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Stone from Poland
Our company B&M Granity exists since 1995. We sell our products and services troughout Poland and abroad. We are producers of products made from granite, sandstone, syenit. In addition, we provide a full transportation service. It is important to note that this service can be used without placing an order for our products. To fully satisfy our customers needs, we also prepare other products to special orders. In addition, we provide a full transportation service.

It is important to note that this service can be used without placing an order for our products. If you would like to personally find out more about the quality of our products, we invite you to our head office in Wroclaw. (On your request we would be happy to forward a list detailing works carried out using our products). We are able to provide an efficient service in order to fully satisfy your needs. We can assure you of punctual delivery and a high quality.

Retail & Services -> Building materials & trade29.05.2008
TJ Marketing - Tele - Web - Direct marketing
TJ Marketing is a full service telemarketing company offering customized and cost-effective telemarketing services to meet the unique requirements of your market. If you´re looking to establish a strong business from short to long term presence on the Internet, we are the web marketing company that can help promote your business.

Website design, e-Business, web marketing and search engine optimization are just a few services you can use to connect with potential. We deliver to small and medium sized companies planning and implementation of web site design and premium software solutions for their Internet appearance.

Economy & Finance -> Marketing agencies29.05.2008
Fuerteventura Real Estate
Fuerteventura with its fantastic development over the last few years has changed from a typical holiday resort island to a new prospective home for Europeans.

For the purchase of a property without problems Forum Inmobiliaria offers you its full Service. We are an international company and work more than 27 years on the island and form a company pool of architect´s, Constructors and Investors. We are known for service & quality and we are always at the pulse of nice and exclusive living.

Our offer shows you properties like: Apartments, Studios, Bungalows, Penthouses, Villas, Golf Properties, Rural Canarian fincas. Plot´s and Investment properties like hotels or touristic complexes. We work with the Spanish Bankgroup Banco de Sabadell/Solbank and can assist in all your financial needs, such as Investments, Mortgages, etc.

All properties who are exposed on our website are on exclusive sale. We offer property on all locations of the island. Forum Inmobiliaria is the right partner for project management and is specialized to built all type of properties etc ... We have expand our Real Estate Service and offer touristic rents of selected private properties.

Economy & Finance -> Property abroad27.05.2008
Brazilian bikini waxing in bremen
Brazilian waxing is a type of waxing involving the bikini area or "Sphynx". Sometimes the terms Full Brazilian Wax, Full Bikini Wax or Entire Body Wax are used. This procedure involves the complete removal of hair from the buttocks and adjacent to the anus, perineum and vulva (labia majora and mons pubis).

It can be thought of as a more extreme form of bikini waxing. The majority of types of Brazilian waxing leave a small line of pubic hair above the vulva, commonly known as the "G-Wax. " or "Brazilian Landing Strip" / "Ticket de Metro" Another shape is the Brazilian Triangle. Waxes that completely remove the pubic hair are either termed "Hollywood" or "Sphynx".

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Hair Removal03.06.2008
Electro-Cars from MC-Elektromobile
Mobile Electronics of Sopur or electric Mobile from Shoprider, or electro-Mobile from other manufacturers can be found at MC-Elektromobile. MC-Elektromobile wants to enjoy your full confidence. In order to get this, we offer only top in the field of rehabilitation engineering. All products are already on the free market and has already established several quality defects. So do not hesitate, because whoever buys in the competition, we are not aware of or has too much money.

Health & Medicine -> Rehabilitation03.06.2008
Poster design and illustation art designed by Dirk Petzold. His posters are inspired by different Styles like: urban, retro, lounge, vintage and surf art. Check out his work and his prints. The portfolio shows a selection of poster illustrations designed by Dirk Petzold. Just click on the small images for full and large view. If you want to purchase some of the prints, look in the shop area.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Antiques & Arts03.06.2008
Sugar Daddy Verena Pötzl
The rock and blues band in Tyrol, which has recently Their New Single CD Like an Ealge published. Star Mania winner Verena Pötzl with your Sugar Daddys. Press reports and presentation were top. The group "Sugar Daddy" with Rock tube Verena Pötzl starts. About 300 invited guests from the music - and organizers scene took place yesterday on 13 December in the scene-bar "Bawa Lounge" in the Zillertal to the premiere of the new rock band SUGAR Daddy with the former Star Mania winner Verena Pötzl energetic as a front woman.

