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Belly-dancing with belly-dancer Soraya
Belly-dancing with belly-dancer Soraya: Belly-dancing performances and professional shows for weddings, birthday parties and functions in Germany and other countries, e. g. England/United Kingdom. Oriental dance: references, repertoire, shows, belly-dance formations, photos, belly-dance training courses, learning how to belly-dance

Film, Music & Arts -> Dancing & Theater07.11.2008
Diving in Tenerife with Ocean Trek
The Ocean Trek Divecentre in Tenerife offers excellent diving in the south of tenerife from the boat and from the shore. PADI Couses.

Ocean Trek Dive Team, dive at over twenty beautiful dive sites, featuring wrecks, caves, . drop-offs, overhangs, tunnels, canyons and other amazing rock formations of volcanic origin. These are located in the south of the Island along the coast between the resorts of Los Cristianos and Costa del Silencio within 30 minutes boat drive from Los Cristianos harbour where the Ocean Trek diving boat is anchored. Shore, Deep and Night Dives are arranged upon request to suit our clients taste and preference. Special dive programms can also be arranged for dive groups.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Diving13.03.2010
A Breathtaking Blue Cruise
BLUE DREAM travel proudly presents a new blue cruise along the Turkish Riviera between the villages Fethiye and Demre. You will sail together with us on a Gulet, which is a traditional Turkish wooden boat, over the beautiful, turquoise sea. You can swim in the most beautiful bays, see old fishing villages and romantic, little harbours, and pass ancient cities, which you may choose to explore. You will be pampered by a friendly Turkish / English-speaking crew while you are cruising from bay to bay on this unforgettable journey.

The captain will drop anchor in a beautiful bay surrounded by magnificent rock formations so that you can enjoy a peaceful night under a million stars. We generally spend relaxing nights in a bay as the harbours can be a bit loud and one cannot swim there sometimes. During the day you will have plenty of time to swim in secluded bays, snorkel, or just float about. You may also choose to fish for your own dinner and eat it with a nice wine. Our cook will gladly prepare the fish for you. We have simple fishing equipment on board, but you may also bring your own. There are plenty of fish and you probably have never eaten it this fresh before.

Holiday & Travel -> Cruises15.10.2010
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