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Music Equipment Store Korn
At "Musikhaus Korn" you can find all kinds of musical equipment. We offer you musical instruments, sound and light-equipment, dj- and studio-stuff. We offer about 40. 000 Products and offer all important brands. We give you 3 years warranty.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Entertainment Electronics29.05.2008
Flos lighting onlineshop
Flos lights and lamps comfortably online order. We deliver many light classics of the best known international manufacturers, no delivery charge (in germany), with 3% of discount payment with precash by bank credit transfer. We have the Flos Stylos standing light of Achille Castiglioni, e. g., camping down in 24h dispatch service. New customers receive a welcome voucher at the rate of 5 euros.

Life & Living -> Lighting & Lighting Design28.05.2008
Relax - feel good - enjoy - Hotel Marini - South Tyrol
Are you looking for a unique atmosphere? Does vacation mean nature and serenity to you? Are you looking for an exclusive bathing experience? Do you love to indulge in well-being? Does enjoyment include a breathtaking view? Do the chef´s light Italian and traditional South Tyrolean specialities whet your appetite? Do you love to end your evenings with a glass of wine at the bar? Then we look forward to welcoming you in the Hotel Marini.

Do you love gardens? Does a marvellous panoramic view over the entire valley give you the feeling of fulfilment and harmony? A journey to the Hotel Marini is then the right place for you ...

Holiday & Travel -> Holidays Tyrol30.05.2008
Bert Haller Interiors
Since the beginning the emphasis of tasks of planning are topics in and around gastronomy and hotel business; but in the list of recent works there are also pharmacies, restaurants, practices and private dwellings. Due to the originality and individuality of the results of planning and their attention in the media the meaning of tasks grew up to the planning and organization of complete hotels in a the design-oriented market segment.

These results were publishes in the USA and in Germany in different design publications and in the technical literature in Spain, England and Italy. Besides the architectural space concept, the process of interior architecture contains the development of the business idea, the corporate design, budget control, light and production layout. Within all tasks of planning, the knowledge of the profitability of a project and the attention to art stands in the foreground.

Life & Living -> Interior architecture28.05.2008
Webdesign from the best for the best
Dear visitor, it simply is a home page no more wearable meanwhile to drive, that were "made" by the neighbor once years ago. Colorful - blinking and unclear web sites, defective left and no more customer accepts overlong drawer - times nowadays, and simply clicks away.

A professional appearance however, puts you and your business in a quite different light and mediates from the first second at a positive impression. Alone however, user-friendly design is not enough. The correct interplay of content, design, technology and marketing is your success-guarantor.

A particular highlight of our agency is that we work with a test - webspace. That is, you can with-experience each step of the development - phase virtually live in the internet through a login and can install amendments so without any problems.

Internet & e-mail -> Web Design & Graphics03.06.2008
Permanent Hair Removel
My skin - Depilation without shaving - Nothing is as beautiful as my skin. Skin care belongs to our daily hygiene, like morning shaving or depilating. Thereby the healthy - and beautiful conservation of the skin is our aim. And of course each skin is as unique as your personal aesthetics.

With the skin - and hair analysis and the treatment standards, hairfree can deal each of your body-parts. Each hairfree treatment addicted to your individual hair- or skin type, promises the successful and lasting removal of undesirable hair. The gentle hairfree light method is recommended particularly to the treatment of your sensitive skin and intimate zones.

At the same time it frees your from small and even very big skin regions permanently from hair and gives you the best soft feeling of the world.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Hair Removal04.06.2008
wood-crosses from Oberammergau and Gröden
We lead wood crosses from 20 cm to a size of 1, 00 meter. Whether with or without corpus, in plastic or wood. Broncekreuze in over 50 different models up to child crosses as coming union cross or to the baptism with pictures and sayings. Carvings in different variations or as blank for their hobby to carve, as well as carving measurers and grinding wheels. And much more besides you find people art from the ore mountains such as smoking men, light sheets, pyramids, play doses, angel, angel mountains in our shop. We lead articles of companies such as Wendt and Kühn, Flade, Blank, Christian Ulbricht, Hubrig, Seiffener Nutcracker house, Ulmik and many other companies from the ore mountains.

