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Forum Virus Forum Directory
Forum Virus has a singular goal: to be the largest and most comprehensive directory of forums on the Internet. We don´t accept submissions, we don´t charge for listings, and we´re one of the only free forum directories that has those two policies. We serve minimal amounts of advertising.

Forums & Communities -> Forums directories04.11.2010
We decided to put up ForumMatrix because we have to choose the adequate forum software depending on our customers´ needs over and over again. Our forum know-how coupled with the experience of running WikiMatrix and PodcatcherMatrix led to the birth of ForumMatrix. By the way: ForumMatrix is using the forum software punBB.

We have chosen it because it fits our requirements best. This decision is specific to our needs and is not CosmoCode´s official recommendation. Because -- different requirements, different solutions. The comparison engine powering ForumMatrix was developed by CosmoCode and is not publically available. Please feel free to send your questions and recommendations regarding ForumMatrix.

Forums & Communities -> Forum software20.10.2010
Forum Directory List
Welcome to the forum web directory list. All the directories on this list meet the search engine friendly requirements for Directory Critic. We encourage all our visitors to rate the directories they submit to. We also have a report function so you can report list problems straight Directory Critic admin. If you have any feedback on this site please contact us.

Web & Ranking -> Web directorie lists04.11.2010
Shifting Tin - UK Bodybuilding, Fitness and Strength Forum
An ever expanding UK Bodybuilding, Fitness and Strength Forum, providing articles and information on bodybuilding, fitness and strength techniques, traning and nutrition aspects. Join our community today and take your training to the next level by creating a journal to track your progress towards achieving your goals.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Bodybuilding12.09.2012
Fly Away
Welcome to Fly Away, one of the most popular Flight Simulation Portals on the web - the next generation of flight simulation news and information sites. We have lots to offer at Fly Away, including the latest Flight Simulator news, product and hardware reviews, the latest downloads and updates for flight simulator and of course our bustling FS forums. Please take the time to post your comments on our forum located here. Enjoy your stay and don´t hesitate to become a member here.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Driving & Flight Simulators12.10.2010
Vanilla is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, theme-able, pluggable discussion forum for the web. With over 450 plugins so far, Vanilla is ideal for custom community solutions. Vanilla has been adopted by over 300000 businesses, brands, and fans.

Forums & Communities -> Forum software20.10.2010
Glarn - The Global Artist Network
Glarn is primarily an international platform for artists with its own forum, a database of artists, biographies, the "Festivizer", RADIO Glarn, fine arts news from around the world in different languages, a Ticket Corner, etc. . GLARN also sees itself as an interface between the artist and industry (label, gallery, etc ... ). The entry is free. The only conditions are: Be an artist and have an own homepage to show.

Forums & Communities -> Art forums28.10.2010
PhotoImpact-Craft Forum Original
You want to deal with PhotoImpact, or PaintShopPro Frontpage learn? Then you´re right here. Besides 4 PhotoImpact schools 2 PaintShopPro schools and a front-school, there are also lots of other craft areas. Come and see but just look around. We look forward to welcoming you

Forums & Communities -> Photography forums04.11.2010
Forum Base
This is the first true directory dedicated to sales related websites. All the listings are human edited, and must be approved by the Substrat Design Directory Team. This directory is for people seeking sales related websites, information, and services. We do not sell links, inclusion, or premium placement. Only the best sites will get in and our proprietary ranking system assures that only the highest quality sites will be at the top of our listings. Thanks for stopping by. Please send us your feedback via our contact page.

Forums & Communities -> Forums directories04.11.2010
ArtSavvy. com is a website for artists and art "appreciators” where users can buy art, sell art, and appreciate art. It is a creative platform that allows people to share and discuss art. By using the forums, displaying geo-based events, and uncovering art venues throughout different locales, ArtSavvy. com is dedicated to giving artists and art buyers the most comprehensive art network possible.

I founded ArtSavvy. com as a place where artists can come together, said Kyle Huffstetler, founder of ArtSavvy. com. It’s not just a website about art, but a community for artists to discuss art, collaborate on projects, sell and buy used equipment, and most importantly, display their work to the world.

ArtSavvy. com, the sister site to TuneSavvy. com, is the only community on the web that gives artists the ability to sell their work, collaborate on projects, and find used equipment. It also provides them with a forum to discuss all things art: anywhere from interests, to styles, to favorite artists, etc ... ArSavvy. com is not just a community for artists to mingle with each other, but it is also a marketplace.

Forums & Communities -> Art forums04.11.2010
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