Sinclair. James is a true professional, hardworking drummer with great groove and feel. Click friendly and good sight reader. Qualifications include Grade 8 Drums (Distinction) and Diploma in Popular music.

Film, Music & Arts -> Musicians & Composers21.02.2009
The Nanny Network Agency
We travel to Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Cyprus and Israel to interview our prospective applicants. We provide you with assistance every step of the way to ensure you qualify to work as a live-in caregiver in Canada and contact is continuously provided to ensure your are updated with the status of your application.

Application forms can be submitted In person and through Regular Mail or e-mail. Post placement and re-placement assistance is available as well as phone, e-mail and Nanny Network assistance is available to help you with any of your questions or concerns.

Family & Children -> Kindergarten & care27.02.2009
Joop! Thrill fragrances
The joopthrillfragrances. com site presents the new Joop . Thrill fragrance. Live the experience and watch the video. If you could bottle the Thrill of their nightly forays into the metropolis from the adrenalin burn of flirting in darkened bars and falling together into a taxi, the night not over and everything still possible, then this would be it.

They are free, sexy and want to get it on down at all the best places in town. The Joop. Thrill couple have the vigour and verve to toy with the limits and take centre stage for a high voltage roller-coaster ride through the limitless possibilities of the modern urban oasis.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Perfume & Cosmetics10.03.2009
Bremer Geschichtenhaus at Schnoor quarter
Take a journey through the past of Bremen. Bremen´s history and stories to be amazed, laugh and shudder - presented live. In our "living" museum experience the city´s (hi)storys from the middle of the 17th until the early 20th Century told and played alive by celebrities from Bremen. So far, unique in Germany.

Culture & Events -> Museums & Online Museums10.03.2009
myTerra.TV - Reptiles live
Share your videos, clips and pictures with the reptiles-scene. Highquality videos, funny clips, caresheets, enclosure design ... anything you will find at myTerra. TV.

Nature & Animals -> Terrarium animals09.03.2009
Floidayflat Zugspitze in Kruen
Hannes Holzer Holiday flat, your free time in wide "Oberen Isartal" situated in the Alps Region Karwendel, rents you a luxurious well-appointed Holiday flat were you can live and spend the holidays just as comfy as you are at home. Enjoy the plainly and unobstructed view from the balcony all the way up to the highest peak in Germany ...

In our 85m² of fully equipped flat with extras, you will have a guaranteed good time. Dishwasher, LCD TV set Cinema calibre as well as WLAN and phone will make living in our flat even more beautiful. You can use the house´s own garage equipped with a remote controlled door at a preferential price. Otherwise a cost-free parking place for your car would be at your disposal.

In close vicinity of the House in Kruen you can find Gifts, Cafes and Restaurants. Just at our Holiday flat begins in winter the cross country ski track. All in all you can find a length of approx. 150 km of ski track for all difficulty levels, classic and skating to complete your ski holiday in Kruen. Just go to the door and advance directly on the ski trail. Pure ski holiday guaranteed. If you feel like hiking, you can do this starting from near the house.

Holiday & Travel -> Apartments09.03.2009
Freshwater shrimp and crayfish
Roland Blankenhaus is a german hobbyist invertebrate breeder specialiced on shrimp and crayfish. He invites you to have a look at this interesting hobby. Read about how they live and how you breed shrimp and crayfish. There are a lot of nice crays like the ornage dwarf crayfish (CPO) and crystal red shrimp or blue tigershrimp - all of them are dwarfshrimp up to three centimeter of size. Come on in and have a look - you are always welcome.

Nature & Animals -> Aquariums Pisces09.03.2009
Snoloha - Lifestyle Apparel
Snoloha [sno - loh - hah], n. A lifestyle shared by those who live, play, travel, vacation, relax, or simply enjoy life somewhere between the islands and the arctic. Surfwear, Streetwear, Boardwear etc. Caps, Shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies etc. Snoloha - The new label from the US, now available in Europe.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Fashion & Clothing09.03.2009
Airport Guest House Maria Hefke
We offer low budget vacation rentals and charming studios close to the International Airport Frankfurt with good access to the major motorways (taxi fee to the airport 15, - EUR, within 9 km distance). Only approx. 10 rapid-transit railway minutes far away from downtown Frankfurt you live here in a 2007 finished modern new building with all comfort and nevertheless without aircraft noise (excellent transport facilities).

A kitchen belongs to each vacation apartment/studio to the self food supply, satellite TV and wireless InterNet connection (in both houses available) is offered. Numerous restaurants, traditional pubs and major Shopping Centres within 5 minute walk. Great value base for fairs in Frankfurt am Main, business events in Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurt sight-seeing holidays.