Film, Music & Arts -> Crafts & Industry02.06.2008
Göhring effects light and lasertechnology
Lasersystems for show area, laser components, DPSS-laser, lasershows, DMX-laser, diode laser for discos, product presentations, infos on our homepage. In order to get interessting news, current special offers or general informations automatically, you only have to write down you EMail address in our newsletter data base. Please pay attention to small and capital letters.

Engineering & Technology -> Laser Technology03.06.2008
Sterilization MVX
Although nosocomial infections have been recognized since more over than 150 years but they remain a hazard to both health workers & patients. Infection control has become a formal discipline in the United States since the 1950s due to the spread of staphylococcal infections in hospitals. read more in our site.

Titanium dioxide TiO2 is a white powder, used extensively in many commercial products including paints, plastics, paper, food & cosmetic products. TiO2 is insoluble in water & sensitive as a photo catalyst to certain wave length of ultraviolet light, nanotechnology had changed its characteristics, dissolved it in water & made it sensitive to any source of light. So it can be used as a photo catalyst when exposed to any source of light.

photo catalyst It is a material which is sensitive to light excited and makes a chemical reaction when light strikes it. For example, chlorophyll in green plants is a photo catalytic material begins a chemical reaction when exposed to light, Our new titanium dioxide "MVX" when stroked by light a chemical reaction will begin causing the breakdown of organic toxins, odors ...

Health & Medicine -> Medical needs26.10.2008
Spanish Courses in Cadiz, Province
The school is located in the commercial heart of the city, 2 minutes from the famous bullring. El Puerto de Santa María is a picturesque and lively Spanish city situated on the Costa de la Luz, 20 minutes across the bay from Cádiz. It is located around the mouth of the river Guadalete. There are 22 km. of Atlantic coastline around the city, with 15 Km of beaches of fine golden sand. This coastline is known as Costa de la Luz because of the unusually clear and intense quality of the light, 3100 hours per year. The city is an important fishing port with a number of historic buildings including the Castle where Christopher Columbus stayed while planning his famous voyage to discover the "New World”, a palm lined alameda, a maze of narrow bustling streets, a lively central market and a busy shopping and commercial area.

Education & Profession -> Languages & Courses26.10.2008
LED - Trendshop for the residential and commercial are
As a professional LED dealers, we are in Hamilton for expert care about your lighting. Our goal is to deliver high-quality LEDs to provide as long as possible so that you have something like this. Our products are well coordinated and thoroughly tested.

LED lights (and halogen lamps) have become increasingly more. For good reason. To unite tangible benefits such as economy, low energy and longevity, often with superior design. So far only said the high purchase price and the lower against the light output LEDs.

But that has an end. -- The price is super, low energy consumption, design exclusive and there are also power-LEDs for residential and commercial area.

Life & Living -> Lighting & Lighting Design18.03.2009
Permanent Hair removal and Tattoo removal
Welcome at Clean Skin Berlin - Feel good in your skin. Clean Skin is your partner, if you would like to have smooth skin, free of prickly hair and, if are fed-up with the irritating shaving and depilating?

Clean Skin works with the newest IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light) method. This lets us offer you: fast and apparent better results, while being gentle to your skin. Clean Skin sets value on a fundamental and detailed consultation. Test us. Consultation appointments for a test treatment - free and without obligation. Call us now.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Hair Removal13.10.2010
Painting Courses Watercolors
Painting Courses Watercolors in munic from Birgit Busch. Our nature gives us the richest and most varied colour impressions and form plays by different light influences sometimes only unreal but sometimes completely clearly and often only of short duration. Let me show you my painting style.

Film, Music & Arts -> Painters & Drawers15.03.2009
Onyx tiles slabs sinks columns
ARC International is the leading Onyx, Marble, Granite and sandstone processing and exporting company from Pakistan. We are a leading supplier of these stones from Pakistan to the world market only due to our continued efforts for utmost quality achievement.

We stock onyx tiles, mosaics, sinks, tubs, slabs, vanities, and custom products. We specialize in Pakistan Dark green onyx, Green onyx, Light green onyx, White onyx, multi green onyx, red onyx, brown / golden onyx.