The front woman / singer:
Verena Pötzl was the Star Mania-winner in 2003. With their first single "Addiction" landed it in February 2004, immediately a number-one hit in Austria. The accompanying album "Taken Unaware" landed fifth place on the Austrian charts. After their last single, "Live Olympic" Verena Pötzl took a break to play now at full strength again career. Excerpt from "Austriancharts. at" Verena Pötzl interprets the Coca-Cola anthem at the Olympic Winter Games 2006. Produced and composed was "Live Olympic" by none other than Nasco, Atanas Nasco Kovatchev. Nasco worked in his career with calibers as Tina Turner, Joe Cocker or

Film, Music & Arts -> Groups & Bands03.06.2008
BBCommunications, Agency for Marketing & PR, Duessel
BBCommunications is an agency for strategic marketing communications. Situated in Duesseldorf we offer our customers full service starting with project planning up to project execution. Thinking entrepreneurial belongs just as well as flexibility and creativity to our competences. We assure that your messages get to your target group.

Since every positive report on your company, on your services or your products expands your degree of popularity it will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors. Due to very efficient methods we take care of our customers resources and make good public relations for reasonable budgets.

BBCommunications works with small- and medium-sized businesses. We focus on service companies. The Customers we work for now originate in trendsetting industries such as financial services, consulting, marketing research, consumer packaged goods and technologies.

Economy & Finance -> Marketing agencies03.06.2008
lexiCan 2.0 - Knowledge Organizer
lexiCan, the simple yet powerful Knowledge Management Software. For knowledge workers, scientists, students and managers. To organize research material and material collections. To built knowledge bases and project documentations. Set bookmarks, file links, pictures, tables and cross references in the context you want. Imports and edits Wikipedia articles. Features A to Z-index, multiple outline, full text search and source management.

Computers & Networks -> Software & Freeware27.05.2008
Beauty & Wellnesslounge at Welfenplatz, Your Cosmetics
We are an amazing and new Beauty center in the heart of Hannover. In the near of the Welfenplatz, you can enjoy yourself getting more and more beautiful at one of the newest and biggest Beauty centers. We have a full range of cosmetical and wellness treatments. Visit us.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Perfume & Cosmetics04.06.2008
Prosthodontics in Hannover
We offer you a full range of dental services in our dental practice. Take a look inside to learn more about our highlights. What we offer: zirconia metall-free crowns and bridges, CAD/CAM technology, veneers, telescopic dentures and bridges, immediately loadable implants and so on.

Through continuing education, quality management and investment in the latest state-of-the-art technology we are able to offer to you dental treatment to an affordable price. More complex treatments may be performed in IV general anesthesia or deep sedation

Health & Medicine -> Dentistry03.06.2008
i-sense next generation groupware suite
i-sense is the next generation of enterprise groupware featuring CRM, ERP and projectmanagement-functionality. It also offers on-demand usage and full flexibilty through modular packages.

Computers & Networks -> Software & Freeware27.05.2008
Capoeira-Mannheim-Heidelberg-Ludwigshafen-Rhein Neckar
Capoeira History - Due to many circumstances, the history of Capoeira, in part, is obscure. There are many documents and facts that can be proven, but there is also much speculation and correct and incorrect conclusions that can not be proven. There is also the popular romanticism and stories that come from the past, for generations, without historic foundation but that is accepted by many. The reality is that there are always questions without responses.

