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Gerold & Karoline Schodterer - Goldsmiths
In the goldsmiths Gerold & Karoline Schodterer awaits you unique jewelry design, hand-unique jewelry, wedding rings, partner rings and more.

We are an "old" team. We - Gerold and Karoline Schodterer - forward the existing since 1875 goldsmiths since 1982. Gerold 1971 with the goldsmiths started teaching, Karoline 1978 came into the team, Anneliese Ecker has already more than 30 years affiliation, and is looking forward to the board, Gabriele Plait 2007 celebrated its 15th anniversary goldsmiths and Ralph Schug - our youngest - is in the 2nd School year and polished our average age belonging to ...

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Jewelry & precious stones03.06.2008
Caricia Jewels - Goldsmiths and Jewellers
Jewelry might comfort, excite, surprise, and may be unexpected. Or it may be simply charming. Jewelry from our goldsmiths can be the right present for all occasions, especially when you intend to show your special esteem for your partner. The designs of Caricia jewelry aim at entering a new world of jewelry.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Jewelry & precious stones04.06.2008
Antique Clocks and old Technology
Antique clocks are artistic masterpieces and mechanical works of wonder. Every ticking antique clock has its own soul and history, which has been passed on from generation to generation.

If one considers the fact that clockmakers, artists, craftsmen, casemakers and bronze- and goldsmiths took months in order to create a single clock, it becomes clear how valuable such an heirloom is, especially in our fast-paced, plastic, throwaway society.

This is exactly what has attracted collectors and aficionados to such valuable gems since time immemorial. While in earlier times, the art of collecting clocks was more of a leisure pursuit for the nobility, today even less endowed collectors can take pleasure in these magnificent collectable pieces. Obtaining such a clock is an excellent purchase, bringing pleasure daily and a great return on your investment.

The chapter on "Empire Clocks” begins with the history of a man who has lovingly been acquiring rarities for over 30 years. Today, these specimens are so rare and desirable that it is difficult to find comparable quality pieces. Authenticity has always been the first commandment.

Hobby & Collecting -> Antique06.03.2009

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Quick search: School - Jewelry - World - Schools - Jewellery - German
Germany - Ranking - Design - Top - Rings - 2009 - Unique - Education
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