Onyx Tiles, Onyx Mosaic Tiles, Onyx moldings, Onyx Sinks & Basins, Onyx Pedestals Sinks, Onyx bathtubs, Onyx Pedestals, Onyx Columns, Onyx Balustrade, Onyx Knobs Pulls, Onyx Planters, Onyx Slabs, Onyx Blocks, Onyx Bath Room accessories, Onyx Fire Places, Onyx Table Tops, Onyx & Marble Handicrafts Products, Sand Stones Collection, Marble Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, moldings, Sinks & Basins, Pedestals Sinks, bathtubs, Columns, Pedestals, Balustrade, Marble Knobs Pulls, Planters, Slabs, Blocks, Marble Bath Room accessories, Vanity Tops, Fire Places, Marble Fountains, Marble Stair Steps, Marble Borders, Marble Medallions ...

Craft & Services -> Tile & Stone Craft21.02.2009
Awnings, Carpentry And house painting co.
Let the Aluminum Awning Co help keep Winters wet weather away from your door steps. We are aslo very helpful in the Summer and fall months, when the sun or rain are beating down your doors & windows.

An awning is usually described as a covering attached to the outside wall of a building that provides shade from the sun, protection from the rain and signage for a house. Awnings are well constructed, supported by light-gauge Aluminum-tube frames. Although awnings have a number of benefits today as a widely used consumer product, their use is actually deeply rooted in history. In Ancient Egypt and Syria, woven mats were used to shade market stalls and homes. And in the Roman Empire, large retractable fabric awnings sheltered seating areas of amphitheatres and stadiums - including the Colosseum.

Life & Living -> Home & building26.02.2009
Nós Conservation Services
We provide furniture restoration conservation and design. Conservation and restoration services include cabinetmaking, upholstery, french polishing, turning, marquetry, light metalwork, condition reporting, timber identification and traditional finishes. We provide treatments for historic joinery such as sliding sash windows, doors, panel work, fixed furniture and floors ... We also design and manufacture bespoke items of furniture and joinery either to match existing interiors or to the client specifications. Our studio / workshop has access and capacity to handle larger objects such as horse drawn vehicles. We are based in tipperary town and offer a nationwide fully insured collection and delivery service. All objects are handled professionally with care and sensitivity.

Craft & Services -> Restoration05.03.2009
Solamagic Infrared warmth - everywhere & any time
We are a specialist trading company for Solamagic equipment and we can offer you a wide product range of Solamagic electric infrared heating systems, terrace heaters, examined by MOT/GS, made in Germany, including all accessories, which goes with them, for all internal and outside applications.

Advantages: After switch on immediately warm, Solamagic warms up the people and not the air, Compatible with the movement indicator, Adjustable heat by special electric controller, No loss of heat through draught, Free of emission, this means, no direct CO2- and NOX-emission, Infrared-heaters Solamagic means, produce warmth and wellness without polluting the environment.

This extreme efficient heating method is up to 60% lost-saving in comparison with compatible gas-heating-systems or quartz-heaters, because 92% energy change to heat. Over that we offer you a professional advising to maxi mate the functionalism of the equipment, for example integrated heating systems for outside applications, light-heating advertising, light infrared heating combinations, awning lighting and sun-shade lighting.

Craft & Services -> Heating systems19.03.2009
Sedona Spiritual and Metaphysical Talk Radio Network
SedonaLights. NET and Sedona Radio Network bringing you Sedona´s Spiritual and Metaphysical Talk Radio Network bringing you Top Notch Talk Metaphyscial Radio Hosts and Guests from Sedona and Around the World. Our Hosts are all professioanl practitioners here in Sedon and Arizona. We are Love Radio, Peace Radio, Talk Radio, Light Radio, Metaphysical Radio and Spiritual Radio.

Metaphysics -> Esoteric14.03.2009
Better Education Place
Our core mission at Better Education Place is to create a caring environment where all kids develop a love for learning and have fun at the same time. We use interactive music and exciting images to heighten the educational experience.

We believe the learning experience shouldn´t be a boring and tedious task for young children or parents. When laughter and fun are introduced into the learning experience of children they are eager to be taught. We use music as one of our tools because it has the ability to encourage the learning process with little effort.