The history of Capoeira, ironically through it´s destiny, reflects the actual jogo (game) de Capoeira. In some ways it´s a charade and full of mandinga (secrets/deception). In my 27 years of Capoeira I have heard many different responses for the same question. I have read numerous books, which speak of the same subject but take totally different angles. I have spoken with and listened to, attentively, the opinion of many mestres old and young, famous and unknown. I can say that I have already read 99 percent of the published books about Capoeira, some good and some bad. I have heard many different berimbau rhythms with the same name. I have seen many of the same movements with different names.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Martial Arts02.06.2008
Foodjoker - Restaurants of the world
foodJoker. com is the first multilingual full content restaurant guide of the world. foodJoker is the only restaurant guide where tourists and business people from all around the world can search and read about thousands of restaurants in all the main cities and destinations around the globe in 8 different languages.

Food & Enjoyment -> Inns & Restaurants02.06.2008
rent a car - worldwide
We offer you the direct prize comparison with all nahmhaften suppliers worldwide, always with full insurance cover. They receive your hired car to topical current prices. We leifern to you about our contracting partners on site the carriage even to your hotel. Otherwise the carriage is ready with arrival at the airport for you. Among the rest, we co-operate with notice, hertz, European coach, car del Mar, Record rent a car, drive FTi, Dertour and Holiday cars as well as with Sunnycars. We wish you a good journey and a nice vacation. The vacation starts with Mietwagen-Brooker already at home.

Holiday & Travel -> Hire cars02.06.2008
Jelena Bulavko - soprano
The road to it was not easy, full of changes and turns. Unchanged remained one thing - the love for singing. Born and raised in Riga is Yelena in a musical family. The grandmother, Faina Bulavko, was a famous piano teacher whose students worldwide. But talent is only a precondition, as the Russian saying says: No pain, no gain.

Film, Music & Arts -> Music & Song05.06.2008
Luxury Cartransport - Gran Tour Car Service
Luxury Cartransport - exclusive cartransports for europe - Gran Tour Car Service transfers luxury automobiles separately over the highways of europe: Transportservice (pick up service and bring service), 24/7 exclusive car transport service, illuminated show, platform for events, full service car cleaning, car shelter rental

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Driving & Transfer Service27.05.2008
Zenit Werbung GmbH, bespoke exhibition booths
Zenit Werbung GmbH is an exhibition booth building company with a long tradition. The company is situated in the south of Cologne near the fairground of the Koelnmesse. English language is no problem. A full service for Non-German companies is garanteed. Clients: Bayer AG, BASF, RTL, WDR, VOX, Henkel KGaA ...

Economy & Finance -> Sales Fairs & Stand29.05.2008
Lightning get married in Denmark
Lightning marriage, express marriages in Denmark without bureaucracy - a legal alternative, full recognition in Germany and throughout the world - "West area" to marry in Denmark agency professionally organized your fast easy way to marriage in the Kingdom of Denmark. Weddings easier and cheaper than in Las Vegas, with 1, 2 or 3 duty nights, even without marriage nights in one day. As one of the few agencies, we offer flash marriage within 1 week, or one day. Our agency "West area" done everything necessary for you in a few days. Also we have the certification by the Marrige Sertificate apostille in Danish ministries within 5 working days - so that the marriage in all countries full acknowledged, because German state offices require the seal. We also speak Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.

Family & Children -> Marriage02.06.2008
AYA-watch - wonder full time
Free internet watches as Flash-Files for Download. AYA-watch is the first integral watch display. The quintessential blend of analog & digital view. Enjoy integral timing on your handset as a wallpaper, if your device is able to display Flash-Lite 2. 0. You can receive the new AYA-watch for mobile devices.

Internet & e-mail -> Home page tools02.06.2008
Film & Music Art Entertainment Law Hamburg
Full service law office offering entertainment law, copyright law, business law, advertising & marketing law Hamburg. Based in the city of Hamburg we offer legal advice and representation to domestic and foreign companies of any size or legal form as well as to private clients.

