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Oil paintings from Photos
The artists of ARTMaker turn your favourite photo into a handmade oil painting. We paint portraits of people and animals, landscapes, still lifes, reproductions of old masterworks and many more. ARTMaker paints your premium oil painting for your home, office, your business and so forth. Museum quality and guaranteed satisfaction at fair prices.

Ideal as a present for birthdays, weddings (e. g. portrait of wedding couple) and Christmas. Delivery in 5-8 weeks, express service in 3 weeks. We will be glad to assist you in the selection of your favourite motive and format.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Gifts24.06.2008
Nutrition USA
Nutrition. gov provides easy access to the best food and nutrition information from across the federal government. It serves as a gateway to reliable information on nutrition, healthy eating, physical activity, and food safety for consumers.

Providing science-based dietary guidance is critical to enhance the public´s ability to make healthy choices in the effort to reduce obesity and other food related diseases. Since dietary needs change throughout the lifespan, specialized nutrition information is provided about infants, children, teens, adult women and men, and seniors.

Users can find practical information on healthy eating, dietary supplements, fitness and how to keep food safe. The site is kept fresh with the latest news and features links to interesting sites.

Food & Enjoyment -> Information & Tips27.11.2011
With bloggers from all over the world, we have the latest information, photos, gossip and news stories traditional media hasn’t even heard of yet. Find, save, tag and organize your favorite blogs all in one place. You can even create a custom feed with the newest stories from blogs you love. Don´t be shy, from public discussions to private groups and shoutboxes, we have lots of ways for you to connect with the authors of the blogs you love.

We are one of the largest directories of user submitted blogs on the internet. If you’re a blogger submit your blog today to gain exposure to a larger audience. With our lifestreaming services you can follow your friend´s public feeds from sites like digg, delicious, twitter, flickr & more. All from the comfort of your dashboard. Are you a new blogger or interested in learning more about how to get started? Check out our tools section for ratings & reviews on the latest blogging tools.

Blogs - Weblogs -> Blog directories15.03.2010
Launched as Lifestyle Nova Scotia in 2002 by a small, dedicated group of East Coasters, the magazine quickly found a loyal following for its fascinating and beautifully presented articles on modern living in the province. In the summer of 2007 the publication re-branded as Lifestyle Maritimes and began an ambitious expansion, launching Lifestyle Ontario and, just months later, Lifestyle Alberta.

In June 2008 the first issue of Lifestyle B. C. arrived, making Lifestyle the country’s only true national-regional family of magazines. In 2009 the decision was made to re-brand Lifestyle Maritimes to Lifestyle Atlantic, further expanding the possibilities. Even more impressive, in just over a year, circulation has grown from 5, 000 to a whopping 75, 000 — a 1, 500 per cent increase.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Lifestyle Magazines13.10.2010
Lifestyle Magazine
Welcome to the new Lifestyle Magazine. Continuing the fine tradition of thought-provoking guests and timely topics, Lifestyle Magazine is pleased to welcome a new generation of program hosts to lead the conversations and ask the insightful questions. Please welcome ...

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Lifestyle Magazines13.10.2010
Cyprus Lifestyle portal
Welcome to Dream Lives Cyprus - the Cyprus Lifestyle portal which offers whatever help you need for beginning or maintaining your dream lifestyle in the Land of Aphrodite. All your Cyprus information found at your fingertips. You have found the most informative Cyprus site so let your fingers do the walking.

Just a few clicks of the mouse provide you with anything and everything you need to know about holidaying, tourist places to visit, moving, retiring, relocating, repatriating, living, weather, working, investing, life, or visiting Cyprus. Discover just what Cyprus has to offer you. Check out our directory for Businesses providing a huge range of local services in Cyprus, plus: Click on the highlighted words below to visit the relevant site pages.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Lifestyle Portals & Info15.10.2010
Phoenix Knitwear Garment Manufacturing Co
T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Casual wear, lifestyle wear manufacturing company having offices in India - Tirupur and China. Phoenix Knitwear Garment manufacturing company is one of the leading manufacturers of T shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, casual wear for a fashion lifestyle. We specialize in making urban clothing wear, prints, embroidery etc.. We are strong in our creations and we commit only if we are strong in it, the reason behind this is every body at Phoenix do have a strong commitment towards customer satisfactions with Quality as our prime concern.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Young Fashion13.10.2010
Filipino dating
We cannot deny the fact that more or less half of the population in the Philippines wanted to fly abroad to earn higher compensation, career growth or change of lifestyle. Whatever it is, Pinoys or Filipinos abroad are growing in numbers.

Filipinos are known for being hardworking, cheerful and caring. No matter how tired and stressed they are at work, they never forget to be optimistic in some ways to lighten up the burden. Pinoys abroad usually gather around with other Filipinos during special days or any events that involves the presence of every Filipino so that they will be acquainted with each other and exchange pleasant talks and news about Philippines.

There are a lot of stories to tell regarding the new lifestyle of most Filipinos abroad experienced and encountered. Nearly all of them experiences a share of discrimination and stereotypes that Filipinos are exporters of domestic helpers and maids. There might be truth to that but people of other race should not generalize that all Filipinos living and working abroad are of that kind.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Dating portals12.09.2012
Krabi Porperty
Finding your own share of paradise isn´t as hard as you may think. Whether you are new to the Krabi Real Estate market or an experienced investor, Krabi Property Agents has the proven track record and resources to assist you in discovering the lifestyle that is just right for you.

Our friendly and experienced Krabi Property Agents professionals will help you navigate through the many opportunities available. Our portfolio of listings boasts a wide variety of exceptional properties throughout Krabi Province. Krabi Property Agents team understand that finding luxury in paradise is worth a little searching ... and stand ready to assist you in making the most of your journey in Krabi.

Economy & Finance -> Real estate31.10.2010
Yin Yang House
The Yin Yang House website is an extension of our chattanooga acupuncture and wellness center and is offered to increase the sharing and exploration of information regarding Eastern Medicine and other complementary and alternative medicine approaches with people from around the world.

Our articles and resources are offered to help newcomers, students and practitioners alike understand and apply the principles inherent in natural medicines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and many others. From self-healing and lifestyle techniques such as acupressure, qigong, and diet to advanced acupuncture theory and clinical applications we hope you find our site a useful resource.

Health & Medicine -> Alternative medicine31.08.2010
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