Greatness is truly hidden within our children. It is our job to bring this greatness to light. It is also in our best interest to make sure they are well equipped for school and life because our children are our future.

Education & Profession -> Tutoring & Teaching20.03.2009
The Gods Laid Bare - Myth without the pith
From the big hitting Greeks, Celts and Egyptians to the little known cultures of Bon, Olmec and Taino, we aim to provide a clean sweep of mythology. With fully cross-referenced, jargon free and light-hearted entries our encyclopedia of myth and legend is choc-a-bloc with accurate accounts from ancient times and profound answers to taxing questions. All deities are GM free and no Gods were harmed during the construction of this site.

Faith & Religion -> World Religion08.04.2009
RFT Express Couriers & Light Haulage
Welcome to RFT Express Couriers & Light Haulage, unlike many courier companies RFT Express Couriers are not just internet based, but a well established land based company using our own 3 pallet & 4 pallet vans, as well as the services of couriers all over the UK. RFT Light Haulage specialise in palletised deliveries, accommodating your needs on a cost effective basis. RFT Express courier drivers are trained and experienced in single and multi drop deliveries. RFT Express Couriers & Light Haulage can cut your costs and time, without compromising professionalism.

Retail & Services -> Freight Transport10.04.2009
Marble and onyx handicrafts, tiles, slabs
Our company specializes in finding rare and precious materials and supplying quality products at the best prices for project work and large scale installations.

Following is the variety line of onyx and marble: White Onyx, Dark Green Onyx, Light Green Onyx, Multi Green Onyx, Red Onyx, Multi Red Onyx, Brown Onyx, Multi Brown Onyx, Honey Onyx, Black & Gold/ Michaelangelo Marble, Teakwood / Burmateak Marble, Champagne Marble, Sahara Beige Marble, Indus Gold Marble, Verona Beige Marble, Boticina Green Marble, Boticina Fancy Marble, Boticina Flower Marble, Marina Pink Marble, Red Zebra Marble, Black Zebra Marble, Green Zebra Marble, Jet Black Marble, Trevera Marble, Sunny Grey Marble, Corel Marble, Fossil Marble, Oceanic Marble, Fairy Gold Marble and Chocolate Marble.

Craft & Services -> Tile & Stone Craft16.03.2010
Second hand machine sale
The company Göksu assembly machines located in the Stuttgart area since 1995, provides nationwide and abroad in German-successful services in the area of light to heavy industrial installation. Our regular customers include among others Daimler-AG.

In connection with our activity in the assembly, we also for our customers the professional and environmentally sound disposal of industrial plants, the recycling of valuable raw materials in the circulation, transport of machinery and equipment and machinery from storage.

Furthermore the re-installation on site, commissioning, maintenance and repair tasks offered. In addition, machines division, which accounted for our assembly operations, for a limited period under favorable conditions for industrial re-offered for sale. We would be pleased, even to one of your next assembly projects an attractive offer to be. For further information please contact us.

Industry & Capital goods -> Machinery manufacturer15.03.2010
Leading manufacturer and supplier of technical rubber products
D&A is a top producer of rubber hose, tubing, extrusions and mould with wide applications. Our products: Industrial hoses, including welding hose (oxygen and acetylene), LPG propane hose, water hose, air hose, petrol/oil hose, air brake hose, fire extinguisher hose, heater hose, garden hose, hose for general use. Silicone Products: Silicone tubing, Silicone hose, Silicone Extruding Profile, gasket, seals, Mouldings, washer, stopper, damper, stopper, etc. Rubber tubing: NON-toxic EPDM tubing, Silicone tubing, NBR tubing, NBR/PVC tubing, NR tubing, etc.

Rubber extrusion profiles: Gasket and sealing profile for Curtain wall, Window & Door. Clip rubber profiles. O-ring cord. Concrete pipe gaskets profiles. Molded rubber: Rubber Seal, Bellow, washer, light gasket, bumper, buffer, anti-vibration damper, rubber-metal bonded, O-ring, and others.

