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Dark in German: Dunkel

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Acmelight Company is developing and producing glow in the dark painting products for all spheres of construction and renovation, design and advertising, safety and evacuation systems. Glowing paint Acmelight TM is the revolutionary technology, working on the basis of luminous pigment, which is able to convert absorbed energy into the glowing at the darkness.

Trademark Acmelight is presented by the wide range of high-qualified glow in the dark paints. We use modern equipment and up-to-date technology, developed by our technologists during production.

All products of Acmelight TM have sanitary-epidemiological certificate, Material Safety Datasheet and European certificate of quality. Acmelight Company proposes new idea for business – glowing paints. What is it? It is a special composition, which makes painted surface to absorb the light and to emit it at the darkness. In other words, painted by glowing paint object will be glowing on its own.

Life & Living -> Lighting & Lighting Design12.12.2011
Vivi Giovani - film composer
Music for films, tv and media. Free royalty music tracks in high audio quality and friendly prices. For students music is free to download. Film music, soundtracks, audio production, underscores, soundtracks, music libraries, studio production, royalty free samples, audio loops, media music, free tracks, free music, tv themes, documentary music, ambient music, atmospheric, dark and suspense music.

Film, Music & Arts -> Musicians & Composers06.10.2010
Fashion jewellery
Heart of glass earrings made from Fused glass in various colours. These fantastic dangling earrings are very competitively priced. These stud earrings are available in pink, dark purple, purple, aqua. These pretty glass earrings come in a pretty pink gift bag or black box

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Jewelry & precious stones26.11.2011
Chicago Bulls NBA Mitchell & Ness 9Fifty Adjustable Smapback hats
Surprise. Red Bull Hats. Surprise. With lovely wife Kim masterminding it all - and SOMEHOW managing to keep it a secret from ALL the family, friends and fans he has - on Saturday night at Pole Position, longtime Monster family member Red Bull Hatsreceived a great big surprise when he walked into the karting facility only to be greeted by over 150 of his closest confidants Red Bull Hats.

Cake, Karts and Red Bull Hats celebration - and cold drinks be they cans of Monster or those of the adult type - were the call of order and the merrymaking went long into the evening, all enjoying the 7-time, 72 main event winner’s 40th birthday. Happy birthday, Red Bull Hats.

Herbst and the Red Bull Hats/BF Goodrich/Terrible Herbst Motorsports team was running well up until about 100 miles were remaining in the some 600-mile contest when they suffered, according to radio reports, a tire Red Bull Hats puncture. The ensuing pit stop for fuel would also include replacing the tire, but valuable time was lost earlier on account of Herbst Red Bull Hats racing a portion of Baja on only three good tires. All fixed, the No. 49 truck blasted back out into the dark and dusty Mexican desert

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Hats, caps09.12.2011
Australian opals and opal jewellery
We supply a large range of Australian opals and opal jewellery. Most of our opals are either self-mined or come directly from the miners after which they are cut at our lapidary shop in Switzerland and distributed worldwide. This way we can provide you with a wide range in variety and quality of natural Australian opals at the best wholesale prices.

Most of our opals are natural solid opals (Type 1) which includes Black Opal, Dark Opal, Light Opal and Crystal Opal. We also provide a smaller amount of Boulder Opal (Type 2) and Andamooka Matrix Opal (Type 3). Our range of products is completed with an increasing assortment of opal jewellery. In our online Opal Shop you will find a detailed description for every item. We do not sell opal doublets, triplets, synthetic opals or opal imitations.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Jewelry & precious stones10.12.2011
Bellydancer Iskanda
Oriental bellydance with brillianz. This is Iskandas Slogan and also program. Enjoy a Bellydancer like from a farytail: slim, long dark hair and phantastic costumes call special attention to Iskandas fabulous bellydance. Shows, Patries, Events, Promotion as well as professional classes and workshops in Germany and international. New: Dancetrip Orientalhane with Iskanda and Zadiel.

Sports, fitness, wellness -> Dance & Sports02.06.2008
Black Barking Mad Death, etc ...
A home for my black, death, speed, punk, heavy, dark metal music playlist, with lots of visual art that I deem related to this kind of music in any way. My sketches and paintings and anything I can legally lift off the web that pertains, e. g. : videos, news reports, etc. The "etc. " refers to anything else I find relevant to these themes. Lots of visual art. Did I mention that?

Blogs - Weblogs -> Music blogs14.01.2010
Onyx tiles slabs sinks columns
ARC International is the leading Onyx, Marble, Granite and sandstone processing and exporting company from Pakistan. We are a leading supplier of these stones from Pakistan to the world market only due to our continued efforts for utmost quality achievement.

We stock onyx tiles, mosaics, sinks, tubs, slabs, vanities, and custom products. We specialize in Pakistan Dark green onyx, Green onyx, Light green onyx, White onyx, multi green onyx, red onyx, brown / golden onyx.

Onyx Tiles, Onyx Mosaic Tiles, Onyx moldings, Onyx Sinks & Basins, Onyx Pedestals Sinks, Onyx bathtubs, Onyx Pedestals, Onyx Columns, Onyx Balustrade, Onyx Knobs Pulls, Onyx Planters, Onyx Slabs, Onyx Blocks, Onyx Bath Room accessories, Onyx Fire Places, Onyx Table Tops, Onyx & Marble Handicrafts Products, Sand Stones Collection, Marble Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, moldings, Sinks & Basins, Pedestals Sinks, bathtubs, Columns, Pedestals, Balustrade, Marble Knobs Pulls, Planters, Slabs, Blocks, Marble Bath Room accessories, Vanity Tops, Fire Places, Marble Fountains, Marble Stair Steps, Marble Borders, Marble Medallions ...

Craft & Services -> Tile & Stone Craft21.02.2009
Marble and onyx handicrafts, tiles, slabs
Our company specializes in finding rare and precious materials and supplying quality products at the best prices for project work and large scale installations.

Following is the variety line of onyx and marble: White Onyx, Dark Green Onyx, Light Green Onyx, Multi Green Onyx, Red Onyx, Multi Red Onyx, Brown Onyx, Multi Brown Onyx, Honey Onyx, Black & Gold/ Michaelangelo Marble, Teakwood / Burmateak Marble, Champagne Marble, Sahara Beige Marble, Indus Gold Marble, Verona Beige Marble, Boticina Green Marble, Boticina Fancy Marble, Boticina Flower Marble, Marina Pink Marble, Red Zebra Marble, Black Zebra Marble, Green Zebra Marble, Jet Black Marble, Trevera Marble, Sunny Grey Marble, Corel Marble, Fossil Marble, Oceanic Marble, Fairy Gold Marble and Chocolate Marble.

Craft & Services -> Tile & Stone Craft16.03.2010
Joop! Thrill fragrances
The joopthrillfragrances. com site presents the new Joop . Thrill fragrance. Live the experience and watch the video. If you could bottle the Thrill of their nightly forays into the metropolis from the adrenalin burn of flirting in darkened bars and falling together into a taxi, the night not over and everything still possible, then this would be it.

They are free, sexy and want to get it on down at all the best places in town. The Joop. Thrill couple have the vigour and verve to toy with the limits and take centre stage for a high voltage roller-coaster ride through the limitless possibilities of the modern urban oasis.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Perfume & Cosmetics10.03.2009

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