We aim to deliver the highest quality of service possible for our clients. We therefore focus on the following specialist areas: Intellectual Property Law, Trade Mark Searching, Filing a Design Application, Filing a Trade or Service Mark Application, Copyright Protection, Advertising Law, Litigation and Conflict Resolution, Technology Transfer / Ownership, Licensing (Trademark, Software, Copyright), Information Technology & Media, Assistance to Foreign Companies.

Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & Lawyers02.06.2008
English at Work GmbH
We provide training programs of excellence in business communication to companies and professional people. English at Work addresses the business communication needs of non-native English speaking professionals. We are a full-service training provider for businesses of all sizes as well as individual people. We have branches throughout the EU, North America and East Asia.

We use the most modern training resources and materials. If required, our English training programs can be combined with Computer-Based Training (CBT) for a blended learning training solution. Please contact us to learn more about us and our programs and to find out how we can help you or your organization improve your business communication.

Education & Profession -> Languages & Courses24.06.2008
English in Dublin, Ireland
English courses in an accredited English Language school in the centre of Dublin, Ireland. Courses all year, all levels. Summer courses for teenagers aged between 12 and 17 during July and August. All accommodation in host family, full board. Teenagers are picked up at the airport and returned at the end of the course. Adult can reserve an airport transfer service for when they arrive. Activities are included in the price of the course. Also Spanish courses are available in our school in the south of Spain. Special offers for school groups.

Education & Profession -> Languages & Courses26.10.2008
Summer Spanish Course for Teenagers and school groups
A summer course in Spanish for students aged between 14-16. 3 hours of Spanish classes Monday to Friday with activities. Full day excursion Saturday. Accommodation with Spanish Families, full board. Special offers for school groups during the summer and all year. Ages for the school group from 12 years old. Accompaning teacher has free accommodation and activities.

Education & Profession -> Languages & Courses26.10.2008
Maintenance software Abadoc
maintenance software Abadoc is the perfect way to manage your preventive maintenance, brake downs and work scheduling. Download the full funktion demo-software now. Abadoc will be the best program to manage your work, preventive maintenance and brakedowns. Download now the full funktion demo-version and have a test.

Computers & Networks -> Software for branches06.11.2008
Horse-Farm in the South west of Turkey
Come and feel like home. For familys or single person available. Watersport, Walking, Biking, Trekking, Ridinglessons ... all what you want Apartment or Guest Rooms at the Ranch.

Horse riding holidays in Turkey, the country where East meets West. Turkey is a land full of wonder and historic sites. If you are looking for a horse riding holiday that offers great riding, great horses and culture then this is the destination for you.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Horse & Equestrianism11.11.2008
Car hire - rent a car Crete Airports and Hotels
Budget Car hire - Rent a Car Crete from Crete Airports or your hotel. All inclusive rates with no hidden extras contain full insurance - no own risk, unlimited milage, second driver, emergency number, road assistance, map of Crete. Childseat free upon request.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Car rental08.11.2008
Extensive collection of poems
Largest privately operated collection of poems at World Wide Web. Here you will find more than 3000 poems from more than 2000 years of poetry, poetry of all periods and styles. Includes a full-text search, and the opportunity to evaluate poems and comment them. Here, you are exactly right when you´re looking at poems for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversary, anniversary etc.

Culture & Events -> Books & Literature07.03.2009
Modern Dentistry Nina Hartmann - Darmstadt - Germany
We would like to introduce ourselves as a specialized dental office in Darmstadt. We are committed to give our patients the most technical and modern dentistry as possible and to pay them our personal attention and full sympathy. We take time to discuss your needs and requests in detail and to satisfy your individual wishes and demands.

Our staff is supposed to organize your treatment as convenient as possible. We would be pleased to make you feel comfortable with our individual support. Our office uses modern network. Furthermore we cooperate with a German state of the art dental laboratory with highest aesthetic demands in manufacturing.