Industry & Capital goods -> Rubber moulding industry14.03.2010
Light For Wheelchair
WunderGlow wheelchair light is the first light designed for manual wheelchairs for night time safety and for fun. wUnderGlow wheelchair light weighs only 10 gram. wUnderGlow wheelchair light requires no mounting, wUnderGlow wheelchair light clips on to the wheelchair seat sling instantly when needed and can be instantly removed. wUnderGlow wheelchair light not only improves night time safety, it can also be used to give the wheelchair a fun "underglow" effect to pimp out the wheelchair.

Health & Medicine -> Rehabilitation07.03.2010
Hsing Chen & Chi Arts Associations USA
Founded by master John Bracy in 1976, the goal of the Hsing Chen and Chi Arts Association is to awaken serious students to the lost secrets of the masters of the internal traditions of health and empowerment. Focus is placed on understanding and use of internal energy of Tai Chi and Taoist yogic masters, healing power of ancient breath training technique, posture and body rhythms.

Our goal: merge these along with positive emotions of harmony, joy and compassion to activate advanced consciousness potential that, when linked to correctly understood body mechanics, provides for self-healing and light, effortless control of an opponent.

Although now available in many other areas, our training began in southern California, a number of instructors and groups continue to offer classes there. Regular southern California classes are held in Orange County and Los Angeles in the following cities: Tustin, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Los Angeles.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Internal martial arts16.03.2010
Toronto Mopeds
Mopeds are still the most cost-efficient means of personal transportation, whether in or around the city. Low initial investment and an almost non-existent cost of ownership make it competitive even against public transit- very low fuel consumption, cheap insurance, unfrequent maintenance and service requirements. Mopeds look small compared to a real motorcycle, but they´re built very sturdy and safe.

Their engine may only be 49cc, but they will still pull away with ease at a red light. They may come equipped with optional working pedals, so when in need you can still ride them, as a bicycle, a huge benefit over scooters. Mopeds have a low centre of gravity, thus are very stable in turns. Their braking systems, electrical equipment are up to par with any other 2-wheeler on the road. Higher-end models now come with electric and kickstart, a dual horn, disc brakes in the front and oil-injection. Their engines pass noise and emission requirements.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Mopeds20.10.2010
TruckChamp. com offers the most popular, high-demand accessories for your personal light-duty pickup truck or SUV shipped from multiple locations throughout the nation for quick delivery. Our family-owned and operated company applies exceptional customer service to all we do, as reflected in our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Best of all, we know what it takes to install the products we sell and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Originally founded as an RV sales and service company, L. O. F., Inc. designed TruckChamp. com to provide a greater reach for our products and services. Because we have been meeting the needs of truck enthusiasts in the Chicagoland area for over thirty years, we know our industry and have already done the research to purchase in bulk, thus passing the savings on to you, our customers.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Off-road vehicles12.10.2010
Featherlite trailer
When you’re looking for horse trailers, stock trailers, car trailers, motorcycle trailers, ATV trailers, utility trailers or specialty trailers, including luxury horse trailers, you won’t find a better fit than a hard working, light towing Featherlite trailer. The Online Horse Trailer Builder lets you configure Featherlite horse trailers before visiting with your Featherlite trailer dealer.

Looking for horse trailers with spacious and luxury living quarters? Then consider customizing your own unique Featherlite Country Estate horse trailer. If a car trailer or stock trailer is what you desire, Featherlite’s Trailer Selector can help you narrow your choices to the right trailer model.

For those seeking the adventure of the outdoors, a Featherlite motorcycle trailer, ATV trailer, snowmobile trailer or toy hauler can help you get there. Or choose a multi-purpose Featherlite utility trailer, cargo trailer or flatbed trailer for business or recreational hauling.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Trailers12.10.2010
Pisces Pet Emporium
Welcome to Pisces Pet Emporium’s world wide fish room. Fish from all over the world are on display and for sale. We carry everything in live fish: from exotic goldfish shipped in from the Far East, to Cichlids gathered in South America and Africa. We carry fish from Asia and Central America. The majority of our fish are captive raised on fish farms.

Along with the 350 plus aquariums full of fish, we have the largest selection of aquatic plants in North America. All our plants are under high-end light fixtures (CoraLife being one of the brand names we carry).

To go along with our impressive fish selection are all the dry goods to keep your aquarium in top form. Everything from basic goldfish bowls to custom-made tanks are available to house your favorite underwater friends.

