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Electrochlorinator of Power Station
We are a manufacturer of Electrochlorinators, Electrolyzers, Electrolysers, Titanium Anodes and Cathodes, Electrode, Electrochlorination Products, Titanium Products, Chlorinators, Chemical Injection skid, manufacturer of Chemical Injection System for power station, Desalination Plants, Coastal Installation, Fire water system, Cathodic Protection, Cooling water system, sweage water treatment, Marine vessels, Offshore treatment, Drinking water plants, Swimming Pool.

Engineering & Technology -> Water treatment13.12.2011
Titanium Metal & Alloy Supplier- Singapore
Titan Engineering Pte Ltd is a Singapore based Stockists & Suppliers of Titanium mill materials to the various industries like aerospace, marine, Oil & Gas, chemical processing factories and Precision Engineering Companies.

Our Range of Products are: Titanium- Commercially pure(CP) grades, Titanium Ti6AL4V & ELI grades, Titanium Bars/ Rods, Titanium Sheets, foils, Titanium Pipes, tubes & fittings, Titanium Wires & welding rods, Titanium Fasteners, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Fin Tubes for process equipments, Anodes for cathodic protection applications, Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO) coated Titanium Anodes, Platinum Coated Titanium Anodes, Speciality Noble metals. Nickel Alloys Like Inconel® & Monel®. We warmly welcome the opportunity of quoting on your needs, whether your requirement is large or small.

Engineering & Technology -> Production Technology13.12.2011
meine-naturseifen.de - online-shop unique
www. meine-naturseifen. de offers wide range of handmade natural soaps and bathing additives. Each product is unique and handmade. Made of best ingredients, no chemical additives. So we create exclusive products for skin care which soften your skin on natural way. Enjoy and feel the difference. www. meine-naturseifen. de offers a standard product range for private customer as well as for retailers. Ee also create your individual incentive for better business relations. contact us.

Fashion & Lifestyle -> Natural beauty31.05.2008
Simon Brown - Wines, Spirits, Tea & more
Interesting wines from New World and Old World countries, like: USA, Chile, Germany, South-Africa, Australia - aromatic Malt-Whisky, Cognac, Brandy and Rum - fine teas from all tea-growing countries - sweets, pralines and beautiful gifts.

For thousands of years people have harvested grapes and fermented wine. This originally occurred by accident, both in terms of fermentation time as well as in the results. Over time, manifold biological, chemical and technological insights brought with them better and better results in wine quality.

For us at Simon Brown it is clear that quality grows exclusively in the vineyard. By our own strict standards, juicy, ripe grapes must be carefully and perceptively fermented with help from only the truly necessary technical resources. In the meantime, each wine is allowed to mature in its own time. Because a top-quality wine always shows its own character in its colour, aroma and flavour. Not only does it have the stamp of the ´terroir´ in which the grapes were grown, but also that of the people whose vision produced it.

Food & Enjoyment -> Champagne & Wines02.06.2008
Dog Groomer in Vienna Austria
Specialized care of your dog. my clients will be exclusively with plant care products without chemical additives bathed and nurtured. The coat will be washed after each rebuild and regenerated. Fast appointments.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Animal food & needs10.07.2008
Sterilization MVX
Although nosocomial infections have been recognized since more over than 150 years but they remain a hazard to both health workers & patients. Infection control has become a formal discipline in the United States since the 1950s due to the spread of staphylococcal infections in hospitals. read more in our site.

Titanium dioxide TiO2 is a white powder, used extensively in many commercial products including paints, plastics, paper, food & cosmetic products. TiO2 is insoluble in water & sensitive as a photo catalyst to certain wave length of ultraviolet light, nanotechnology had changed its characteristics, dissolved it in water & made it sensitive to any source of light. So it can be used as a photo catalyst when exposed to any source of light.

photo catalyst It is a material which is sensitive to light excited and makes a chemical reaction when light strikes it. For example, chlorophyll in green plants is a photo catalytic material begins a chemical reaction when exposed to light, Our new titanium dioxide "MVX" when stroked by light a chemical reaction will begin causing the breakdown of organic toxins, odors ...

Health & Medicine -> Medical needs26.10.2008
Titanium Tantalum Products Limited
Titanium Tantalum Products ltd (TiTaN), the manufacturer & supplier of exotic metal chemical process equipment offers chemical storage tanks including hazardous and non-hazardous chemical storage for the chemical processing industries.

TiTaN´s Chemical Storage Tanks includes Anolyte tank, Catholyte tanks, HCl storage tank, Brine recovery tanks, HCL storage tank, Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) tank, Mixing tank, Hazardous liquid tank, Corrosive liquid storage tank, Sodium hydroxide tank, Brine recovery tank, Depleted brine tank, chlorate tanks.

Computers & Networks -> Industrial hardware27.01.2009
Email-laden Enamel sign & plates of all kid
We produce high quality enamel signs and plates - made in Germany. They could be a perfect present or serve as a very decorative element for every house, garden or company. Perfect handmade signs and plates made for you in a small town in Bavaria. We can make almost every sign and plate that you desire. All signs and plates are scratch-resistant, weatherproof, chemical-resistant, durable, not inflammable an have a lasting value.

Retail & Services -> Advertising & Graphic design04.02.2009
Unique Baby Acessories
Millemarille offers a wide variety of carefully self-made, modern and practical baby and toddler accessories. No matter what products- super elegant nursing pillows, funky changing mats or sweet children aprons- everything is truly unique.

All available products are made of - in Europe hard to get- American and Japanese designer fabrics. And as millemarille cares for the well-being of your little ones, all chosen materials are ecological harmless, free of chemical residuums and anti-allergen.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Baby & Children´s products09.03.2009
Chemical calculators - general chemistry software
Easy to use programs for pH calculation, concentration conversion, solution preparation, equation balancing and stoichiometry with built in dissociation constants and density tables databases. Free extensive lectures on pH calculation and concentrations.

Every chemist occasionally has to do some simple calculations, like concentration conversion, finding pH, calculating buffer composition or solving a complicated stoichiometric problem. When these problems are easy, they are waste of time. When they are harder, quite often they get too difficult to solve on paper - that is especially true in case of pH calculations involving several dissociation equilibria. This is when general chemistry software can save you time and frustration.

Computers & Networks -> Software for branches18.03.2009
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