We are proud to offer you modern dentistry on a solid scientific basis. To get a profound education we studied at a highly acclaimed German university. Membership in different scientific societies and regular training guarantee the latest level in dentistry development. We offer a dentistry that changes your life in a positive way. With a charming and winning smile you will have a successful appearance both in your private life and in business. We are pleased to meet you.

Health & Medicine -> Dentistry08.11.2008
Pearl Hotel Frankfurt
Welcome to Pearl Hotel in Frankfurt am Main - After full renovation of the building and the interior the new Pearl Hotel was opened in September 2008. From the outset the plans on how to renovate the hotel focused on the needs of business travellers.

Today our completely renovated 4 star business hotel awaits our international clientele offering an awe-inspiring design and a comfortable feeling the very moment you enter. The rooms are equipped in modern and thought-out style. Two sun terraces as well as our hotel bar invite you to relax after a strenuous working day.

Our service team together with the pleasant and quiet atmosphere guarantee that every wish of our guests is taken charge of making their stay as pleasant as possible. The central location of the Pearl Hotel is another highlight and serves as an ideal starting point for your private and business activities in "Mainhattan".

Holiday & Travel -> Hotels20.10.2010
Lawyer in Plovdiv, Bulgarien
Lawyer’s Office Kristina Kenarova has been active since 2002, providing a wide spectrum of lawyer’s services - from legal advice and service on subscription basis for corporative clients to a procedural representation in civil and criminal cases.

The office is specialized in servicing Bulgarian and foreign legal and natural persons, mainly from Germany. All services are in Bulgarian, German and English. The Office offers the Following Services:

Legal consultations: in oral or written form, Legal consultations, connected with real estate, Prepare and obtain documents, permits, licenses, Agency in seeking and offering real estate, Draft and amend all kinds of contracts - civil, corporate, trade, title deeds and contracts in notary form, Preparation and legal aid for conducting negotiations, Procedure representation in all courts and instances in Bulgaria, Full subscription legal servicing for companies, Assistance for receiving credit lines, Assistance for finding office premises, Assistance in finding and selecting company staff, Assistance for connecting with Bulgarian companies in the trades by client’s criteria, Selection of trade

Society & Politics -> Legal Advice & Lawyers22.10.2010
Selfmade pixel formed smileys, show in different smiley gallerys and for using in guestbooks. Also you can communicate about the smileys or you can tell me your wishes. The smiley gallery is full of free smilies and emoticons you can use for your comments or mails.

Exclusive smilies were made for special projects and can only be used with permission from me. SimpleSmile is about my art and projects. You are welcome to comment on the smilies you like or dislike. There is also a vote for smiley of the month / year. So go vote.

Internet & e-mail -> Graphics & animated gifs18.03.2009
Sino-Link Consulting
Sino-Link Consulting is a comprehensive consulting firm based in Beijing, aiming at providing the full spectrum of international business and legal consulting services for clients interested in manufacturing, investing, or opening an office or factories in China. Sino-Link is a specialist in guiding SMEs, and family-owned businesses to expand their operations in China.

At present, Sino-Link has two subsidiary companies -- Limin Law firm and Century-Dragon Intelligence Co., Ltd.. Both of them were founded in 2002. The two subsidiary companies have extensive experiences in establishing and managing operations in China, conducting financial analysis and due diligence on acquisition and partner targets, and developing markets from scratch.

The One-Stop services provided by Sino-Link are recognized as convenient, efficient, and effective. Based on the interests of clients, Sino-Link is trying to maximize their business-benefits. The operative combination of legal consulting and business consulting make it possible to satisfy multi-demands of clients due to complex reality.

Economy & Finance -> Advice for businesses22.10.2010
Hotel Soleblu
Hotel Soleblu open all year, situetde in Rimini Centro, complete with all modern amenities, with 43 Bedrooms, the best value for money. Placed in Marina Centro, near the sea, on the main shopping promenade, in a full of life and charme frame.