Nature & Animals -> Pets26.11.2011
Laser Light Treatment Center
Dr. White is a prominent vascular surgeon in Marin County with over 30 years of experience. A leader in his field, he was one of the first vascular specialists to successfully treat varicose veins with lasers. Dr. White has been a driving force for improved medical care in his community and has held several leadership positions working to this end. He was Chief Of Staff at the Novato Community Hospital (NCH), a Sutter Health facility, for 17 years.

He was Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee at NCH. He served as Medical Director of NCH for 7 years. In recognition of Dr. White´s commitment to excellence, the Marin Medical Society named him "Physician of the Year".

Dr. White is certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Diplomat of the American College of Surgeons. He earned his medical credentials at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago and he completed his general and vascular surgery residency at UCLA, in Los Angeles. He is an alumnus of Williams College in Massachusetts.

Health & Medicine -> Laser treatments12.12.2011
Omega Laser Systems
With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Omega Laser Systems is a specialist low level laser manufacturer whose in-depth understanding of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is built on its long term relationships with clinical and research centres across the world.

LLLT stimulates and optimises the body’s natural healing process through controlled application of specific wavelengths of light which have particular physiological effects. Used primarily for wound healing, pain relief and soft tissue repair, it is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment modality employed in public and private health care institutions worldwide.

Health & Medicine -> Laser treatments12.12.2011
Australian opals and opal jewellery
We supply a large range of Australian opals and opal jewellery. Most of our opals are either self-mined or come directly from the miners after which they are cut at our lapidary shop in Switzerland and distributed worldwide. This way we can provide you with a wide range in variety and quality of natural Australian opals at the best wholesale prices.

Most of our opals are natural solid opals (Type 1) which includes Black Opal, Dark Opal, Light Opal and Crystal Opal. We also provide a smaller amount of Boulder Opal (Type 2) and Andamooka Matrix Opal (Type 3). Our range of products is completed with an increasing assortment of opal jewellery. In our online Opal Shop you will find a detailed description for every item. We do not sell opal doublets, triplets, synthetic opals or opal imitations.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Jewelry & precious stones10.12.2011
Find all the type of trucks at Used Trucks Deal like heavy trucks for sale, medium trucks for sale, light trucks for sale along with trailers. The types are heavy trucks, heavy duty trucks, used heavy trucks, medium trucks, medium trucks for sale, used medium trucks, light trucks, light duty trucks, used light trucks, heavy trucks for sale, medium trucks for sale, light trucks for sale.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Transport vehicles12.10.2010
Used Dodge trucks for sale
There are so many models introduced by the company which are still rocking in the form of Dodge trucks for sale and, Semi trucks for sale, Mack trucks, ford trucks, heavy duty trucks, light duty trucks, medium duty trucks, lifted trucks for sale, dump trucks & many more

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Transport vehicles12.10.2010
Manhattan Makeovers Image Consultant
Manhattan Makeovers is an image consultant firm that specializes in helping men and women from all walks of life enhance their image. We help attorneys with their wardrobe. We help middle-aged women with their hairstyles. We help men with their business and casual wear. The way we work is we provide an intake analysis of a client’s style and appearance, which includes their wardrobe and their accessories, their hair, their posture and grooming, and other factors. We then show the client how to enhance their image. We suggest hair and makeup changes for women. For men we help select suits and casual attire.

The image consultants at Manhattan Makeovers have helped celebrities and politicians, attorneys, judges, and professionals from all walks of life. Part of the process involves helping clients see themselves in a new light so that they can improve and enhance their image.

We specialize in helping clients select better shoes and jackets, a more appropriate hairstyle, and accessories that will improve their image and style. We specialize in helping artists, attorneys, and creative people. We also specialize in helping middle-aged women take decades from their look.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Image consulting29.12.2010
The Merzees a merseybeat 60´s tribute show
The Merzees are a self contained 60´s tribute act specialising in recreating that fantastic sound and look of some of the greatest bands of the 1960´s. (The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Searchers, The Kinks, Hermans Hermits, Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Hollies, Dave Clarke 5 etc ). The show is full of Number One hits from all those fantastic bands. The hour long experience, complete with full light show and costume changes, will take the listener back to the magic that was the sixties. Well where do we begin.

