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Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
The T is evolving everyday-renovating stations, modernizing fare collection systems, upgrading our busses, subways and ferries, and improving the accessibility of the entire system for people of all abilities. T-Projects presents our work for your review-projects underway today, planned for tomorrow and an archive of some of our past T Projects.

Learn how T projects effect your neighborhood or your favorite T station and personal travel routes and review project descriptions, status information, photos and artistic design renderings. If you don´t see what you´re looking for, contact Customer Support, or join us at a public meeting to share your input, insights and advice.

Cars, Motor & Transport -> Public transportation12.10.2010
Digitalisation solutions
In spite of the triumph of the e-world, still many documents are created on paper. Also, organisations have historically preserved information on paper media, forming a rather extensive paper archive the drawback of which is space consumption and unreasonable time consumption in handling them.

A time and space saving solution is digitalisation of information based on paper media, which ensures quick finding of information and convenient handling through a special web application, or inclusion into your document management system. The digitalisation service of Net Group is based on the KOFAX Capture platform:

The above mentioned technology makes it possible to digitalise paper document in any format (including drawings and plans), regardless whether they are in the form of books, bound or loose documents. Also, the above described technology is characterised by a possibility to change the document in question so that it is possible to perform a full text search on its digital copy.

Computers & Networks -> Digitalisation15.10.2010
Forestry Images
Forestry Images has been under development for a number of years, and is the result of the efforts of a large number of people. In the mid-1990īs we recognized a need for quality photographs of forest insects and disease organisms to use in information technology applications. The overall objective of Forestry Images is: to provide an accessible and easily used archive of high quality images related to forest health and silviculture, with particular emphasis on educational applications.

In most cases, the images found in this system were taken by and loaned to us by photographers other than ourselves. Most are in the realm of public sector images. The photographs are in this system to be used. We have strived to provide accurate and correct identifications, taxonomy and descriptions. However, we recognize that invariably errors will occur and urge you, the user, to be the final quality control option. If you locate errors, correct them on your materials and please notify us of them so that we can correct them in Forestry Images as well.

Nature & Animals -> Forestry26.11.2011
Debate Video
Here you will find a wide assortment of debating related videos, including debates, lectures, discussions, speeches and other material dealing with debating in all different styles and formats. This site handles podcasts delivered from our server as well as Google, Vimeo and YouTube videos.

Many other debate videos can be found at Debate Central at http://debate. uvm. edu/watch. html. Other videos can be found of the Flashpoint Television website. A raw archive of debate videos for download is at http://www. uvm. edu/~debate/watch/?M=D
See a list of all my websites at http://alfredsnider. blogspot. com/2009/02/my-websites-index. html

Blogs - Weblogs -> Video Blogs27.11.2011
Christian Shirt Archive
On our side of "textile printing studio" find Christian textiles such as T-shirts, sweaters and other garments for young and old. For people that Jesus always carry with them and also want to show there are here in this shop matching textiles. For every occasion. When we get something other T-shirts - with Christian themes and messages. T-shirts, the other to stimulate thought and raise questions - and in any case always been a real eye-catcher. But even your own wishes and ideas, we want to here, and are open for your suggestions. So if you are your own motives or awards of stock, you send to us. Together with you we whispering sea breeze your shirt after your presentation.

But companies and organizations will find textiles and textile finishing. From simple T-shirt to the special working clothes. In addition, we refine all textiles with silk screen, transfer printing, digital printing and dye sublimation. A further refinement by flocking and embroidery is also possible. As a small company, we are highly motivated to offer you an individual and creative services on time without having to prove you to a friendly, reasonable, professional and first class service.

Shopping & Onlineshops -> Fashion & Clothing29.01.2009
Sporting Gamez
We provide and run participation games for forum members absolutely free of charge. We have also a large PES archive consisting of the latest option files, kits and editing tools. Along with that we have a very unique game where you the forum member play the role of a Pro Evolution Footballer, you will decide what you look like and exactly how you we preform on the field, thatīs if you make the team.

Forums & Communities -> Game communities18.02.2009
Flash4k Games Corporation - Online Games - Play Games For Free
Big flash games archive. Get free games. Play free games online. All game types for your pleasure - chess, card games, tetris, arcade, logical, racing. And a lot of quests games, hidden object, scooter, math games and action games. We suggest also top 100 list games download. Play funny games for free.

Games, Flash Games -> Flash & Browser games23.03.2009
Ejector systems
The disc held in suspended storage in the interior of the ejector case is coaxed halfway out of the packaging by applying a little finger pressure. This method allows the user to remove the CD easily without etouching the sensitive data surface. The suspended storage and ergonomic extraction method guarentee the best possible protection of the stored data. In particular, the bonding layer on DVDs is not subjected to any bending stress. Duo to the material used the ejector CD case is lightweight, highly transparent, extremely resistant and secure against damage. Even extreme temperatures are in no way detrimental to the functionality of the packaging system. If CDsare to be archived in ring binders an optional clip can be supplied.

Industry & Capital goods -> Plastics Processing18.03.2009
Shalom, and welcome to the Project Genesis Web Site -- your Torah Cyberspace Center. Via the Internet weīre reaching thousands each week with our Jewish educational material, and we hope that our range of Torah archives, and our popular e-mail classes will meet your interests. Happy Exploring.

Faith & Religion -> Judaism11.10.2010
Zoe gives
ZOE works since 1996 as Graphic-Design, and gives away graphics, animated Gifs, blog collecting main, was present ... out their graphic archives. Original PSD to changes also available - Free Fonts, wallpapers and more free to the download, everything - given of ZOE

Computers & Networks -> Graphics, images, textures27.05.2008

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