You will arrived to the Hotel SOLEBLÚ full of hopes and expectations that will not be disappointed: at every time of the day you will find hospitality and profesionalism joined to the kindness that is typical of the Buglis, who have made perfect the management throughout the generations. You will fell yourselves immersed in an atmosphere rich in charme where you will spend unforgettable holidays.

It is wholly air-conditioned and equipped with the most modern conforts, following a refined style that is attended in every particular.

Holiday & Travel -> Hotels25.11.2011
Resume Writing Services by Objective Resumes
Objective Resumes is a full service resume writing services company that will prepare your custom resume based on your experience and help give you a competitive advantage in your job search. Additionally, Objective Resumes offers comprehensive resources and information to assist the job seeker.

Education & Profession -> Application for a job29.01.2009
Fontanar Softlutions - Web development
We are a small, young and dynamic company. Our goal is to contribute to the growth and development of other small and medium-size businesses by enabling them to take full advantage of the Internet without they must invest much money, nor having to deviate their efforts and attention into the complex world of computing science.

Internet & e-mail -> Web Design & Graphics30.01.2009
Mechon Ohr Chadash - Hebrew Publishing Online
Hebrew Publishing For the ultimate in perfection, Splendor & magnificence in publishing. All books are published with unique expertise, from start to finish. We have worked very hard to offer you, the author, a comprehensive, affordable and quality alternative to the all too often frustrating world of conventional publishing. We offer the following services to enable you becoming a published author.

Seforim publishing & printing, including: Typing, Proofreading, Editing, Translating, Printing, Distributing, Graphic design, Signs, Logos, Envelopes, Greeting cards, Dinners Invitations. All includes in this Banners Brochures- full color, Unique expertise in editing books, from start to finish. Invitations for dinners and parties, Special Invitations that will impress all your guests, Journals and brochures Booklets and magazines at a higher standard than you ever thought possible. Also signs, memorial plaques, and all kinds of advertisement.

Culture & Events -> Books & Literature04.02.2009
BodyContours - Cosmetic Surgery
BodyContours has a list of specialized recuperation establishments staffed by qualified nurses to ensure your safety and comfort. This is an important time to ensure you heal correctly and attentively. At a recuperation establishment, you will be provided with full support and medical expertise during this healing process.

This website will allow you to find out more about the many cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments that are available. As we are not medical professionals, the information on this site should not be considered as medical advice.

Health & Medicine -> Plastic surgery04.02.2009
Janitorial Services
Full service office cleaning, building maintenance, and janitorial services in Orange County, and most of Southern California. Janitorial and office cleaning, commercial cleaning, and building maintenance in these areas: Orange County / Los Angeles, Huntington Beach / Fountain Valley, Irvine / Tustin, Anaheim / Santa Ana, Mission Viejo / San Clemente, Riverside / Inland Empire, Lake Forest / Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa / Newport Beach and Most Of Southern California.

Craft & Services -> Janitorial Service06.02.2009
CES UK - Car Parts distributor - Exhaust Specialist
CES is one of the UK’s leading motor factors and car parts distributors, well known nationally as the exhaust and catalytic converter experts; we also have 16 local branches supplying a full range of car parts. "Never say no”. That’s the CES mission, whatever car part you need. We can and do live up to this promise because we have a genuine desire to meet every need and we hold the broadest range of any single site in the UK to help us fulfil it. CES operates a UK next day delivery service from its distribution centre in Chester. We also have an ever expanding branch network that reaches customers across the North West, Midlands, North Wales and the Isle of Man.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Car Care & Maintenance07.02.2009
Dickies workwear at mammothworkwear.com
We supply workwear and protective clothing and safety footwear to industries and the general public. Our range includes brands such as Dickies, Timberland, Dr Martin, Caterpillar, DeWalt, Himalayan, New to our range is Cofra italian quality workwear and our own range of Mammoth workwear. Our products include a full range personel protective equipment such as gloves, safety helmets, ear protection, dust masks and much more including a full range of safety and protective clothing.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Work clothes13.02.2009
Full Service SEO Marketing Firm
Full Service Marketing Firm specializing in SEO, Branding, Media Placement (TV, Radio, and Print), Graphic Design, Web Design, Interactive design (Action Script), Vehicle Wraps, and More. Please see our website and then call with any questions.

