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Friendship & Love
We cater for that too. We host thousands of special interest clubs – anything from sport, job, hobbies, culture and fetish through to a huge range of whatever turns you on. Hot guys for a hot date. Looking for a no-strings number to make it through the night? Whatever your expectations are you´re bound to find satisfaction right here in our pages. Why we´re different.

Even today it´s still run and managed by a decidedly gay team. We´re certainly not above making the occasional cock-up. But what we do do is work together with our users to build a place where everybody feels at home.

Partner Search & Contacts -> Gay contacts29.05.2008
First German online filmschool. One needs more than only talent and big interest to make a good film. Without specialist knowledge and, above all, the collaboration in the crew a good film cannot originate. It can be quite laborious if everybody works somewhere individually and fights for his ideas and dreams. The Movie college opens many ways to get to know new people who pursue similar ideas.

Film, Music & Arts -> Film forums & portals02.06.2008
picolodia.com - upload your pictures for free
Picolodia. com offers web space for your pictures free of charge. In a few simple steps you can upload your pictures and share them with your friends. Everybody who wants to make their pictures accessible on the internet in a fast and uncomplicated way just found the right place at picolodia. com. Our service is suitable for many different fields of application. Just a few examples: auctions, forums, web pages, blogs, online photo galleries (family events, party photos, baby photos, wedding photos) and so much more.

Internet & e-mail -> Images & Upload Service24.06.2008
The Art of Deception. Marillian - Magician from Berlin
Close up Magic. Astonishment - Laughing - Good Mood. Garanteed. Be astonished about small and big wonders happening right between the guests. Coins go through the table or move unvisible from one hand to the other. Fingerrings begin to float right before your eyes. The astonishment will not stop.

You and your guests will laugh heartly when I combine magic with comedy. Little storys and gags are part of my presentation of the magic tricks. Your guests will remember to be entertained by me.

Another sign of good mood is a high level of communication between the guests. As a close up magician I will give your guests something to talk about. Some tricks are especially designed to get people together and to eliminate some kind of shyness which everybody experiences in the beginning of banquetts or formal gatherings.

So even people which at first have nothing to do with each other will come together and communicate. Your guests will come at ease right at the start of your event.

Humor & Entertainment -> Magic26.10.2008
Vacation Bourse
You are young and you would like to go abroad? Well then, you should contact at first the ferienboerse for reliable information about offers with a high quality for pupils, students and everybody else under 26, as well as families. All pieces of information are based on e. g. one of the biggest database for travels for under-26-year-old people and families in the world. There are hundred thousands offers stored in every year. We are in contact with more than 1000 organizations (e. g. tour operators, registered associations, youth aid providers).

The ferienboerse is able to guarantee highly qualified offers because all are made by quality controlled organizations. The tour operators are youth aid providers, fulfil international or national norms like the European Norm for language travels or they are members of organizations who had developed special quality criteria for their members and partners. You can find a list of these norms and organizations at the quality page.

Holiday & Travel -> Youth Travel10.03.2009
Scuba diving La Palma
You want to dive during your vacations on La Palma? The Padi dive center and Cmas diving shool, Buceo Sub La Palma, offers for the holidays and diving on the Canarian Island La Palma daily guided dives, dive courses. We are accepting on La Palma the diving licences of Padi, cmas, Bsac and each international and national association, so that everybody has the possibility to dive with us on the Canarian Island

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Diving10.11.2008
New York City Dance School
Under the direction of Sabine Lynch, a center for dance lovers has thrived in Stuttgart since 1975. The NYCDS is designed for students interested in exploring various dance styles or those students already focused on a particular discipline. The NYCDS offers a variety of classes and levels in ballet, modern, tap, jazz and hip hop as well as placement and the feldenkrais method. Beginning with the Junior program and continuing through the most advanced classes, the NYCDS provides everybody with an opportunity to explore the world of dance, experiment and perfectionate their skills and enrich their appreciation for the various forms of the art.

Classes are held by renown teachers who worked with entertainers such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Destiny´s Child, Michael Jackson, Prince, TLC, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Rickey Martin and more. They have appeared in music videos, commercials, television shows, films and stage productions and companies including the Stuttgart Ballet.

Film, Music & Arts -> Dancing & Theater09.03.2009
Clown Bobo Berlin
Celebrate your child´s birthday without stress- but lots of fun. Clown Bobo visits you at your home with his join-in program for kids. The children take part in Clown Bobo´s magic tricks. A few tricks may fail, of course, which pleases the young audience. Everybody must help then to make the tricks work.

Clown Bobo´s program also includes some exercises. The kids may try, if they wish, to juggle with clubs, cloths, plastic plates ...

Humor & Entertainment -> Clowns & comedians18.03.2009
The Mechanic Zoo
The Mechanic Zoo is dedicated to all things car and motorbike related in the UK. While providing news, information and our comprehensive business directory we also engage in building a community for all.

Whether you just drive to get from A to B or whether you consider yourself a petrol head, we believe we have something for everybody. With competitions, a place to chat and much much more, we hope you can feel at home at The MechanicZoo. com.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Motor vehicle repairers21.03.2009
Learn German Easily
We are a little project that will teach everyone who is interested how to speak German effortlessly and fluently. We offer a total different way to learn German. A little crazy, but it is a lot of fun and it works. And fun is the most important thing. Without fun you will learn just a fraction. Everybody can subscribe to our free German course. We also have a little web shop and sell TPRS stories.

Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, or for short TPRS, is a method for teaching world languages. TPRS is a movement towards building language proficiency in the use of grammatical structures through reading stories in addition to the oral storytelling for which TPRS is well-known.

Education & Profession -> Languages & Courses13.10.2010
You become what you feel - learn to enjoy your own life
There is a way to enjoy your life more, even if you are not going to change it now. Researchers found, that satisfaction is not bound to the amount of money you earn, or the lifestyle you can afford. There might be a lot of people with bigger problems that feel a lot better than you do. Learn how.

How can that be done? You have to reach a certain level of emotional self-determination. These days people have a lot more opportunities than ever before. Everybody can learn everything and live anywhere. But even under the best circumstances most people seem to be unsatisfied more and more. They believe that life is just the way it is. Life is hard, Life is a challenge and they never smile. But you can break out of this common behaviour if you know a few simple facts about the way feelings work.

Health & Medicine -> Advice, services12.12.2011
The coolest funny online games for everybody. Funny games, action games, multiplayer games and many more. We are a Dutch company that publishes online gaming portals and online games. With a worldwide reach of over 35 million unique online gamers each month and with a solid growth Jaludo is one of the larger gaming networks in the world. We run 70 portals in over 28 countries worldwide. With portals in Europe, North and South America and Asia we cover a fair piece of the casual gaming industry.

Casual gaming is online gaming for a large audience with an easy gameplay and simple rules. Our portals contain thousands of these games which are carefully selected.

Games, Flash Games -> Game portals17.05.2012

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