Ian and Steve first meet in the early eighties in Liverpool. They decided to get a band together and make millions. The first bit they succeeded in doing but they are still waiting for the the money. The band toured all those top local venues in and around the North West which gave them the grounding for playing and handling anything any crowd or venue that they would play in future. After a number of years the guys split up and went in search of fame and fortune with other outfits. Steve joined a 60´s act and spent a time on the Army base entertainment circuit out in Europe.

Film, Music & Arts -> Musicians & Composers06.03.2011
Tropical Hill: Your Development In Costa Del Sol
The development consists of 34 exclusive townhouses designed by the international award-winning architect Melvin Villarroel. Located within a gated complex with security control, situated on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean sea and Calanova golf, in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Each townhouse has been individually designed, taking care of every detail in order to take the maximum advantage of space, light and views.

A perfect combination of architecture and nature: the houses are built around exuberant semi tropical gardens, and the silence is just broken by the sound of the waterfall over the swimming pool. Nature is present wherever you look: Sierra Blanca, the sea, the sunlight, the blue sky, the colorful vegetation.

Inside our exclusive houses, the best materials have been used and unique designs become a combination of tradition and modernity. We would like to invite you to view Tropical Hill, convinced that once you visit us, you will wish to stay forever.

Economy & Finance -> Property abroad25.05.2012
Web Designing - Web Hosting - Web Design - Domain Registration
Boundless Technologies has always made sure to bring and offer something to their clients, which is cost-effective, readily available, and smart. Result cum business oriented and most of all catering the needs of the business of valued customers. In the light of that, Boundless Technologies have given a number of website solutions which are well directed as well as pocket friendly.

Internet & e-mail -> Internet agencies12.12.2011
Acmelight Company is developing and producing glow in the dark painting products for all spheres of construction and renovation, design and advertising, safety and evacuation systems. Glowing paint Acmelight TM is the revolutionary technology, working on the basis of luminous pigment, which is able to convert absorbed energy into the glowing at the darkness.

Trademark Acmelight is presented by the wide range of high-qualified glow in the dark paints. We use modern equipment and up-to-date technology, developed by our technologists during production.

All products of Acmelight TM have sanitary-epidemiological certificate, Material Safety Datasheet and European certificate of quality. Acmelight Company proposes new idea for business – glowing paints. What is it? It is a special composition, which makes painted surface to absorb the light and to emit it at the darkness. In other words, painted by glowing paint object will be glowing on its own.

Life & Living -> Lighting & Lighting Design12.12.2011
Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide Laser Show Services
Spectacular Custom High Power Laser Light Show Rental Equipment & Professional Lighting Services. We provide professional quality innovation as part of our Worldwide custom production services. We specialize in 2-30 Watts and 40-80 Watts of Amazing Aerial Laser light shows and rental production services provided for any Venue style or location custom designed for any type of event theme, concert, tour, award shows, fashion events, film special effects, corporate events, laser show displays, Holiday events, laser advertisement, company logo laser projections, product or brand marketing presentation effects, television commercial effects, text lettering and special effect animated graphics. We also provide animated lighting packages, theatrical lighting wash, film set effects, sound stage and motion picture production services. We Specialize in the WOW Factor..

Culture & Events -> Event Engineering25.11.2011
McQuade Hotels in Glasgow Schottland
The McQuade Group offers Glasgow hotel and self catering accommodation to the west of the city centre. We are a privately owned group aiming to promote quality and consistency throughout our Glasgow hotels and apartments. The group consists of the Scottish Tourist Board 4 star Acorn Hotel, the 3 star Ambassador, Albion and Kelvingrove Hotels and fully serviced self catering flats in our 3 star City and 4 star Embassy Serviced Apartments.

The Acorn Glasgow Hotel, opened in 2008 is situated in the Plush Park area of the City centre. The hotel is beautifully decorated throughout in a light green/walnut wood decor. The choice of colouring and style presents a very modern and tasteful theme throughout the Glasgow hotel.