Economy & Finance -> Marketing agencies26.02.2009
Parrot Society Ireland
Hello. My name is Declan Gibbons. I am the president and founder of the parrot society Ireland. We decided to set up the parrot society in Ireland after many people requested a site as there were none in Ireland. We added the web site and then went one better and published a magazine. We do this full coloured magazine every three months now and are the only parrot and foreign bird society in Ireland to do so. We offer worldwide membership. You can join online or request an application form to be sent to you.

Nature & Animals -> Birds and bird breeding28.02.2009
Auto parts and accessories for most makes
Our company 4CarOption offers top quality aftermarket auto parts and accessories at competitive prices. All of our products are OE and DOT approved. We provide parts for Honda, Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Lexus, BMW and many other cars as well. Our company offers many new items on a weekly basis, so please take some time to visit our website at www. 4caroption. com for a wide selection of parts like headlights, taillights, full body kits, etc.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Automotive Spare Parts05.03.2009
Accurate psychic readings from Sam and her team
Hi my name is Samantha Jordan and I am a busy full time Psychic & Clairvoyant working throughout the UK giving in-depth readings to my clients. Our hand picked team deliver caring and accurate readings. Many people are looking for insight in the areas of Love and Romance but also now more and more people are wanting to know what their future holds in the areas of money, work and career. Whatever your need and however small your question try our team today, you will be amazed.

Metaphysics -> Tarot03.03.2009
Dave Buin & sons removals
We are a family business offering full packing service as well as man and van service for the budget removal. We can supply all packing matereals including boxes bubble wrap & tape trolly. Straps and blankets are on board ready for your move for free quote. Please email or visit our web site.

Retail & Services -> Removal Service05.03.2009
Romania Express - Your specialist in Eastern European
We are a small modern service with the utmost seriousness, reliability and competence, all kinds of road transport to and from Romania and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary) leads. After over 15 years of direct cooperation with many carriers from Eastern countries (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary), we have a very large selection of different vehicles with and without ADR, from vans to trucks designed for heavy-armed.

We can transport you the following services: Full loads, part loads, groupage, express cargo, relief shipments, special trips, temperature controlled transport with Kuhl and Thermoplastics trucks, heavy container shipments.

Retail & Services -> Tranport, Storage Solutions13.04.2010
Intervideo - a full service film production company
Intervideo is a full service film production company located in Germany. We provide services for a wide range of projects ranging from commercials to promotional, training and corporate video. We offer casting services, voice overs, animated graphics, digital and HD production and post production and much more. We shoot and edit on all formats.

Media & Press -> Film Production09.03.2009
SPA Academy International
Wellveda The Academy is a full-service agency for companies in the spa and SPA business. Our ideas are always in the team, we are conducting skills from different disciplines together. What you have? We develop new benefits for you and assure you of potential competitive advantages. Our strength is our network. On this basis we can to meet your needs flexibly and our wealth of expertise available. Concretely this means, for example: With our training program for the Spa Manager, in cooperation with our partner TÜV Rheinland has been designed, and our training offer for spa treatments as in-house training, we offer at international level, a unique job training and education portfolio. With us as a contact opens up your potential bundled highly specialized service providers.

Our Services: Spa Training - In-house training for spa personnel, Quality checks & Mystery, Education and Training for Spa Managers, Spa Design & Architecture, Spa Marketing, IT Service.

Education & Profession -> Training & Coaching03.01.2012
Full moon - diary software
Whoever makes writing a long letter a cramp in his hand, we offer a perfect solution called Vollmond. Typing on a computer keyboard isn´t really hard work, so it is very attractive for young people. A simple-using menu is our highest value.

Computers & Networks -> Software & Freeware09.03.2009
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