Holiday & Travel -> Apartments17.05.2012
Slawa is an international known Live Artist who manages to turn his impressions of people, encounters and emotions into unique works of art in the most fascinating ways. His expressive drawings become artistic snap-shots of your events and create an unfading memo value.

Film, Music & Arts -> Painters & Drawers09.03.2009
Sonmar Christian Books & Gifts
Christian Gifts and books. Unique Bible player with mp5 function. It is the only Bible player in USA. It has built-in Old and New Testament. Video player support mp4/ mp5 format. Listen to and record Live radio program with FM radio function. Olive wood pendants also anointing oil with Lavender scented.

Faith & Religion -> Christianity15.03.2009
Krabi News and Living guide
Formed in February 2001, Krabi Post has become an exciting platform for free classified advertising and online communities in Krabi, Thailand. Krabi Post - online English newspaper for people who live or visit Krabi Province in south Thailand. Krabi flights informations, daily news, classifieds ads, maps of Krabi, business listings, community news and practical living guides.

Holiday & Travel -> Country portal, travel guide23.03.2009
Web Analytics & Live Support with NewElements
NewElements brings new approaches for successful e-business through intelligent combinations of web analytics, behavioral targeting and live support systems. NewElements offers innovative advice and practical help with implementation. All in one web analytics, live chat / live support system, realtime user tracking, behavioral targeting.

Web & Ranking -> Information & Statistics13.03.2010
Export hot massage stone
We are professionally processing and exporting hot and cold massage stones such as black basalt (lava stone ), blue pearl, white marble, jade, chakra stones and other sedimentary stones. Our black stones can be machine-cut and polished, also can be natural shapes.

We also offer stone heaters, engraved spa hot rocks, jade and cow horn gua sha tools, net stone bags, engraved garden stone, word stones, wishes stone, semiprecious stone. If you are interested in them, pls contact me.

Health & Medicine -> Massages09.04.2009
Online chat software
Developer provides online technical support software for website operator to communicate with visitor. Download online live chat software for website to communicate with website visitor and organization members to provide them online solution.

Internet & e-mail -> Chat systems & Software14.01.2010
Luxury Villas in the heart of the Cretan countryside
Villas with pool in the heart of Crete. Typical Cretan village, stunning views, wineyards, mountains and seaview. Live how the local lives, in an authetic village in a luxurious villa with pool. Heraklion is only 10km away. Close by you can visit the Minoan Palaces of Knossos, agia Triada, Gortys and the cave on the soutcoast of Matala. Local homemade food, wine and organic food available.

Holiday & Travel -> Family vacation16.03.2010
Spanish Learning Programa Amazon
We offer Spanish lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced students in an ecological environment. Opportunities to live with an Ecuadorian family and volunteering options with indigenous communities. Studying Spanish with the Spanish Learning Program Amazon in the village of Sucua in the Ecuadorian rainforest provides all this and much more. In an atmosphere of support, openness and understanding you can learn the Spanish language and also learn about the very special way of living in the jungle.

Education & Profession -> Languages & Courses12.03.2010
Chinese language school
Chinesesphere is online school to learn chinese language for Travel, Education, Career and Business purpose with Chinese culture. Learn chinese with native speakers, experienced teachers, live online or offline video conference, telephonic instructions and many other easy methods.

Education & Profession -> Languages & Courses14.01.2010
Osteccom - Australian Excellence
Domain name registration and website design. Security SSL & Hosting Provider. Discount "Top Level" domain names available for a limited time. Live "Online" Help Desk service. Customised Web Design Services. Inquire today for special rates.

Internet & e-mail -> Domain name registration14.01.2010
Macro photos of insects an spiders
Insects live almost everywhere on Earth. They are highly specialized and there are about 30 million different species. Insects can have body sizes from 0. 2 to 330 millimeters. What is common to all insects is the highly visible breakdown of the body into three parts: head, chest and abdomen, and the presence of three pairs of legs.

Arachnids, in contrast to insects, have 8 instead of 6 legs. Instead of compound eyes arachnids have 8 simple eyes. The head and chest are one unit (prosoma). The prosoma is followed by the abdomen which is not divided and mostly appears in a bigger size.

Nature & Animals -> Insects & Spiders16.01.2010
People´s Choice
People´s Choice, the original metric of pop culture, is dedicated to providing entertainment fans with a platform to express their opinions. The annual People´s Choice Awards live telecast gives fans a chance to honor their favorite entertainers, while the People´s Choice official website, peopleschoice. com, lets enthusiasts voice their choices year round through polls and contests.