Holiday & Travel -> Hotels24.11.2011
Cheap hair straightener
Ladies regularly learn about it again demanding in order to recognise remarkable snow boarding overcoats -- one thing which usually appearance outstanding and it is comfy since very well. These types of overcoats distinctive ooze for type and therefore are available on the market throughout lots of fantastic types and also tones. Providing a great deal associated with comfort as well as sparkle, these types of board overcoats really are a tremendous attack along with a lot of women.

What makes the actual Volvo Train station Coat Ellis consequently extraordinary? Initial, it´s their own v-science to be able to lining plan and even consistency recorded seams. Any ruggedness of the coat contains as much as the most progressive movements that you simply might make during the snow. With this particular coat, it is possible to remain comfortable and nonetheless looks impressive. These types of outdoor jackets tend to be tremendously light in weight and so are outstanding for that woman that will wants to grow to be detected on her behalf benefit table free of restricting premium quality, sturdiness as well as warmness.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Hair Fashion & Hairdressers13.01.2012
Magnetic notice board
Best offers wide range of notice boards, magnetic board - If you are looking for one of the widest ranges of A-boards on the net, look no further as we have a variety of different A boards from permanent graphics to chalkboards. We guarantee to have something to suit everyone.

Our lightboxes will make sure your customers see your advertisement. Simple and effective to update. All come with UL and CE certificates. From lockable magnetic notice boards to cork backed notice boards, we are sure you will find what you need with us. With a wide varity of styles and colours you wont be disappointed.

Life & Living -> Kitchen & Bath24.11.2011
Filipino dating
We cannot deny the fact that more or less half of the population in the Philippines wanted to fly abroad to earn higher compensation, career growth or change of lifestyle. Whatever it is, Pinoys or Filipinos abroad are growing in numbers.

Filipinos are known for being hardworking, cheerful and caring. No matter how tired and stressed they are at work, they never forget to be optimistic in some ways to lighten up the burden. Pinoys abroad usually gather around with other Filipinos during special days or any events that involves the presence of every Filipino so that they will be acquainted with each other and exchange pleasant talks and news about Philippines.

There are a lot of stories to tell regarding the new lifestyle of most Filipinos abroad experienced and encountered. Nearly all of them experiences a share of discrimination and stereotypes that Filipinos are exporters of domestic helpers and maids. There might be truth to that but people of other race should not generalize that all Filipinos living and working abroad are of that kind.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Dating portals12.09.2012
Logistics Consulting in Warehouse and Transport
Lighthouse Logistics Consulting is specialised in optimising warehouse and transport processes at producers and service providers. Experienced experts support from concept to realisation, e. g. for the outsourcing of logistics services or the implementation of a logistics controlling system.

Retail & Services -> Tranport, Storage Solutions02.06.2008
Annika Neudecker - English-German Translations
Annika Neudecker - certified, sworn freelance translator. English-German translation services. Subject areas: creative copy, website content, marketing brochures, journalistic articles and essays, tourism- and travel-related content, entertainment, culture, history.

Retail & Services -> Translators & Interpreters24.10.2010
Flos lighting onlineshop
Flos lights and lamps comfortably online order. We deliver many light classics of the best known international manufacturers, no delivery charge (in germany), with 3% of discount payment with precash by bank credit transfer. We have the Flos Stylos standing light of Achille Castiglioni, e. g., camping down in 24h dispatch service. New customers receive a welcome voucher at the rate of 5 euros.

Life & Living -> Lighting & Lighting Design28.05.2008
Terrarium/Vivarium portal - all around the terrarium and the terrarium lighting. There is free all the information on the construction and lighting a Terariums or Paludariums needed. Many pictures, a download area with helpful tools, a terrarium webcam, and much more ...

Nature & Animals -> Reptiles & Amphibians01.06.2008
LED - Trendshop for the residential and commercial are
As a professional LED dealers, we are in Hamilton for expert care about your lighting. Our goal is to deliver high-quality LEDs to provide as long as possible so that you have something like this. Our products are well coordinated and thoroughly tested.

LED lights (and halogen lamps) have become increasingly more. For good reason. To unite tangible benefits such as economy, low energy and longevity, often with superior design. So far only said the high purchase price and the lower against the light output LEDs.

But that has an end. -- The price is super, low energy consumption, design exclusive and there are also power-LEDs for residential and commercial area.

Life & Living -> Lighting & Lighting Design18.03.2009

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