The People´s Choice Awards celebrates fan favorites in music, movies and television and is the only major awards show where real people - not industry insiders - determine the nominees and winners, setting it apart from other awards shows.

Film, Music & Arts -> Stars & Starlets08.03.2010
Building Your Body
Weightlifting is all about setting goals and exceeding your personal boundaries on a weekly basis. To become stronger, more balanced, healthy, full of life and more energetic. To bolster your self esteem and add charisma to your every day appearance. The above are all ´side effects´ of regular exercise, working out, healthy eating habits and proper sleep and relaxation. Do you want this ´improved quality of life´ also? I´m convinced that your success in other sports and your daily life will find a solid base in weight training.

I would like to say a special thank every author that has contributed in the early stages of the development of this exercises and workout related site. With their help this site has become a huge ´starting point´ for many eager-to-learn fitness and drug free bodybuilding enthousiastics. I wish you all the luck and personal success reaching and surpassing your live goals through weight training.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Bodybuilding15.03.2010
HBR1 - Music on Futurenet
To listen in our streams you need a player that supports the Ogg Vorbis, or the AAC+ streaming format. Radio, audio, video, psy, trance, party, base, open air, indoor, club, house, ambient, music, sound, mp3, live, stream, media, flash, goa, psychedelic.

Internet & e-mail -> Internet Radio & MP315.03.2010
Healthy Food Guide
We know you are busy. So we promise to make it easier to eat well, not harder. We live in confusing times, with more product choice than ever. It sometimes seems that everything is good for you and everything is bad for you - it’s hard to know who to believe.

At Healthy Food Guide you will find accurate and unbiased information about healthy eating. We give you simple answers to important questions on food and health. Healthy Food Guide makes it easy and enjoyable to eat well and feel great.

Food & Enjoyment -> Biological Products20.10.2010
80 Licks Ice Cream Cafe
80 Licks Ice Cream Cafe is a gourmet ice cream shop specializing in HOMEMADE ice cream, Italian style gelato, sherbet, sorbet and Italian ices. We use REAL whip cream and have milk shakes, malts, sundaes as well as an assortment of ice cream cakes and novelties. To compliment these cool treats try one of our hot coffees, espresso, cappuccino or latte.

Re live your younger rock n rolls dreams ... and stop by 80 Licks ice cream to experience all our rock n roll flavors. All our flavors are made daily at the store and reflect a rock n roll artist or song. We change our flavors weekly to honor some of our favorite artists as well as honor your suggestions for new flavors. So come on in for your favorite ice cream or your favorite rock star flavor and check out the rock n´ roll memorabilia.

Food & Enjoyment -> Ice Cream & Cafes16.03.2010
Indian Valley Meats USA
Indian Valley Meats is a family-owned custom processor of fish and exotic meats, including reindeer, venison, buffalo and all of Alaska´s wild game animals. The company is nestled in the scenic town of Indian, Alaska where the mighty Chugach mountains meet Cook Inlet just south of Anchorage. We keep live reindeer and other exotic animal and birds at our facilities to bring Alaska´s Nature into our daily lives.

Indian Valley Meats was built around Doug Drum´s outdoors lifestyle. He founded the company next to his cedar home in the scenic town of Indian, Alaska, where the Chugach mountain range meets the Pacific Ocean. In the early days, the plant mostly processed game and fish brought in by locals who were putting up food for the winter. Doug even processed native foods for some of the rural villages.

Food & Enjoyment -> Meat & Wild27.11.2011
Find a Marriage Partner
www. findamarriagepartner. com has been helping people to find their life partners for many years. We serve our customers to the best of our abilities. We have representatives in many parts of the world: Australia, New Zealand, U. K., Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France, U. S. A., Canada and many countries in Asia.

We offer personalized service to customers. www. findamarriagepartner. com assure confidentiality, so you can seek assistance in your partner search with confidence. In order to help parents whose children live in foreign countries, www. findamarriagepartner. com very often advertise in leading newspapers in the world.

www. findamarriagepartner. com is a non profit oriented organization and we serve people of all ages, ethnicities, national origins and religious beliefs to find compatible partners. We believe that compatibility is very important for a happy marriage and to enjoy a long term relationship.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Advisor partner search18.03.2010
Singles Travel Vacations and Events
Nowadays, many people avoid settling down until they are much older. Everyone loves the freedom of the single life; the ability to come and go as they please. No one likes to be tied down and there is nothing more freeing or liberating than being single. Singles can go out, meet people, and take advantage of everything life has to offer. They live life unabashedly and without worries. The allure of the single life is strong, enticing many people to put life on hold and enjoy the freedom of being single.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Single-Events & Travel12.10.2010
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